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Tuesday, September 29th, 1998:

Well. It's a week before the first show is to take place at Washington Township. Luckily, last night we were able to finish all of our drill. I don't think I ever remember having gone into the first competition with all the show learned, and yet this year's show is longer than any other I can remember doing. The gang this year is pretty superb; the rookies are a bright bunch. They know how to practice hard, they just sometimes need a little convincing to get them to do it. The future looks good.

I'm deeply anticipating our arrival on a field of competition. I couldn't care less how we fare; just so long as I get the chance to get back out there again.


Tuesday, October 6th, 1998:

Ouch. For the first time in my "career" with the Clearview Marching Band, I actually wiped out in uniform. Falling with a bass drum on you is not any kind of enjoyable experience, let me assure you. I must say, however, that the recovery was well done...and my knee should be fine for this weekend as long as I don't fall *again*.

Despite a victory, I think that the majority of the band was unhappy with the performance. The show we gave was nothing like what we practiced. I know we are capable of much more, and with this week's hard work, it will be even an even stronger show. But that's all I'm going to say, not wanting to spoil any surprises that may or may not be in store.


Washington Township HS, Washington Township, NJ

Group 1
1. Pennsville HS 72.9
Group 2
1. Triton HS 82.75
2. Deptford HS 79.95
3. Audubon HS 79.8
4. Overbrook HS 77.8
5. Delsea HS 75.6
6. Sterling HS 75.25
7. Cumberland HS 71.4
Group 3
1. Brandywine HS 86.75
2. Absegami HS 83.55
3. Bensalem HS 83.0
4. Williamstown HS 69.75
Group 4
1. Clearview HS 84.65
2. Upper Darby HS 82.65
Washington Twp.HS 84.45 Exhibition

Other Group 4 Bands

These scores are from TOB competitions as far away as Maryland and even West Virginia.

Toms River East HS 84.0 (Percussion)
Southern Regional HS 83.15
No. Hagerstown HS 80.15 (DM, Percussion, Auxiliary)
Boonsboro HS 79.15
Quince Orchard HS 76.25
Calvert Hall HS 75.55
Keyser HS 81.8 (Percussion)
Newark HS 78.05 (DM, Percussion)
Severna Park HS 82.25 (DM, Percussion, Auxiliary)
Caesar Rodney HS 82.75 (Auxiliary, Percussion)
Williamsport HS (PA) 88.65
Williamsport HS (MD) 85.05 (Percussion)
Urbana HS 84.6
York Surburban HS 83.2
Shikellamy HS 86.8 Exhibition


Monday, October 12th, 1998:

Well done! A pat on the back to all my fellow marchers. Our usual trend of lousy home shows has been broken for the first time in years, with this week's show bringing us maniacal applause and a approximate 3 point jump. I personally found that for the show's finale it was questionable whether I was being a drummer or a boxer; had that bass drum been, for instance, a sack of potatoes, there would have been a pile of fresh french fries left behind.

Much thanks to all the bands that could make it out to our show. The more the merrier; we're always glad to see new faces.

Clearview Regional HS, Mullica Hill, NJ
Group 1
1. Norristown HS 83.55 (Auxiliary, Percussion)
2. Pennsville HS 73.35
Group 2
1. So. Carroll HS 87.8(Auxiliary)
2. Audubon HS 83.65 (Percussion)
3. Deptford HS 81.55
4. Glasgow HS 80.85
5. Sterling HS 79.45
6. Delsea HS 78.95
7. Bridgeton HS 78.9
8. West Deptford HS 74.8
9. Cumberland Regional HS 74.45
10. Salesianum HS 73.6
Group 3
1. Brandywine HS 89.05 (Auxiliary, Percussion)
2. Eastern HS 77.75
3. Williamstown HS 71.8
Group 4
Clearview HS 87.2 Exhibition

Other Group 4 Scores

Pocono Mountain HS 92.5 (Auxiliary, Percussion)
Pleasant Valley HS 74.7
Caesar Rodney HS 82.35 (Brass, Woodwind)
Upper Darby HS 82.15 (DM, Percussion, Auxiliary)
Shamokin HS 80.6 (Percussion)
Berwick HS 79.2 (DM, Auxiliary)
Shikellamy HS 90.35 (Auxiliary)
Northern York HS 86.5
Urbana HS 86.2
Washington Twp.HS 85.7
Coatesville HS 85.25 (Percussion)
Manheim Central HS 84.35
Williamsport HS (PA) 89.7 (DM, Percussion, Auxiliary)
Keyser HS 80.45 (DM, Auxiliary)
Severna Park HS 83.75 (Percussion)
University HS 80.05
Fairmont HS 79.0
Boonsboro HS 76.05
Preston HS 64.9
Toms River East HS 84.75 (Percussion, Auxiliary)
Southern Regional HS 83.95 Exhibition


Thursday, October 22nd, 1998

Whoa, sorry it took so long folks. It's been a busy week for me, getting my license and whatnot. This weekend's show (though it is almost by now a distant memory for me) was alright. Unfortunately, it seemed as if we were all a bit flat, which is no good. There was a lot of room for improvement, and it compared in no way to the rockin' home show we had this year. But this week's practices have been tough and focused, and I think they'll help alot. But anyway, here's what happened over the weekend.


