Masquerade Dictionary
Word / Term Defiition
Ancilla An "adolescent" vampire
Anarch A rebel among the Kindred, one with no respect for the elders.
Antedeluvian One of the oldest Vampires. Of the third generation.
Archon A powerful vampire who wanders from city to city.
Book of Nod, The The "sacred" book of the Kindred. Never been published in its' entirety.
Beast, The The urges which prompt vampires to forsake their humanity
Bloodline A distinct lineage that is outside of the 13 clans
Blood Bond A mystic Servitude to another vampire as a result from drinking his blood three times.
Boons Favors owed
Caitiff A vampire with no clan
Childe A derogatory term for a young, inexperienced, or foolish vampire.
Childer The group of Progeny under a single vampire
Clan A group of vampires who share certain mystical and physical characteristics. Not unlike a family
Coterie A group of vampires that protect and support one another
Damned, The All vampires, in general
Diablerie The cannabalistic behavior common among kindred, involving the concumption of the blood of another vampire
Domain The fiefdom claimed by a vampire, usually a prince.
Elder A vampire of more than 300 years of age
Elysium The name given the place where the elders meet and gather, commonly operas, theaters, or other places of high culture.
Embrace, The The act of transforming a mortal into a vampire, by draining the mortal's' blood and replacing it with a small amount of the vampire's own.
Frenzy The state of being when the beast take control.
Garou werewolf
Generation The number of steps between a vampire and Caine. Cain being the only one of the first generation.
Gehenna The impending Armageddon, when the antideluvians shall awaken.
Ghoul A servant created by allowing a mortal to drink the blood of a vampire
Golconda The state of being that which many vampires do aspire, in which a balance is found between beast and humanity
Haven The home of a vampire or place which he sleeps during the day.
Inconnu A sect of vampires who have removed themselves from both mortal and Kindred affairs.
Jyhad, The The secret war being waged between the antediluvians, using younger kindred as pawns
Kindred A vampire; one of the blood
Lupine A werewolf
Masquerade, The The effort began after the end of the great wars to hide kindred from the mortal world
Methusalah An elder who no longer lives among the other kindred. Many are members of the Inconnu
Neonate A young, newly created kindred
Numina The special powers held by mortal hunters
Pack A basic social unit of the Sabbat
Primogen A citie's ruling council of elders
Prince Male or female. A vampire who has established a claim to rulership over a city and is able to support that claim.
Progeny A collective term for all vampires created by a single sire
Regnant One who holds a blood bond over another vampire
Sire The parent-creator of a vampire, both male and female
Thrall One blood bonded by another vampire.
Vessel A potential or past source of blood, typically a human
Vitae Blood