Here Are Some Epitaphs
Green Hill Cemetery
That Have Caught My Eye

  • From the stone of Haywood L. Alderman (1883-1939) & Elizabeth G. Haywood (1876-1956)

    "Here endeth the first lesson."

  • From the stone of a child named Cockman

    "Sleep on sweet babe
    And take thy rest
    God called thee home
    He thought it best"

  • From the stone of W.A. Cox, Jr.(1919-1942) (also appearing on other stones)

    "A precious one from us is gone,
    A voice we loved is stilled
    A place is vacant in our home
    That never can be filled"

  • From the stone of another child (1907-1916)

    "How much of light, how much of joy
    Is buried with our little boy"

  • From the stone of A.H. Stephens (1845)-(1882) & L.L. Stephens (1848)-(1917)

    "Tho' dead to us, they do not die
    Nor lose their mortal sympathy"

  • From the stone of Carl Woodrow Rhodes (Feb. 20-23, 1922)

    "A little bud of love, to bloom
    with God above"

  • From the stone of Sarah Jane Wood (1855-1928)

    "No pains, no griefs, no anxious fear
    Can reach our loved one sleeping here."

  • From the stone of a Cardwell

    "Sweet tomb, that in thy circuit dost contain
    the perfect model of eternity:
    Fair Marion Vashti,
    that with angels dost remain."

  • From the spire of Rev. J. Henry Smith

    "Until the day break
    and the shodows flee away"

  • Near Rev. Smith one can find:

    "Kind hearts are the gardens,
    Kinds thoughts are the roots,
    Kind words are the blossoms,
    Kind deeds are the fruit."
    S. McG. S.--1914

  • Also near Rev. Smith

    "He gave back as rain
    What he received as mist."

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