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Welcome to the (Unofficial) Eef Albers Web Site

Eef Albers


Live video footage of Eef

This incredible Dutch guitarist/musician/composer has been around for a long time, however he still remains one of the worlds most unknown, undiscovered, musicians of our time.

This has always been a mystery to me, as Eef in my opinion is one of the most incredible Guitar Players on the planet !! The purpose of this web site is to document all known Eef music & to help others find out about Eef's unique compositions and in particular his amazing guitar playing and improvisations.

Finding out about Eef Albers music, who he has recorded with, and any information at all has been a challenge, as any of Eef's fans will tell you. Even in his own country they don't seem to know who he is ! ! Only a small number of fellow musicians and guitar players have heard of Eef and they are usually instant converts who want to find out more about him and what recordings he is on.

The Discography listing is just a starting point to document as many albums that Eef has played on either with his own band or as a sideman. I believe that Eef has played on quite a few of Peter Herbolzheimers Big Band recordings and I hope someone out there can help clarify these recordings so they can be included in the Discography.

I must mention also that I am not interested so much in passing an individual critique of each song or album but simply to provide an accurate listing of recordings he is on. I do have my own thoughts about Eef and his music for those who may be interested. It is entirely up to each individual to decide what they like in music, however one thing that cannot be denied is that Eef can play any style. For me, it is precisely this fact that Eef plays such a variety of musical styles that I enjoy the most.! He can play with full on blistering distortion one minute and switch to soft melodic phrasing with a clean sound the next, and still keep everything in context. His unique melodic improvisations are his alone!

Thank You

To all the people who have helped me gather information on Eef and his music. Without your co-operation & help this page would not exist. To those who have just discovered Eef's music I hope this site has been of assistance. Any feedback on this page,video footage,concert guides,articles or other discography information would be most welcome !!

So please email me : John Comino

P.S. Don't forget to ask your local or Online CD Store to get the Eef Albers CD's you want !! ;-)