Williamstown HS, Williamstown, NJ
Group 1
1. Haddon Hgts. HS 85.55 (Auxiliary)
2. Hammonton HS 84.1 (DM, Percussion, Brass, Woodwind)
3. Edgewood HS 81.0
4. Pleasantville HS 78.75
5. Pennsville HS 77.5
6. Gateway Regional HS 76.1
7. Palmyria HS 68.45
Group 2
1. Middle Twp. HS 89.8 (DM, Percussion, Auxilary, Brass, Woodwinds)
2. Deptford HS 84.0
3. Overbrook HS 80.6
4. Delsea RegionalHS 79.95
5. Bridgeton HS 76.7
6. Cumberland Regional HS 75.6
Group 3
1. Absegami HS 87.95 (Percussion, Auxiliary, Brass)
2. Eastern HS 81.1 (DM, Woodwinds)
Williamstown HS 74.65 Exhibition
Group 4
1. Clearview HS 88.7 (DM, Percussion, Auxiliary, Brass, Woodwinds)

Other Group 4 Scores

Coatesville HS 87.5 (Percussion, Auxiliary)
Quakertown HS 85.25
Washington Twp. HS 88.4 (Percussion, Auxiliary)
Williamsport (PA) HS 91.45
Shikellamy HS 90.15 (Percussion, Auxiliary)
Northern York HS 88.15
Susquenhannock HS 82.75
Williamsport (PA) HS 92.4 (Auxiliary)
Shikellamy HS 91.45 (Percussion, DM)
Susquenhannock HS 84.8
Hempfield HS 86.95 (Percussion, Auxiliary)
Shamokin HS 83.85 (DM, Percussion, Auxiliary)
Trinity HS 88.9 (Auxiliary)
Marlington HS 88.75 (DM)
Brunswick HS 85.1 (Percussion)
Westminster HS 92.2 (DM, Percussion, Auxiliary)
Broadneck HS 81.75
So. Regional HS 88.4 (DM, Percussion, Auxiliary)
Somerset HS 81.45 (DM, Percussion, Auxiliary)
Keyser HS 87.95 (DM, Auxiliary)
Martinsburg HS 84.15
Quince Qrchard HS 79.4 (Percussion)
Keyser HS 87.55 (DM, Auxiliary)
North Hagerstown HS 83.75 (Percussion)


Tuesday, October 27th, 1998

This weekend was fair. I've decided that it might be counter-productive to publish any information here as to what's going on in the band at this time. So sorry to my few readers, but the editorials (which I've been unsucessfully trying to write without disclosing any information) will now cease. Here are the scores, just in case you haven't gotten them from TOB yet.


Ridley HS, Folsom, PA
Group 1
1. Henderson HS 92.45 (Auxiliary, Percussion)
2. Pittston HS 91.3
3. Delone Catholic HS 86.6
4. Penncrest HS 82.05
5. Academy Park HS 72.95
Group 2
1. Warwick HS 87.5 (Percussion)
1. Haverford HS 87.5 (Auxiliary)
3. Glasgow HS 84.25
4. Sun Valley HS 81.7
Group 3
1. Archbishop Ryan HS 89.35 (Auxiliary)
2. Bensalem HS 89.1 (Percussion)
3. Lake Forest HS 83.2
Ridley HS 83.3 Exhibition
Group 4
1. Clearview HS 90.65
2. Washington Twp. HS 90.55 (Auxiliary)
3. Upper Darby HS 90.5 (Percussion)
4. Coatesville HS 88.25
5. Caesar Rodney HS 85.15


Wednesday, November 4th, 1998

Hey now! Another good weekend, a fairly good performance. I'm just tickled pick with anticipation for this week's Chapter Competition. Here's how we stacked up this weekend:

Sterling HS, Somerdale, NJ
Group 1
1. Hammonton HS 90.9 (Percussion, DM)
2. Pennsville HS 82.6
Group 2
1. Middle Twp. HS 95.65 (Percussion, DM)
2. Triton HS 93.4
3. Haverford HS 92.25
4. Deptford HS 90.0
5. Audubon HS 89.25
6. Delsea Regional HS 83.05
7. West Deptford HS 81.4
8. Bridgeton HS 81.35
9. Cumberland Regional HS 78.95
Sterling HS 84.5 Exhibition
Group 3
1. William Penn HS 90.35 (Percussion)
2. Concord HS 87.1
3. Ridley HS 85.6
4. Eastern Regional HS 85.35 (DM)
5. Highland HS 81.35
Group 4
1. Clearview HS 92.95 (DM)
2. Upper Darby HS 92.4 (Auxiliary)

SPECIAL: Numerically ordered listing of other Group IV scores (90 and up)!

Pocono Mtn. HS 95.75 (DM, Percussion, Auxiliary)
Williamsport HS 95.05 (Auxiliary)
Westminster HS 94.0
Shikellamy HS 93.8 (Percussion, Auxiliary)
Wadsworth HS 93.1
Clearview HS 92.95 (DM)
Carlisle HS 92.65
Coatesville HS 92.55 (Percussion)
Urbana HS 92.35 (DM, Percussion, Auxiliary)
So. Regional HS 92.2
Northern York HS 91.95
Washington Twp. 91.8
Toms River East HS 91.9 (Auxiliary)
Herndon HS 91.7 (DM, Percussion, Auxiliary)
Trinity HS 91.25
Northern York HS 90.75 (DM, Percussion, Auxiliary)
Redland HS 90.65