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Welcome to my Web page!! This page is jam packed full of the best jazz and blues artists of all time! Before checking out the page, find out how you can participate in choosing the Top 10 Jazz Albums of All Time!

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Trumpets Saxes Trombones Pianists Bands Vocalists Guitarists
Louis Armstrong John Coltrane J.J. Johnson* Ray Charles Duke Ellington Cab Calloway John Lee Hooker
Miles Davis Sonny Rollins Kai Winding* George Gershwin Blues Brothers Joe Williams* B.B. King*
Dizzy Gillespie Charlie Parker Herbie Hancock Glenn Miller Ella Fitzgerald* Muddy Waters*
Thelonius Monk Benny Goodman
* - Coming Soon

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If you have any info: bios, discgraphy, sounds, etc. on these artists please let me know.

The Top 10 Jazz Albums of All Time!

Chosen by you! Coming soon to my page will be a continuously running poll of the 10 Best Jazz Albums of All Time, to follow will be other polls including; best artist, best saxophonist, best trumpist, best trombonist (my instrument), and more. Thanks for the votes and keep 'em coming. Click here to see the list so far. or Click here to vote for the Top 10 Jazz Albums of All Time!

This site continues to grow so come back soon! Thank you and come again!

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I'm looking into creating other sites that cover other genres of music. Any suggestions or info?

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