4th Alabama Cavalry Ancestor Not Listed

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While my website is about the men serving in Roddey's 4th Alabama Cavalry and generally only those who resided in northwest Alabama (with a few exceptions), I have included  the following resources,  as a courtesy for those whose ancestors lived outside of  this region and/or served in another 4th Alabama Cavalry regiment/unit.

Try checking the following:

Other Companies of Roddey's Cavalry

Russell's 4th Alabama Cavalry

Love's 4th Alabama Cavalry Battalion

Also, Check with Alabama Archives to see if  soldier applied for a Confederate pension, sometimes these soldiers are not listed on any rosters, for a variety of reasons, but records do exist in the pension files.


Other Companies of Roddey's 4th Alabama Cavalry:

Note: If you find a soldier from NORTHWEST Alabama who was a member of ANY company of Roddey's 4th Alabama  Cavalry, please notify me (Scott Williams) if you would like to share information about this soldier.

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Russell's Fourth Alabama cavalry was organized at Murfreesboro, Tenn., in December, 1862, by the union of General Forrest's original battalion with six companies of the Fourth Alabama battalion and the Russell Rangers, or Fifteenth battalion Tennessee cavalry. It was in the attack on Fort Donelson and was attached, consecutively, to Russell's and Morgan's brigades, serving in the cavalry of the army of Tennessee. It was warmly engaged at Chickamauga, and bore a full share in the operations of Longstreet's campaign in east Tennessee. It took a brilliant part in the Sequatchie raid with four other Alabama regiments of cavalry; was in the Dalton-Atlanta campaign and assisted in the capture of Stoneman's column. When Hood moved into Tennessee, the Fourth was employed for some time in the Tennessee valley. After the battle of Nashville it was assigned to Forrest's corps, and surrendered with his troops at Gainesville. Col. A. A. Russell was twice wounded; he was early placed in command of a brigade, and the regiment was for a long time under command of Lieut.-Col. Jos. M. Hambrick, who was wounded at Calhoun, Ga.; Capt. Thomas W. Hampton was killed at Mossy Creek; Capt. Oliver B. Gaston was captured, and died in prison; Capts· Henry F. Smith, W. C. Bacot, Flavius J. Graham and David Davidson were wounded·



Vol. XVII, Part I--(593, 594, 595) Gen. N. B. Forrest, in his report of operations, December 18, 1862, says: "Col. A. A. Russell, Fourth Alabama cavalry, and Maj. N. W. Cox, Second battalion Tennessee cavalry, with their commands, were sent out on the left to destroy bridges and culverts on the railroads from Jackson to Corinth and Bolivar. Colonel Russell and his command deserve especial notice for their gallantry in the fight at Lexington and Spring creek. Capt. F. B. Gurley, Fourth Alabama cavalry, with 12 men, charged a gun at Lexington supported by over 100 Federal cavalry. He captured the gun, losing his orderly-sergeant by the fire of the gun when within 15 feet of its muzzle·" (598, 599) Col. George G. Dibrell says: "On the 18th December, the enemy attempted to destroy the bridge at Beech river, but were driven back by the Fourth Alabama.

Vol. XVII, Part 2--(462) Mentioned by Thomas A. Davies (Union), Columbus, Ky., December 23, 1862, as 450 strong.

Vol. XXIII, Part I--(135) Mentioned by Gen. D. S. Stanley (Union), near Shelbyville, March 4, 1863. (379) Report of Gen. J. B. Turchin (Union) says: "200 of Russell's cavalry near Versailles, June 12th."

Vol. XXIII, Part 2--(913) Gen. H. W. Walter, Chattanooga, July 15, 1803 says: "The Fourth regiment Alabama cavalry is especially detailed, and will report to Brigadier-General Pillow for duty." (943) In Russell's brigade, Martin's division, Bragg's army, July 31st.
No. 50--(232) Hagan's brigade, Wharton's division, Wheeler's corps, Chickamauga campaign.
No. 51--(19) Col. J. M Hambrick commanding; in Russell's brigade, Martin's division, Wheeler's corps, army of Tennessee, September 19 and 20, 1863. (659) In skirmish near Larkinsville, Ala., September 25th. (688) Mentioned by Gen. George Crook (Union) in report of operations during October. (693) Mentioned in report of Col. Abram O. Miller, fights of October 3d, near McMinnville.
No. 55--(255) Mentioned by J. L. Abernathy (Union), in Trenton, August 31, 1863. (332) By Robert B. Mitchell (Union) as in Martin's division, on road to Trenton, September 3d. (449) By James S. Negley (Union) as near Lafayette, September 8th.
No. 53--(500) In Russell's brigade, Martin's division, Wheeler's corps, army of Tennessee, August 15, 1863. (545) Scouts ordered to rejoin their commands, August 24th. (632) Mentioned in General Hindman's general orders, September 10th.
No. 54--(445) Mentioned by Col. Wm. J. Palmer (Union), Flat Gap, December 23, 1863. (453) Gen. John T. Morgan's brigade, Martin's division; troops in east Tennessee, under General Longstreet, November 30th.
No. 56--(891) In Russell's brigade, Morgan's division, forces in east Tennessee, December 31, 1863.
No. 58--(642) Same assignment under General Long. street, January 31, 1864.
No. 59--(283) Col. Jos. S. Gage (Union), Cottonville, Ala., says: "The Fourth regiment, Alabama cavalry, 900 men strong, arrived at Warrenton on the night of April 5, 1864, a part of Wheeler's command from Blue Hills." (870) In Morgan's brigade, Martin's division, army of Tennessee, Johnston commanding, April 30, 1864.
No. 73--(819) Mentioned by Colonel Minty (Union), near Marietta, Ga., June 12, 1864. (822) In front of enemy, Noonday Creek, Ga., June 21st.
No. 74--(642, et seq.) In Morgan's brigade, Martin's division, army of Tennessee, Atlanta campaign.
No. 75--(756) Mentioned by Gen. G. J. Pillow, June 2, 1864.
No. 78--(718) Gen. S. W. Melton says: "The four Alabama companies in McDonald's battalion are hereby transferred to Russell's Alabama regiment." (856) In Allen's brigade, Martin's division, army of Tennessee, General Hood commanding, September 20, 1864.
No. 93--(574, 609, 640) Mentioned by Federal officers: "Near Waterloo, Ala., January 4, 1865"; "Russell has 700 or 800 men," December 8, 1864. (775, 776) Report of Col. A. A. Russell of operations, October 26, 1864, to January 17, 1865, says: "After the evacuation of Decatur, my command pursued the retreating enemy from Huntsville to within fourteen miles of Stevenson (distance, forty-five miles), capturing about 450 negroes and 250 wagons, 1 train of cars and engine. My loss, 1 killed, 2 wounded." (1245) General Hood orders Russell's regiment to join Roddey's force and assist in the work of destroying the railroad from Decatur to Huntsville and thence to Stevenson, November 25, 1864.
No. 94--(521) Mentioned in report of Col. William Palmer (Union), January 5, 1865. (796) General Chalmers' orders, Fourth and Seventh consolidated, January 19th.
No. 103--(46) In skirmish near Gurley's Tank, February 16, 1865. (931) By order of Brigadier-General Chalmers, near Buena Vista, January 24th: "Captain Alexander, Fourth Alabama cavalry, will report with his command to Colonel Wheeler, commanding First Tennessee cavalry, at Columbus, or wherever he may be." (997) General Forrest ordered Colonel Russell to camp near Columbus. (1031) Ordered to Montevallo, March, 1865.

