Symbols in the Sky are Sirius, at one end of the Milky Way (The Path of Souls) where it touches the horizon, and Antares on the other end. One or the other is  always visible, but never both at the same time. When the Soul enters the way, it crosses over a raging river on a log. Only the brave get across; the weak fall into the torrent below. Agi'sequa, the Great Female (Sirius), and Wa'hyaya, the Alpha Male (Antares), must both be fed, or they will not allow the Soul to pass. It is possible to get caught between the two, and wonder endlessly back and forth across that Great River in the Sky.

For Wolf is a connecting link between the dark of the Otherworld and the light of everyday existence psychic doorway between two worlds. Although a Medicine Woman or Man is more likely to have Rattlesnake Tooth for a Natal Day Sign, the spirit guide or 'familiar' (as we commonly call it) of that Medicine Person is popularly a Wolf. Long before central heating and electric blankets were invented, the domesticated wolf was called into service as an animated incubator to keep the patients warm. One of the medicinal magic formulas calls on this spirit to cure frost-bite, because is paw pads are believed to be "frost-free".
Wolf is our Brother; he shares our very roots; he goes back to the time before memory. All dogs are domesticated wolves-this was accomplished so very long ago that our legends of companionship and guidance often refer to a tame wolf-the dog. But this wild, feral creature who sings to high heaven when the Moon is full is Kana'ti, The Lucky Hunter, the real Wolf, minion of Moon and Man along that last stretch of darkness before the resurrection of light:  The Hour of the Wolf -- a Time of Birth and Death -- that  borderline between night and dawn.

Wolf is a two-way personality - genial to his own kind, but savagely protective against all outsiders. Lover of freedom and the wide open spaces. A "don't fence me in" character. The paradox here is that he marks his territory aggressively fencing others out!

Wolf Pack


Wolf Pack

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