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Names and Pics

Here Are Some Of The More Notable Monuments
in Green Hill Cemetery

As Well As Some
of the
More Notable Residents

  • Lunsford P. Richardson, II, business pioneer of Greensboro, and co-founder of Richardson-Vick company lies behind these gates in the Richardson family arena. Lunsford began his empire with the development of Vapo-Rub. And the mighty Vicks corporation began. Next time you take a Vick's cough drop, give Lunsford a little "thank you." I like to call this area "The Garden"

    Here is a pic of Lunsford and his wife, Mary. (Photo of a painting in Greensboro Historical Museum)

  • Juilius A. Gray, Greensboro Bank-meister, and his family, rest at this monument. Don't forget to leave a penny for the ladies!

  • Julian Price and folks are in this mausoleum, located prominently atop the hill. Julian was "The Boss" at Greensboro's Jefferson Insurance building for many years. Next time you see the flashing "J.P." downtown, think of Julian Price!

  • Next time you're in Latham Park (conveniently located next to the cemetery) think of Edward Latham, entombed here with his family.

  • I like to call this spot "Shakepeare." It is actually the resting place of Mr. Robert Hood and family.

  • In this mausoleum lie John Henry Neese and family. It's just a nice spot. J.H. Neese may have sold many of Green Hill's stones to their users. He was into monumental stone.

    Here's an obit pic of J.H. Neese

  • Here lies Edna Mae. Read more in my "Fun-Stuff" link. Although my experience was not the least bit fun. . .

  • M.T. Hughes and wife are here. You've GOT to see this up close, in 3-D. It is simply a wonder to behold.

  • God bless the firemen. . .

    And let's not forget the mass(?) grave dedicated to over 300 Confederate soldiers.
    I like to call this soldier "Green Hill Harry."


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