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Russell's 4th Alabama Cavalry Roster

Roster is one that was submitted by Linda Green to USGENWEB


Aday, W. E. Co. F, A Private
Adkens, Charles W. Co. G Private
Adkerson, A. G. Co. C Private
Akridge, W. R. Co. B 2LT
Allen, F. M. Co. I Private
Allen, Newell Co. I Private
Allen, William Co. I Private
Allen, William H. Co. D, A Private
Anderson, Joseph R. Co. I Private
Anderson, Shade Co. E Private
Anderson, S. J. Co. C Private
Anderson, William Co. I Private
Andrews, T. B. Co. A Private
Angle, Joe Co. A _______
Angle, John Co. A _______
Ardis, John Co. H Private
Armstrong, J. A. Co. F Private
Armstrong, Lorenzo Co. I Private
Ashburn, D. C. B. Co. D Private
Ashley, J. R. Co. B Private
Atchley, James J. Co. G Private
Atchley, John A. Co. G Private
Atchley, John H. Co. G Private
Atkins, C. W. NCS QM Sgt
Austill, David Co. C Private
Austin, D. C. Co. E Private©Corporal
Austin, James R. Co. H Private
Austin, S. B. Co. E Private
Bacot, W. C. Co. A Private
Bailes, Benjamin E. Co. C Sergeant©Private
Bailes, T. A. Co. C Private
Bailes, W. H. Co. C 1LT
Bailey, Eleazar Co. G Private
Bailey, James Co. B Private
Bailey, J. D. Co. F Private
Bailey, J. M. Co. F Private
Bailey, Thomas Co. I Private
Bain, I. Y. Co. H Private
Bain, M. M. Co. H Private
Bain, M. V. Co. H Private
Bain, Polk Co. H Private
Baker, A. I. Co. G Sergeant
Baker, A. W. Co. K Private
Baker, G. W. Co. E 1Sgt
Baker, I. C. Co. E Private
Baldridge, William A. Co. G Private
Baldwin, Peter T. Co. I Private
Balinger, Thomas M. Co. D Private
Barclay, A. F. Co. I Private
Barham, William T. Co. I 3LT
Barier, F. M. Co. E 1Blacksmith
Barley, Joseph W. Co. K Private
Barnard, Francis M. Co. I Private
Baron, Noel M. Co. G, B Corporal©Sergeant
Barren, William Co. K Private
Bassett, W. D. Co. F Private
Baugh, John F. Co. I Private
Baxter, Alford Co. C Private
Baxter, Stephen B. Co. G Private
Baxter, William B. Co. G Private
Beadles, Benjamin Co. G Private
Beard, Arthur H. Co. I 1LT
Beard, C. D. Co. A Private
Beard, James Co. C Private
Beard, William Co. A Sergeant
Beavers, A. I. Co. K Private
Bell, C. Co. K Private
Bell, C. A. Co. K Private
Belle, William Co. K Private
Beller, Peter M. Co. K Private
Bennett, F.M. Co. C _______
Benson, I. S. Co. H Private
Benson, Solomon Co. G Private
Bernard, William Co. I Private
Berry, George W. Co. I Private
Berry, Isaac M. Co. I Private
Berry, John M. Co. G Private
Bevel, James B. Co. G Private
Binford, John H. Co. F, A Corporal
Binford, Peter L. Co. I, F Private
Birdsong, Thomas L. Co. G, B Sergeant
Bishop, Atison, L. Co. H Corporal©Private
Bishop, Harris G. Co. ___ 2LT
Bishop, Steven N. Co. C Private
Blackwell, J. E. Co. E Private
Blakely, Samuel L. Co. D Private
Blankenship, Thomas Co. D Private
Blankship, Hezekiah Co. D Sergeant, Private
Blaringame, Howard Co. E Private
Boggus, Thomas B. Co. I Private
Bohanan, James V. Co. G Private
Bohannon, Ozah Co. G Private
Bolton, Richard Co. I Private©Corporal
Boozar, D. B. Co. B Private
Borrow, J. P. Co. E Private
Boshart, Christopher C. Co. G Private
Boshart, William B. Co. G Private
Bowling, William Co. I Private
Boyd, I. Co. G Private
Bradford, J. C. Co. B Private
Bradshaw, P. M. Co. H Private
Bragg, Benjamin Co. K Private
Bragg, Jeff Co. K Private
Bragg, James Co. C Private
Bragg, Joseph Co. C Private
Bragg, W. N. Co. K Private
Brandon, J. C. Co. C Private
Brandon, Richard Co. G Private
Branum, W. R. Co. F Private
Brasier, James T. Co. D Private
Brazille, Renny P. Co. ___ Private
Brazelton, A. C. Co. F Private
Briant, Asbery Co. ___ Private
Briant, Thomas F. Co. ___ Private
Bridges, James D. Co. E Private
Bridges, W. M. Co. E Private
Bright, Ruben C. Co. I Private
Brindley, J. P. Co. B Private©2LT
Brisco, James M. Co. ___ Private
Brisco, John N. Co. D Private
Britt, K. G. Co. K Private
Bronaugh, J. F. Co. F Private
Brooks, C. H. Co. K Private
Brooks, E. H. Co. K Private
Brooks, S. Co. A Private
Brou, H. G. Co. E Corporal
Browder, William Co. B Private
Brown, George Co. C Private
Brown, James Co. A Private
Brown, James D. Co. I Corporal
Brown, Jessey E. Co. C Private
Brown, John Co. D Private
Brown, John L. Co. G 1LT
Browning, John I. Co. I Private
Browning, S. W. Co. F Private
Browning, William S. Co. I 3LT
Broyles, I. Empsil Co. K Private
Bryant, A. Co. I Private
Bryant, T. F. Co. I Private
Bunn, Henry Co. G Private
Burdine, John M. Co. C Private
Burger, Thomas B. Co. B Private
Burns, James Co. ___ Private
Burns, John M. Co. I Private
Burns, William P. Co. I Private
Burns, Win Co. D Private
Burrow, J. H. Co. F Private
Burson, I. B. Co. A Private
Burson, W. A. Co. A 2LT
Burton, Thomas Co. F Private
Burton, T. O. Co. C, B Private
Busbin, P. J. Co. B Private
Brisby, Derall Co. G Private
Bush, William H. Co. D Private
Bush, William H. C. Co. D Private
Butcher, Robert M. Co. D Private
Butler, George W. Co. G 3LT©2LT
Butler, James E. Co. C Private
Butler, William I. Co. H Private
Buttler, John Co. G Private
Bynum, Rob. H. Co. G Private
Byrne, W. P. Co. K Private
Cameron, Hugh Co. E Bugler
Cameron, W. J. Co. E Blacksmith
Campbell, C. Co. A _______
Campbell, James B. Co. C, K Private
Campbell, Thomas J. Co. D 1Sgt
Campbell, Tilmon H. Co. D Private
Campbell, Wesley M. Co. C Corporal,Sergeant
Campbell, William M. Co. G Private
Camron, Marado B. Co. G Private
