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Dracula: Welcome to my home, enter freely of your own will and leave some of the happiness you bring.
Jonathan Harker:Count Dracula
Count Dracula: I am Dracula and I bid you velcome Mr. Harker, to my house

You have entered this place in search of a certain something. You have come to Mansion Calabrillo. The Mansion is owned by Yira Calabrillo. It is a bed and breakfast of sorts anyone is allowed to enter, and stay as long as they like. Many of you may have recieved an invitation. There are over 200 rooms in the mansion. When you enter, you may do so by the polished oak doors at the front of the mansion. The mansion sits on Loma Costa (Coast Hill) There is a long and winding road to the entrance, surrounded by tropical foliage. Many animals find sanctuary in the greenery, so we ask you leave them be. The mansion has a floor plan for everything but the attic and basement. To visit each floor, click on the following;

Mansion de Calabrillo is an email RPG (Role Playing Game). You are welcome to join anytime you wish, just email me at Yira@deathsdoor.com

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The Mansion:

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Mansion Floorplan (picture)


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