Hello and welcome to Martin's Homepage

Hmm, okay, I was trying to think of something incredibly witty and exciting to put on this page but in the end, I thought I'd better just stick to the facts.

Right, I was born on 4th September 1977 in Southampton, England, where I've spent most of my life. I haven't got any brothers or sisters ('cos that would be far too interesting) and at the moment I'm living at home (in Southampton).

At the moment, I work for IBM Global Services in the "e-business Delivery Centre" in Hursley, Hampshire where I am a New Media Developer and have been since July 1997. I am also studying for an Honours Degree at the University of Portsmouth and I am in my second year.

My spare time is mostly taken up with playing football (soccer), going out with my mates and DJing. I mostly play house and (more recently) garage although I tend to like most things. Hmm, I think music and football are probably my main passions so far as pastimes go (see below)...

Okey dokey, boring bit over with, that's a bit about me, more bits will appear as and when I think of them....

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Shola Ama - You're the one I love
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The Grid - Swamp Thing

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