Carnes, T. R. Co. H Private, Corporal
Carnes, William D. Co. H Sergeant
Carr, William P. Co. F Private
Carter, A. Co. A Private
Carter, Jefferson Co. A 4Sgt©1LT
Carter, Thomas M. Co. ___ Private
Cates, M. M. Co. B Private
Catter, Allison Co. I Private
Certain, Smith Co. F Private
Chambliss, Henry Co. H Private
Chambliss, Joel Co. H _______
Chandler, Francis M. Co. G, B Private,Corporal
Chandler, Ignatius M, Co. H Private
Chapple, R. F. Co. A Private
Cheatham, James M. Co. I Private
Chessuer, James Co. I Private
Childers, James Co. I Corporal
Christian, H. F. Co. F, F & S 2LT©Major
Christian, I. M. F & S Adjustant
Christian, J. B. Co. F, A Corporal, Private
Christian, w. C. Co. F Private
Chum, W. R. Co. D Private
Clark, C. P. Co. C Private
Clark, D. C. Co. C Private
Clark, George W. Co. C Private
Clark, John Co. G Private
Clark, S. P. Co. C Private
Clock, Andrew Co. E Private
Cobb, W. R. W. Jr. Co. C Private
Cochran, William A. Co. C, D Private
Colbert, D. C. Co. I Private
Coleman, John C. Co. G Sergeant
Coles, Isaac W. Co. C Private
Colier, Joseph P. Co. C Private
Collier, Charles H. Co. C Private
Collier, J. G. Co. C Private
Collins, George B. Co. D Private
Collins, Jessee Co. D Private
Collins, John Co. K Private
Collins, Peyton M. Co. D Private
Colston, William Co. A Private
Conally, B. B. Co. K Private
Conally, F. W. Co. K Private
Cone, F. Co. A Private
Cook, George W. Co. I Corporal,Private
Cook, William V. Co. I Private
Cooper, J. K. P. Co. G Private
Cooper, Rolan Co. D Private
Corbin, Amanuel Co. H Private
Cotnam, T. S. Co. E Private
Cotton, F. E. Co. C Private
Cotton, J. B. Co. C, B Private, Corporal
Cotton, Judson Co. I Private
Cotton, Richard Co. I Private
Cotton, William Co. A Private
Cotton, William Co. I Private
Couch, Francis M. Co. I Private
Couch, William C. Co. I Private
Coulson, L. C. Co. C Private
Cowan, J. A. Co. B Private
Cowan, James Co. H Private
Cowan, J. R. Co. F Private
Cowan, T. W. Co. B Private
Cowin, William Co. H Private
Cox, A. B. Co. H _______
Cox, James E. Co. ___ Private
Cox, James M. Co. H 2LT
Coyle, W. J. Co. K Private
Cozby, C. Co. H Private
Cozby, William Co. H Private
Crawford, John R. Co. E Private
Crier, Joseph Co. D Private
Crutcher, J. E. H. Co. K Private
Crutcher, John E. Co. I Private
Cudd, John N. Co. D Private
Culver, J. N. Co. H Private
Cunningham, Harry Co. G Private
Cunningham, Joel Co. C Corporal,1Sgt
Cunningham, William Co. B Sergeant
Curtis, William C. Co. K Private
Daniel, J. H. Co. B Private
Daniel, J. M. Co. B Private
Darnaby, J. Co. K Private
Darnaby, Daniel E. Co. K Sergeant, Private
Darrick, W. M. Co. K Private
Davidson, D. Co. H Captain
Davidson, John Co. ___ Private
Davidson, William Co. K Private
Davis, A. C. Co. K Private
Davis, A. J. Co. A Private
Davis, Gilbert Co. G Private
Davis, John B. Co. G Private
Davis, Thomas C. Co. B Private
Davis, Thomas S. Co. B Private
Day, Jackson Co. I Private
Dean, James Co. I Private
Dean, John T. Co. B Private
Dean, M. H. Co. B Private
Dean, Robert S. Co. B Private
Dean, Theophalus Co. I Private
Dejornett, E. B. Co. B Private
Dennis, G. W. Co. K Private
Derrick, David A. Co. G Private
Derrick, Nathan H. Co. G Private
Derrick, William W. Co. G Private
Dew, John J. Co. I, F, A Private
Dickey, Charles C. Co. G Private
Dickey, William G. Co. G Private
Dickson, Graham Co. D 1LT
Dillard, Huey C. Co. D Private
Dillard, J. Q. Co. F Corporal
Dodson, William Co. E Private
Donegan, W. H. Co. F, F & S Private©Sgt Major
Dorr, James Co. E Private
Doss, John Co. H Private
Douglass, E. F. Co. K Private
Douglass, George Co. C Private
Douglass, G. W. Co. F Private
Douglass, J. A. Co. B Private
Douglass, J. B. Co. B Private
Douglass, J. H. Co. F Private
Douglass, Murphy Co. F Private
Douglass, W. H. Co. F Private
Douglass, W. N. Co. K Sergeant
Drake, James Co. K Private
Drake, J. C. Co. F Private
Drake, P. M. Co. K Private
Drake, T. A. Co. F Private
Drake, W. N. Co. K Private
Drake, W. P. Co. K Private
Drake, William W. Co. K Private
Dudley, Baxtor Co. G Private
Duer, W. T. Co. F Private
Dukes, Charles E. Co. A Private
Dukes, J. H. Co. B Private
Dulaney, John Co. G Private
Dulin, Guy A. Co. H Farrier
Dumer, Joseph Co. I Private
Dun, John Co. I Private
Dunagin, Steven Co. ___ Captain
Dunlap, Thomas J. Co. D 3LT
Dunlup, R. W. Co. D Private
Dunn, Daniel Co. ___ Private
Dunn, Daniel Co. I Private
Dunn, Jesse J. Co. D Private
Dunn, John W. Co. D Private
Dunn, J. R. Co. D Private
Dunn, Louis Co. I Private
Dunn, Peter B. Co. D Private
Dunn, T. B. Co. D Private
Dunn, W. I. Co. A Private
Dunn, William F. Co. D Private
Dunn, William L. Co. I Private
Duran, James Co. H Blacksmith
Duran, Joseph E. Co. I Private
Duran, P. M. Co. H Private, Corporal
Duran, S. H. Co. H Private
Durham, John Co. ___ Private
Duvall, Benjamin F. Co. I Private
Duvall, John L. Co. I Private
Easley, John L. Co. H 1LT
Easley, William Co. H, B Private
Echols, Elijah Co. I Private
Echols, J. H. Co. F 1Sgt©Bvt 2LT
Edward, Arbony Co. E Private
Eeds, C. R. Co. ___ Private
Eeds, Reuben C. Co. ___ Sergeant
Eldridge, W. B. Co. F Private
Ellett, J. F. Co. F Private
Ellett, J. W. Co. C Private
Ellis, I. Co. K Private
Ellis, James Co. G Private
Ellis, Joseph Co. K Private
Ellis, W. A. Co. G Private
Enis, James W. Co. D Private
Erskine, F. F. F & S ACS
Erskine, William Co. A Private
