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 [October 1999]
 [ Court Houses into Temples
   is the Word ]
Enlightened wisdom of the substance mediated religion once guided the independent human mind, and the evidence for this is now recovered.
This demonstrates that the current all-nation Drug War is precisely the most dreadful religious persecution ever, for the modern drug movement is revealed as the great Pagan awakening of our day.
Dopers to move and win in one.

Short Story!
The Robot Gene

a Hacker D. Lite thriller

[Lighter than Air!]
[home is the Haunter]
no passport
[I'm Johnny Thunderbird]
 [and you're not]

This bothersome business about
Mantle Cell Lymphoma

[Skull and Crossbones!]
Warez Piratez!
Anarchism views corporate claims to property rights as phony. "Property is theft" --- Pierre Proudhon.
HPVAC hackers are, by that, the people's heros. "Steal This Book" --- Abbie Hoffman.
Proprietary secret information and liberation are diametrically opposed concepts.

[Merry Meet!]
Slave Sisterz!
Masochistic sexual instincts may be a genetic predisposition in women, as with other female mammals.
If nasty sex is more exciting than nice sex, maybe deep down we know it's the right way to do it.
Come on and fight me on this, baby. You know, just a little. We'll work it out until it feels right.

[The Revolution!]
Revolt or Die!
Greenhouse catastrophe compels us to discard the heritage industrial economy entirely.
Life on this planet will end if capitalism continues, for that system is bound to deadly fossil fuel energy.
Carbon pollution in the air will sterilize the planet, unless we come to see business and money as intolerable evils.

[West Florida Militia!]
Ghost Nation!
This is the only place in the world you can hear about the Republic of West Florida, due to US secrecy.
Learn of the crime and its 187 year cover up. See why US jurisdiction on the Gulf is bogus, a fraud.
Note that independent West Florida sovereignty is the law, not a proposal for rebellion; the USA is the criminal.

[HempSmoke Eucharist!]
Marijuana Goddess!
Does it trouble your spirit that the conglomerate world empire persecutes marijuana worshippers?
Find out what happened the last time Scythia, the Goddess of marijuana, was insulted by a world empire.
The Assyrians are dust for twenty six centuries. Now just watch very carefully as the Goddess moves.

[Spell of Delusion!]
Monotheism Refuted!
Monotheistic world views are inextricably tied to infinity, but infinity is only an ancient Chaldean spell.
Proof is given informally but rigorously that existence itself precludes the possibility of infinity in our universe.
With infinity impossible, a strong inference may be drawn, that monotheism is and has always been false.

[Blessed Be!
Telepathic Anarchy!
When information effectively becomes freely available to all, government is dispensible.
Society makes its own rules and judgments without need for coercive structural authority to intimidate people.
Immediate intercontinental consensus makes ideal direct democracy in the global village. We're free from bosses.

[Lighter than Air!]
[Largest of the legendary flying raptors, the Roc]
    [Mystery, Babylon]
     erotic tale of the
  Sisterhood of Inanna
and their wild Goddess
     [Ghost  Eagle]
 reality poems for the
    new millenium
pagan sorcery spells
       [The Time Piece]
 collective consciousness
  by anarchist networking
  transvaluation of values
     freedom of worship
   [-=Scythian WebRing=-]
  the marijuana goddess
    destroyed the first
        world empire
 now watch what she does
          to the last
     freedom for lust
  [-=Sisterhood of Inanna=-]
           women who find
        exactly the right pain
 to enhance sexual enlightenment
        worship this goddess
     free fire zone
   [-=Amazon Brigade=-]
  unit of scythian regular cavalry
        on detatched service
     women ready for battle
   as when we took nineveh
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