This page gives tribute to the promised land, Mexico, in all her glory. I recently bussed all through Mexico with a backpack, and I want to share with everyone some of my wondrous experiences. Mexico isn't for everyone, in fact I think most Americans would consider it a nightmare riding on the second class bus through the Oaxacan Mountains at night. The seats are broken, there's no bathroom, and the driver perpetrates the dangerous mountain curves like he was trying to break the land speed record. But to me (and I'm sure many others) experiences like that just add to the excitement. I don't want to spend my whole life bored in some air-conditioned super store.

These pages of mine relate some of the magic and craziness that is Mexico. I don't have much yet, but more is on the way soon.Check out the story of the Island Man. I am also working on a section about Oaxaca. It's easy to forget what day it is swaying in a hammock in Zipolite. If you have ever slept in the Chihuahuan Desert, you know how loud coyotes can howl at the moon.

"It is not true that we live,
It is not true that we endure on earth
I must leave the beautiful flowers,
I must go in search of the mysterious realm!
Yet for a brief moment,
Let us make the fine songs ours."
Anonymous Chalco

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The Beautiful Oaxacan Valley

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