Ervin, Benjamin F. Co. I Private
Erwin, Wiley W. Co. C Private
Evans, James E. Co. I Private
Evans, John M. Co. I, G, E Private
Evans, Thomas J. Co. G Private
Fackler, C. W. Co. K Private
Fagg, _____ Co. E Private
Fanning, J. A. Co. B Private
Fanning, J. W. Co. C Private
Fanninc, M. L. Co. C Private
Fant, Pinkney B. Co. I Private
Feemster, A. B. Co. H Wagoner, Private
Feemster, John Co. H Wagoner, Corporal
Feemster, John O. Co. D Private
Feemster, William M. Co. D Private
Fennell, James William Co. I Captain
Fennell, Thomas M. Co. I, D 2LT©1LT
Fields, Isaac Co. I Sergeant, Private
Fields, James M. Co. I Private
Finney, Preston T. Co. I Private
Fletcher, B. M. Co. H Private
Fletcher, William J. Co. G Private
Flippin, James Co. F Private
Flowers, I. W. Co. G Private
Ford, G. H. Co. F Private
Ford, William Co. C Corporal, Private
Ford, Zachariah Co. K Private
Forest, I. W. Co. H Private
Fowler, J. W. Co. C Private
Franks, J. W. Co. F Private
Free, Jasper Co. I Private
French, James A. Co. I Private
Furgerson, Joseph B. Co. I Private
Galloway, Hugh B. Co. D Private
Gambol, J. E. Co. B Private
Gambol, J. F. Co. B Private
Gant, Jasper N. Co. G Private, 3Corp
Garmony, G. W. Co. B Private
Garner, Joseph Co. K Private
Garrett, C. L. Co. F Private
Garrett, Sim Co. H Private
Gassaway, T. F. Co. K Private
Gaston, O. B. Co. F Captain
Geron, Alfred Co. I Private
Ghormley, James A. Co. K Private
Ghormley, T. M. Co. K Private
Gibson, James M. Co. B Sergeant, Private
Gibson, John A. Co. C 2LT©1LT
Giddens, John C. Co. C Private
Gilbreth, Joseph Co. G Private
Gill, Gemnart B. Co. C Private
Gillespie, H. A. Co. B 1LT©Captain
Gilliland, J. E. Co. E Private
Gillreath, James Co. I Private
Gin, William Co. E Private
Given, F. T. Co. F, C Private
Glass, W. Bayley Co. I 5Sgt©Private
Glenn, C. S. Co. C Private
Glenn, Samuel Co. C Private
Glenn, W. D. Co. B Private
Glenn, William Co. C Private
Golden, James T. Co. C Private
Gomley, J. Co. K Private
Gooch, John C. Co. I Private
Goodwin, William Co. H Private
Gowin, J. S. Co. H _______
Goowin, William Co. H _______
Gore, John T. Co. I Private
Gormley, W. M. Co. I 1Sgt
Gormly, James A. Co. I 4Corporal
Graham, F. J. Co. E Captain
Graham, Mike Co. E Private
Graham, W. T. Co. E Private
Grant, J. Co. B Private
Grant, James M. Co. K Private
Grant, J. W. Co. A Private
Grantland, J. W. Co. K 4Corp©Private
Gray, Elisha B. Co. D Private
Grayham, Dickson Co. D 1LT
Grayson, N. B. Co. F Private
Green, Alex. H. Co. A Private
Green, Fleming Co. K Private
Griffin, Hardee Co. B Private
Griffin, J. S. Co. B Private©2Corporal
Griffin, P. G. Co. E 1Sgt
Griffin, Redin H. Co. B Private
Griffy, Alford Co. ___ Private
Grimes, C. L. Co. A Private
Grimes, William Co. A Private
Grizzle, M. D. Co. C Private
Grooms, James M. Co. F Private
Grubbs, Edwin Co. D Private
Grubbs, Washington Co. D Private
Gullatt, J. P. Co. C Private
Gurley, Frank B. Co. C Captain
Gurley, Thomas P. Co. C 2BvtLT©2LT
Gwauthoney, John Co. K Private
Haddox, W. S. Co. A Private©1Corporal
Halcomb, Wesley Co. ___ Private
Halden, W. Co. K Private
Hale, John S. Co. D Private©3Corporal
Hale, Lemuel Co. D Private
Hale, Lewis Co. B 3Corp©2Corp
Hale, William J. Co. D Private
Haley, P. H. Co. E Private
Hall, Enoch Co. I Private
Hall, Harman G. Co. E Private
Hall, James W. Co. K Private
Hall, Thomas Co. E Private
Hall, W. T. Co. A Private
Hamblet, R. L. Co. K Private
Hamblin, J. R. Co. K Private
Hambrick, J. M. Co. K LT©Lieutenant Colonel
Hambrick, Jos. M. Co. K Private
Hambrick, William Co. K Private
Hamilton, J. P. Co. K Private
Hampton, R. C. Co. B Sgt©3Sgt
Hampton, Thomas W. Co. B Captain
Hancock, H. E. Co. K Private
Harden, B. L. Co. K Private
Harper, Allen Co. I Private
Harper, J. A. Co. H 2Corp
Harper, John Co. H _______
Harris, Craven D. Co. ___ Private
Harris, Madison H. Co. ___ Private
Harrison, John Co. I Private
Hartin, Thomas Co. B Private
Hatfield, _____ Co. E Private
Hauk, John Co. E 3Corp©3Sgt
Hawk, Joseph E. Co. G 4Corporal
Hawkins, G. M. Co. ___ _______
Hawkins, N. W. Co. F Farrier
Hayes, John R. Co. C Private
Haynes, S. O. Co. C Private
Hembre, B. F. Co. E Private
Hembre, I. N. Co. E Private, 3Corp
Hembry, James F. Co. H Corporal, Private
Henderson, John Co. E Private
Henderson, John Co. I Private
Henderson, Wesley Co. I Private
Henderson, William Co. E Private
Hendon, Andrew J. Co. B Blacksmith©Private
Hendon, John T. Co. D Private
Hensley, Harvie Co. I Private
Henson, Frank W. Co. I Private
Herren, James M. Co. H Private
Herron, George M. Co. I Private
Herron, Thomas B. Co. I Private
Hewlett, John Co. C Private
Hewlett, Thomas Co. C Private
Hicks, Jessee Co. A Private
Hicks, I. S. Co. A Private
Hicks, J. W. Co. A Private
Hicks, Willis Co. A Private
Higginbotham, R. M. Co. C Private
Higgins, J. H. Co. H Private
Higgins, William Co. F Private
Hill, B. Co. K Private
Hill, G. W. Co. C Private
Hill, H. W. Co. F Private
Hill, J. T. Co. G Private
Hill, J. W. Co. G Private
Hill, W. C. Co. B Private
Hill, W. H. Co. F _______
Hill, William Co. K Private
Hill, W. R. Co. F Private
Hillian, James B. Co. G Private
Hillian, James W. Co. G Private
Hilliard, J. M. Co. F Private
Hinds, S. A. Co. A 2Sgt
Hinds, S. A. Co. F Private
Hinds, S. A. Co. E Sergeant
Hines, R. W. Co. A Private
Hodges, Thomas Co. I Private
Holcomb, D. G. Co. H, B Sergeant, Private
