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Welcome to my page. If you've been here before, you'll notice that I have excised most of the superfluous garbage previously contained herein. Enjoy what's left.

Pages I maintain:

Pyros shrine

Character page for Gwenllian of Fort Weyr, Dragonsfire MOO [retired]

Links of interest:


The 'Burbs

The Anime Web Turnpike

Dragonsfire MOO

Midnight Sun

The Sci-Fi Channel

Cartoon Network

(I love Johnny Bravo! Yeah.. whatever. Sassy.. Studly.. Everyone, do the monkey with me! *grin*)

World Wrestling Federation

World Championship Wrestling

(No, I'm not going to pick one fed and stay with it. And yes, I know it's not for real! Get off my case already! It's comedy!)


Cowboy Mouth

Tulane University (Don't forget to check out our math department!)

Congratulations to the USA women's soccer team for winning the 1999 FIFA World Cup! Now I'm just waiting for the Saints to win the SuperBowl... (I'm not holding my breath.)

Thank you for visiting my page.

1997 Gwenllian

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