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Atlanta-based musician returns from extended Australian sabbatical with much-anticipated, introspective and moving new solo album

“Rooms and Boxes”in stores Now

(Atlanta, Georgia) The last time that many of his fellow Georgians heard from musician Blair Lott, the jovial singer/bandleader was the frontman for the rock ensemble known as Ruben Kincaid. Since then, Blair has lived in Australia, written and recorded a new solo album, and gathered together an ensemble of seasoned side-men who are now proudly known as The Blair Lott Band.

Rooms and Boxes, Blair’s first-ever solo CD, is in stores now. Several years ago Blair bought himself a one-way plane ticket to Australia, where he took his time carefully writing and recording tracks in Melbourne with able assistance from Aussie producer/rock star Michael Spiby (leader of a popular and critically acclaimed ‘roo rock outfit, The Badloves). Michael brought his passion for Southern American rock and Gospel to the table, creating a rich backdrop of Americana (or, perhaps, “Australiana”) to the sessions, without letting the songs drift into blues-rock clichés. Blair’s writing on Rooms and Boxes is focused and at times deeply personal, with a song-to-song continuity that suggests a concept album or even a movie soundtrack.

One especially moving number, “Clear”, is dedicated to the memory of slain American journalist Daniel Pearl, a gesture made at the request of a close personal friend of Pearl’s. The entire collection is dedicated to bassist Stuart Speed, a well-known and much-loved sideman among Australian musicians, who recently passed away after a prolonged illness.

Rooms and Boxes started out as a personal release but has since been picked up by GGP records and distributed through Select-O-Hits, both of which operate out of Memphis, TN. Select-O-Hits was co-founded by Sam Phillips, the legendary label boss of Sun Records. It is fitting and proper that the Southern-steeped Rooms and Boxes has become part of this longtime tradition.

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