Holden, William Co. K Private
Holly, Asa B. Co. G Private
Holmes, Nathan H. Co. D Private
Homes, Francis D. Co. ___ 1LT
Hope, William Co. I Private
Hopkins, T. B. Co. C Private
Hopper, James M. Co. B Private
Hornbeak, W. R. Co. E Private
Horner, J. B. Co. K Private
Hosch, John W. Co. F Private
Hosch, W. J. Co. F Private
Houston, A. T. Co. C Private
Houston, H. J. Co. C Private
Houston, W. P. Co. C Private
Howard, James P. Co. G Private
Howard, William C. Co. G Private
Howk, James Co. G Private
Hoyle, Isaac J. Co. D Private
Hoyle, Thomas J. Co. I Private
Humphrey, G. W. Co. F Private
Humphrey, James A. Co. K Private
Humphrey, James T. Co. d 3Corporal
Humphrey, Wiley W. Co. F 5Sgt
Hunt, Andrew J. Co. H Private
Hutchens, James M. Co. D Wagoner, Private
Hyatt, Hohn Co. H 3Corporal
Isbell, G. W. Co. K Private
Isbell, W. Co. K Private
Ivy, M. Co. G Private
Jacks, W. P. Co. K Private
Jackson, I. M. Co. H, L AQM Sergeant
Jackson, Leroy Co. K Private
Jackson, William Co. H Private
Jamar, George Co. K Private
Jamar, William Co. K Private
James, J. B. Co. E Private
James, J. H. Co. A, F Private
James, M. P. Co. E Sergeant, Private
James, William J. Co. G Private
James, W. L. Co. E Private, Corporal
Jatton, Robert Co. D Private
Jenkins, John M. Co. E Farrier
Jennings, Elisha A. Co. ___ _______
Jennings, William P. Co. I Private, Corporal
Jester, James A. Co. I Private
Johnagan, Sam Co. I Corporal
Johnson, _____ Co. I Private
Johnson, A. B. Co. H Private
Johnson, A. C. Co. K Private
Johnson, Alvin Co. D Private
Johnson, C. H. Co. G Private
Johnson, Drury Co. D Private
Johnson, H. T. Co. A Sergeant
Johnson, James L. Co. D Private
Johnson, John R. Co. I Private
Johnson, Joseph B. Co. D Private
Johnson, J. V. Co. D Private
Johnson, Montgomery Co. G Private
Johnson, Rob. M. Co. H Private
Johnson, Sam Co. G Private
Johnson, William J. Co. I Private
Johnson, William M. C. Co. I Private
Johnson, William P. H. Co. I Private
Johnson, William T. Co. I Private
Johnston, H. Co. A Private
Jones, B. Co. K Private
Jones, B. C. Co. E Private
Jones, J. C. Co. E Private
Jones, John Co. E Private
Jones, Morgan Co. K Private
Jones, W. B. Co. K Private
Jones, William B. Co. E, A Private
Jordan, Fleming Co. C Private
Jordan, William Co. C Private
Jourden, J. Jr. Co. A Private
Jourden, James Sr. Co. A Private
Joyner, G. W. Co. E Private
Julian, James L. Co. D Private
Keck, G. P. Co. C Private
Keeton, John W. Co. I Private
Kelley, J. L. P. Co. C 1Sgt
Kelly, Daniel Co. I Private
Kelly, F. J. Co. C Private
Kelly, J. B. Co. K Private
Kelly, J. E. Co. B Private
Kelly, J. H. Co. K Private
Kelly, Josiah Co. B Private
Kelly, J. W. Co. K Private
Kelly, J. W. P. Co. K Private
Kelly, Lafayette Co. B Private
Kelly, Robert Co. I Private
Kelly, Thomas B. Co. D Private
Kelly, W. J. Co. K Private
Kelly, W. S. Co. B Private
Kelsaw, James Co. E Private, Corporal
Kenedy, W. J. Co. E Private
Kennard, George W. Co. I Sergeant
Kennard, John M. Co. I Private
Kennedy, Joseph Co. I Private
Kennemore, Annamis Co. G Private
Kerr, M. E. Co. G Private
Kiker, Newton P. Co. ___ Private
Kile, John W. Co. G Private
Killingsworth, Sampson Co. G Private
King, Alexander L. Co. D Private
King, Barnabas L. Co. H Private
King, James Co. H Sergeant
King, George W. Co. I Private
King, Thomas B. Co. K 1LT
Kirby, James P. Co. G Private
Kirby, Miller Co. G Private
Kirby, Richard L. Co. G Private
Kirkpatrick, R. F. Co. E Private
Kitchens, Rufus Co. I Private
Knowles, J. Co. A Sergeant, Private
Kyle, Albert J. Co. D Private
Lackey, R. W. Co. H Private
Lackey, William Co. H Private
Lacy, Theo Co. A Corporal
Lafarlette, Albert Co. I Private
Lambert, W. H. Co. E Private
Lambrecht, J. G. Co. A Private
Landers, Thomas Co. B Private
Landford, James E. Co. K Private
Landman, James Co. K Private
Landman, J. H. Co. K Private
Landman, J. W. Co. K Private
Landman, R. S. Co. K Private
Lang, James L. Co. I Private
Lang, Robert L. Co. I Private
Larkin, J. H. Co. E Private
Larue, Abram Co. I Private
Laughlin, J. B. Co. F Private
Laughlin, J. B. Co. I Private
Law, Francis M. Co. G Private
Law, Isham W. Co. G 2LT
Law, James R. Co. G Sergeant
Law, William Co. G Private
Lawson, M. L. Co. E Sergeant
Laxson, B. F. Co. K 2LT©LT
Lay, William R. Co. H Private
Lee, John M. Co. D Private
Leek, J. C. Co. B Private
Leek, Newton Co. B Private
Leftwick, J. C. Co. K Private
Leplieu, Joseph P. Co. I Private
Lewis, C. H. Co. B Private
Lewis, James P. Co. K Sergeant
Lewis, Joseph Co. B Private
Lewis, W. J. S. Co. A Private
Ligon, John M. Co. ___ Private
Lilly, G. G. Co. E Private
Linam, M. B. Co. A Private
Linam, S. J. Co. A _______
Lindsey, J. Co. A Private
Ling, J. H. Co. G Private
Linn, Losson M. Co. D Private
Logens, A. J. Co. D Private
Loggins, William J. Co. D Private
Love, James B. Co. D Private
Love, Thomas H. Co. D Private
Lovelady, Amos V. Co. D Sergeant
Lovelady, Sewiere C. Co. D Private
Lovelady, Simeon P. Co. D Private
Loveless, G. B. Co. H Private
Lowe, Andrew J. Co. B Sergeant
Lucas, J. D. Co. G Private
Lusk, T. B. Co. H Private
Lyles, William Co. H Private
Lynn, L. M. Co. D Private
Lyon, O. M. Co. G Private
Mackey, L. J. Co. B Private
Maddaux, J. W. Co. B Private
Mahan, E. C. Co. H Private
Malone, J. N. Co. K Private
Malone, Lewis Co. K Private
Manning, William T. Co. G Private
Maples, James Co. G Private
Maples, W. J. Co. C Private
