Company B, 4th Alabama Cavalry, CSA

The roster for company B, is not known to exist. The following is a reconstruction from various records. It is known that it was mustered into service on Aug 28, 1862 in Lawrence County.   The company is believed to have been composed of less than 63 men as records show that the unit acquired fodder for 63 horses in Oct. 1862.  In March of 1863, the company had 85 horses but were issued clothing for 50 men. Information about this company comes from "Lawrence County: Company B., 4th (Roddey's) Alabama Cavalry", by Charles Rice.  Published in "Valley Leaves", Volume 28, Number 2.


13 Star "Stars and Bars"

1st National flag of the Confederacy.


Known Soldiers of Company B


Capt. Thomas J. Warren (of Moulton, AL)

1st Lt. Thomas L. Daugherty

2nd Lt. Thomas J. Ireland

2nd Lt. John W. Roberts

Enlisted Men:

James Adair

George W. Alexander

David Ashbill

Julius C. Boger

James W. Cheatam

John C. Chitwood

John D. Doss

John C. Ferguson

M. T. Ferguson

James B. Gailey

W. T. Gracher

Samuel H. Hampton

Robert R. Ireland

Benjamin Marion

James McBride

James B. Miller

William H. Miller

Jonathon H. Norwood

Thomas B. Parker

Thomas Pate

William L. Peters

Thomas B. Ponder

Jonathon O. Sheets

William T. H. Smith

J. Warren Southern

John B. Southern

John Spencer

William Twiggs

John W. Woodard

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