Dying Young

Death Knows No Age

I have included here a listing of just a few of the youthful residents of Green Hill. A sad reminder that Death is indiscriminant.

  • Mary Elizabeth Long

  • Arthur A. Anthony, Jr.

  • Daisy M. Brame

  • Taylor Van Perkins

  • Lolita Adele Apple

  • Cockman Family
    Glenie Talmage--Apr.14,1918-Apr.8,1921
    Andrew Winfred--June 5,1924-Aug.5,1925
    INFANT SON--Sept.5,1933

  • Marianne Glyn Crawford
    May 1-3,1943

  • Hutton Family
    Edward Williamson--Dec.14,1910-Oct.30,1911
    Josephine--Aug,15,1905-July 22,1906
    SON OF--Apr.6-May 3,1893
    Josephine Louise Crews--Dec.4,1933-Apr.2,1934

  • Erma A. Kilrain
    June 21,1915-Sept.2,1916

  • Riggs Family
    James A.--June 1,1915-Feb. 15,1917
    Mary Irene--June 4,1913-Feb. 22,1917

  • "Little George" Hall
    Dec. 6,1916-May 4,1917

  • Evlin Smith
    May 13,1917-Feb. 24,1918

  • Minnie Bryce Hartsell
    March 25,1872-April 8,1874

  • George R. Lewis
    June 17-Sept. 20, 1923

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