Marion, Nathan Co. D Blacksmith, Private
Maroni, John A. Co. I Private
Marshall, J. F. Co. B Private
Martin, L. B. Co. G Private
Martin, L. C. Co. B Private
Mason, A. W. Co. A Private
Mason, James M. Co. B Private
Mason, J. W. Co. C Private
Mason, William H. Co. B Private, Sergeant
Mastin, William Co. A Private
Matheny, J. N. Co. C Private
Mathews, A. B. Co. A Private
Mathews, James Co. G Private
Matthews, W. B. Co. A Private
Maxwell, C. L. Co. A Private
Maxwell, John W. Co. D Private
Maxwell, R. Y. Co. A Private
Mayhew, Henry C. Co. C Private
Mayhew, Theodore Co. C Corporal, Private
Mayo, W. F. Co. A Corporal
Mayo, William Co. H Private
Mays, Call Co. I Private
Mays, John Co. I Private
McAlroy, Allen Co. K Private
McNrier, T. J. Co. E Private
McCain, Peter E. Co. I Private, Sergeant
McCall, Alfred Co. D Private
McCall, James Co. A Corporal
McCall, John F. Co. D Private
McCalley, Thomas Co. F Private
McCarley, David G. Co. D Private
McCarley, David M. Co. D Private
McCarley, Lawson M. Co. D Private
McCay, John Co. I Private
McCammy, John Co. A Private
McClammy, William Co. A Private
McClanney, H. W. Co. B Private
McClung, F. A. Co. C, B Private
McCluskey, David H. Co. B Private
McCluskey, Ezekiel D. Co. B Private
McCluskey, James B. Co. B Private
McCollum, J. E. Co. B Private
McCravey, L. W. Co. F Private
McCravey, W. F. Co. F Private
McCrea, _____ Co. I Private
McCrea, Duncan F. Co. I Private
McCutchens, McClel Co. I Private
McDougle, J. W. Co. C Private
McDow, J. C. Co. B Private
McElwain, Thomas Co. B Private
McEntire, J. F. Co. H Private
McFarlane, William W. Co. G Private
McGaha, G. W. Co. I, A Private, QMSergeant
McGee, Melby Co. D Private
McGluthery, David Co. D Private
McKinlin, Calvin Co. G Private
McKinney, John Co. I Private
McKinny, Henry H. Co. G Sergeant, 1Sgt
McKinny, S. W. Co. A Private
McKinny, Thomas A. Co. ___ Private
McKinzie, F. M. Co. A Private
McMahan, John M. Co. E Sergeant, Private
McMahan, S. H. Co. E 3LT©2LT
McMahan, T. E. Co. E 1LT
McMahan, W. J. Co. E Private
McMinn, William H. Co. I Private
McWilliams, John M. Co. H Private
Mead, John H. Co. ___ Private
Medlin, Richard Co. C Private
Middleton, John B. Co. G Private
Middleton, J. S. Co. A Private
Midleton, John R. Co. E Private
Milican, Jehu Co. D Private
Miller, J. J. Co. C Private
Miller, Joel Co. C Private
Miller, J. W. Co. F Private
Miller, Robert D. Co. H Private
Miller, Sam Co. H Private
Miller, W. C. Co. C Private
Mims, R. S. Co. A Private
Mitchel, D. F. Co. E Private
Mitchel, K. F. Co. E Private
Mitchel, M. G. Co. H Private
Mitchell, William H. Co. I Sergeant
Mock, T. R. Co. C Private
Monroe, James Co. K, F Private
Moody, John J. Co. G Private
Moody, William H. Co. G Private
Moon, James H. Co. I Private
Moon, James L. Co. D Private
Moony, Franklin M. Co. ___ Private
Moore, David M. Co. D Private
Moore, Isaac Co. H Private
Moore, James A. Co. ___ Bugler
Moore, J. H. Co. H Private
Moore, Thomas C. Co. ___ Private
Moore, Willis Co. K Corporal
Morris, G. A. Co. K Private
Morris, William P. Co. C Private
Morrow, George W. Co. I Private
Morrow, Henry S. Co. D Bugler
Morrow, James A. Co. D Private
Morrow, James F. Co. K Private
Morrow, James W. Co. I Private
Morrow, O. H. Co. H Private
Morton, David S. Co. F Private
Mosley, S. S. Co. A Sergeant
Murphy, Jeremiah Co. F 2LT
Murry, P. T. Co. G Private
Nash, A. S. Co. G Private
Neely, John H. Co. I Private
Nelson, William Co. D Farrier
Newman, John F. Co. F Sergeant
Newman, W. P. Co. F Private
Nickls, B. F. Co. F Blacksmith
Nimmo, W. H. Co. C Private
Nixon, A. I. Co. H Private
Mobles, Reuben Co. I Private, Sergeant
Nobles, Richard Co. I Private
Nobles, Thomas Co. I Private
Nobles, Thomas B. Co. I Private
Nobles, William Co. I Private
Northcut, E. E Co. A, F Private
Northcut, G. W. Co. A Private
Norvill, G. B. Co. F Private
Nowlin, A. G. Co. K Private
Nuckolls, G. S. Co. B Private
Olford, John Co. I Corporal
Ollinger, G. W Co. K Private
O'Neal, G. W. Co. C Private
Oneal, James T. Co. I Ordnance Sergeant
Osborn, L. W. Co. E Private
Osborn, W. S. Co. E 5Sgt
Owen, Thomas Co. F 2Sgt
Owen, Thomas J. Co. K, H Private
Owen, W. C. Co. E Private
Ozment, Thomas J. Co. G Private
Parker, F. D. Co. E Private
Parker, John H. Co. E Private
Parker, Robert L. Co. I Private
Parks, Lorenzo D. Co. G Private
Patillo, G. W. Co. K Private
Patrick, John Co. A Private
Patrick, M. L. Co. A Private
Patrick, W. H. Co. A 3Corp
Patterson, David N. Co. D Private
Pateson, David Co. I Private
Patteson, Thomas M. Co. I Captain
Payne, A. P. Co. B Private
Payne, James Co. E Private
Peak, Richard Co. E Private
Pearce, T. B. Co. G Private
Peebles, Pat. B. Co. F 3Corp, Corporal
Peevy, Dial Co. F Private, Bugler
Penington, J. N. Co. E Private
Perkins, Joseph Co. I Private
Persell, J. J. Co. B Private
Perry, Holeman Co. E Private
Peters, James Co. G Private
Pettus, William A. Co. F Private
Petty, J. W. Co. K Private
Petty, R. A. Co. K Private
Petty, W. L. Co. G Private
Phendergrass, Caleb J. Co. G 2Corp, 1Corp
Phillipps, G. D. Co. I Private
Phillipps, J. L. Co. I Private
Phillips, Samuel Co. G Private
Phillips, Seebe Co. G Private
Pickard, P. J. Co. F Private
Pickard, W. G. Co. F Private
Pickens, James C. Co. D Private
Pickett, W. H. Co. C Private
Pike, G. W. Co. F Private
Pinkerton, Wiliam H. Co. I Private
Pinkston, D. K. Co. G Private
