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When I first raised my hand for this project, I thought that I knew a good bit about this subject. As it turned out, I had the basics down, but I ran across some interesting aspects while doing some research. Anyway, all of those aspects will be included in this page, so let's get on with the lesson.

Before you can do any type of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) uploading, you need the software to do it. Personally, I use Cute FTP ... it's easy, and pretty self explanatory. However, to the best of my knowledge, you can use any FTP software in GeoCities, and most of the HTML editors that I have seen (ie. Hot Dog Pro, Microsoft's Front Page, etc.) have FTP protocol built in.

The lesson that I have developed here, has to do with Cute FTP. It is not much different from other ftp programs, so the adjustment should be easy. Okay, here we go...

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