Pitts, John P. Co. K Sergeant, 3Sgt
Plemmons, John C. Co. H Private
Pool, Andrew W. Co. I Private
Pool, James H. Co. I Private
Pool, John C. Co. I Private
Pool, William T. Co. I Private
Popejoy, James Co. K Private
Posey, J. W. Co. K Private
Potts, J. R. Co. C _______
Powers, J. N. Co. C Private
Preuit, William F. Co. D Private
Preuitt, James M. Co. D Private
Price, A. J. Co. E Private
Price, T. B. Co. E Private
Pritchett, Charles Co. I Private
Pritchett, John W. Co. I Private
Pritchett, Moses Co. I Private
Proctor, F. M. Co. I Private, 3Sgt
Proctor, J. W. Co. C Private
Proctor, S. D. Co. C Private
Proctor, William Co. G Private
Provence, James K. Co. G Private
Province, Albert Co. F Private
Province, J. M. Co. C Private
Province, R. M. Co. C Private
Pruett, Edward Co. B Private
Pruit, V. Green Co. C 5Sgt, Private
Ptomy, J. W. Co. A Sergeant, 5Sgt
Purcell, W. Q. Co. A Private
Putman, D. T. Co. C Private
Putnam, James Co. D Private
Qualls, William J. Co. D Private
Ragland, E. B. Co. F Private
Ragland, E. M. Co. F Private
Ragland, J. D. Co. F Private
Ragsdale, Ed W. Co. I, H Private
Ramsey, John Co. I Corporal, Private
Reagan, Sam Co. I Private
Reed, Robert M. Co. D Private
Reed, Ruffis R. Co. ___ Private
Reedy, J. H. Co. F Private
Reedy, Logan Co. F, A Private
Reeves, George W. Co. I Corporal
Reeves, Simeon E. Co. D Private
Renfro, I. P. Co. F Private
Renfrow, John W. Co. D Sergeant
Richardson, J. R. Co. A Private
Rickets, John Co. I, H Private
Riddick, T. J. Co. B Private
Riddles, Isham G. Co. I Private
Ridge, F. M. Co. E Private
Ridge, J. W. Co. E Private
Ridgway, J. J. Co. A Private
Riggle, J. M. Co. E Private
Rison, ______ Co. L 1LT
Rivers, A. E. Co. A Private
Roach, G. H. Co. G Private
Roach, T. A. B. Co. G Private
Roan, Newton Co. D Private
Roberts, Rufus G. Co. I Private, Corporal
Roberts, William R. Co. I Private
Robertson, G. M. Co. C Private
Robertson, Samuel L. Co. F Sergeant
Robertson, T. P. Co. C Private
Robertson, W. N. Co. F Private
Robinson, C. A. Co. C Corporal, Sergeant
Robinson, E. D. Co. H Private
Robinson, John H. Co. H 1Sgt
Roden, Felix M. Co. G Private
Roden, Lee Co. G 1Sgt, Private
Rodgers, Joseph R. Co. I Private
Rodgers, J. W. Co. K Private
Rodgers, William Co. I Private
Rogers, G. D. Co. C Private
Rogers, Jesse W. Co. D Private
Rogers, James Co. F Private
Romans, Silas J. Co. G Private
Romans, William Co. G Private
Romines, Calvin Co. D Private
Roper, Hardee Co. I Private
Rossel, J. C. Co. E Private
Rossell, J. L. D. Co. E Private
Rountree, H. S. Co. K 1Sgt
Rountree, S. L. Co. C, K Private
Rowe, William G. Co. K Private
Rowell, W. S. Co. A Private
Russell, A. A. F & S Colonel
Russell, A. G. Co. H Private
Russell, Henry C. Co. H Private
Russell, Samuel H. Co. I Private, Sergeant
Russell, William C. Co. G Private
Russey, C. C. Co. K Corporal
Rutherford, J. H. Co. F Private, 1Sgt
Salter, J. F. Co. A Private
Sampson, William Co. H 4Corporal
Sanders, W. W. Co. B Private
Sandford, F. M. Co. C Private
Sandford, J. B. Co. C Private
Sandford, Samuel W. Co. K Private
Saxon, A. M. Co. C 3Sgt, Private
Schlack, C. H. Co. F Bugler, Private
Scott, H. P. Co. F Private
Scott, James B. Co. G Private
Scott, R. T. Jr. Co. C Private
Scott, Walter Co. G Private
Scruggs, B. Pope Co. C, B Private
Scruggs, Thomas Co. I, L Private
Seat, _____ Co. L 2LT
Selby, James O. Co. E Private
Selby, Samuel Co. E Private
Selby, T. J. Co. E Private
Selby, W. D. Co. E Private
Sharp, A. J. Co. D Private
Sharp, John M. Co. D Private
Sharp, Samuel F. Co. D Private
Sharp, Samuel J. Co. D Private
Sharp, Simon P. Co. D Private
Shaver, Lewis M. Co. D Private
Sherril, Wyly B. Co. D Private
Shelton, W. T. Co. B Private
Shields, Wm. Co. ___ Private
Shobcart, A. P. Co. E Private
Shook, James P. Co. E Private
Shook, J. N. Co. E Private
Shook, J. W. Co. E, A Private
Shook, R. D. Co. E Private
Shores, Henry C. Co. I Private
Sibley, Felix Co. K Private
Simes, S. Co. G _______
Simmons, Robert Co. ___ _______
Simms, John J. Co. G Private
Simms, N. A. Co. B Private
Simms, Thomas Co. G Private
Simms, William Co. G Private
Simpson, P. G. Co. H Private
Sims, John Co. E Private
Sims, Martin Co. E 4Corp©5Sgt
Sisk, Albert Co. E Private
Skidmore, John P. Co. D 4Sgt
Skidmore, Nathaniel G. Co. D Private
Skidmore, R. A. Co. D Private
Skidmore, Richard M. Co. D Private
Skidmore, William T. Co. D 2LT
Skipworth, William P. Co. K Private
Smallwood, John B. Co. D Private
Smallwood, Thomas Co. D Private
Smelser, Albert C. Co. G Private
Smelser, James Co. G Private
Smelser, John Co. G Private
Smith, _____ Co. I Private
Smith, Anderson Co. H 2Sgt
Smith, Armistead L. Co. D Private
Smith, C. E. Co. F Private
Smith, G. M. Co. G Private
Smith, Henry Co. G Private
Smith, Henry F. Co. G Captain
Smith, James L. Co. I 1LT©Captain
Smith, Jessee Co. A Private
Smith, John Co. D Private
Smith, John S. Co. A Private
Smith, John S. Co. A _______
Smith, John W. Co. D Private
Smith, N. R. Co. A Private
Smith, Q. F. Co. H _______
Smith, Seborn Co. E Private
Smith, T. H. Co. A Private
Smith, Thomas Co. I Private
Smith, William Co. G Private
Smith, William A. Co. D Private
Smith, Zadoc D. Co. ___ _______
Smithers, Harram L. Co. K Private
Smithers, O. P. Co. K Private
Smock, R. F. Co. C Private
Snead, Isaac J. Co. B Private
Snead, John A. Co. ___ 1Sgt
Snowden, William Co. A Private
Solcer, Samuel Co. E Private
Sorter, Edward Co. ___ _______
Spain, A. A. Co. K Private
Spain, A. F. Co. K Private
Speak, Denis B. Co. D Private
Speak, Henry C. Co. D, F & S Private, Sgt Major
Speak, James T. Co. D Private
Spears, Hesekiah Co. I Private
Spelse, William K. Co. C 2Sgt, Private
Spiegle, Thomas Co. I Private
Spotswood, P. W. Co. F Private
Springer, James W. Co. K Private
Staples, David Co. E, A Private
Starkey, G. M. D. Co. C Private
Starkey, Jesse Co. G Private
Starkey, William Co. C Private
St. Clair, P. P. Co. C Private
Steger, D. F. Co. B Private
Steger, J. C. W. F & S Asst. Surgeon
Steger, J. P. Co. B Private
Stephens, Harrod Co. I Private
Stephenson, William Co. G Private
Stevenson, Bart Co. G Private
Steward, Thomas F. Co. G Private
Stimpson, E. W. Co. B Private
Street, W. J. Co. C Private, 4Corp
Strong, C. W. Co. C _______
Strong, George F. Co. K Private
Stuart, William D. Co. D Private
Sturdavant, Charles Co. K Private
Sublet, William S. Co. G Private
Sullivan, Moses B. Co. B Private
Sutton, W. L. Co. D Private
Swafford, William W. Co. G Private
Swearingin, William Co. H Private
Sweeden, Thomas Co. D Wagoner, Private
Swiles, _____ Co. I Private
Swonford, Ezekiel Co. E Private
Swords, Benj. A. Co. ___ _______
Swords, James B. Co. I 4Sgt,Private
Swords, Shelton Co. I _______
Swords, Thomas F. Co. I Private
Tanner, T. J. Co. K Private
Tapscott, Robert H. Co. D Private
Tarrance, M. J. Co. G Private
Tate, H. A. Co. F Private
Tate, Jefferson Co. G Private
Tate, Samuel L. Co. D Corporal
Taylor, C. C. R. Co. E 2LT
Taylor, F. M. F & S Major
Taylor, J. J. Co. F Private
Taylor, J. M. Co. C Private
Taylor, John W. Co. I Sergeant, Private
Taylor, T. A. H. Co. E Private
Taylor, William H. Co. D Captain
Taylor, W. T. Co. F Private
Terry, George A. Co. D Private
Tharp, James C. Co. D Private
Thomas, George H. Co. I Private
Thomas, Henry Co. I Private
Thomas, James M. Co. G Private
Thomas, William C. Co. I Private
Thompson, E. B. Co. K Private
Thompson, Fowler Co. C Private, Sergeant
Thompson, M. Co. E Private
Thompson, William J. Co. K Private
Thornburg, John Co. I Private
Thornton, _____ Co. B LT
Thorp, J. C. Co. C Private, 2LT
Thurber, Ferdinand H. Co. F Private
Tiller, Aaron L. Co. C Private
Tipton, C. J. Co. K Private
Tipton, E. Benjamin Co. C Private
Tipton, John Co. K Private
Tipton, Lafayette Co. C Private
Tobbert, George C. Co. ___ Private
Tolbert, Henry L. Co. ___ Private
Toney, J. M. Co. F Private
Toon, William H. Co. G Private
Trimmer, James Co. H Private
Tripp, J. W. Co. B Private
True, J. W. Co. E Private, Sergeant
Turner, James H. Co. I Private
Turner, J. C. Co. F Private
Turner, Lewis Co. G Private
Turner, W. W. Co. A Private
Tyler, Hick Co. I Private
Tyler, Pleasant Co. A Private
Upshaw, Adkins Co. E Private
Van Cleave, Thomas Co. ___ Private
Vancleave, William Co. ___ Private
Vany, C. M. Co. D Private
Vaught, Hiram W. Co. G Private
Vaught, James L. Co. G Private
Vaught, William Co. G Private
Vaun, W. L. Co. D Private
Venable, Jasper Co. I Private
Venerable, Thomas M. Co. D Private
Vinzant, Wyley Co. D Private
Wade, Milton T. Co. ___ _______
Wagnon, M. H. Co. B Private
Wagoner, Elijah Co. ___ Private
Wakefield, James Co. K Corporal
Wakefield, J. M. Co. K Private
Wakefield, M. L. Co. K Private
Walker, B. F. Co. F Private
Walker, James L. Co. D Private
Walker, James M. Co. K Sergeant
Walker, James R. Co. ___ Sergeant
Walker, John W. Co. K Private
Walker, J. T. Co. E Corporal, Sergeant
Walker, R. M. Co. F Private
Walker, Thomas Co. I Private
Walker, William Co. E Private
Walker, William H. Co. I Private
Wall, J. A. Co. F Private
Wall, William Co. F Private
Wallace, M. C. Co. ___ _______
Wallace, R. M. Co. E Private
Walls, Berry Co. I Private
Walls, Daniel Co. I Sergeant
Ware, William R. Co. F Private
Warnach, A. Co. G Private
Warren, J. E. Co. A Private, Corporal
Washington, J. L. Co. E Private
Watkins, I. Co. K Private
Watson, D. R. Co. B Private
Watson, T. A. Co. B Private, Sergeant
Weatherly, Jas. W. Co. H Sergeant
Weatherly, P. D. Co. I 2LT, 1LT
Weaver, G. A. Co. K Private
Weaver, John B. Co. C Private
Weaver, John H. Co. F Private
Webb, Meredith W. Co. G Corporal, Sergeant
Webster, Ed. A Co. I Private
Wedgeworth, Asbery B. Co. ___ Corporal
Wedgeworth, John Co. ___ Private
Wedgeworth, Thomas Co. ___ Private
Wellborn, George W. Co. G Private
Wellborn, James L. Co. G Private
Wellborn, William S. Co. G, B Private, Corporal
Wells, George W. Co. C Private
Wells, Obediah S. Co. H Private
West, Joseph Co. D Private
Whalen, Napoleon B. Co. D Private
Wheeler, James T. Co. D Corporal
Wheelis, James Co. I, F Private
Whiliker, N. Co. G Private
White, J. C. Co. K Private
White, Larkin S. Co. F Private
White, Mike Co. F Private
Whitlock, James Co. G Private
Whitman, D. E. Co. K Private
Whitman, Henry Co. K Private
Whitman, James P. Co. D Corporal, Sergeant
Whitman, T. W. Co. K Private
Whitman, W. R. Co. K Captain
Whitmire, C. H. Co. B Corporal
Whitson, Joseph Co. B Private
Widener, William G. Co. I Private
Wiggins, E. C. Co. A Private
Wilbanks, L. P. Co. E Private
Wilbanks, W. R. S. Co. E Private
Williams, Blaxtor R. Co. I Sergeant, Private
Williams, E. L. Co. B Private
Williams, George W. Co. E Private
Williams, Hardee G. Co. I Private
Williams, James Co. I Private
Williams, James R. Co. I Private
Williams, J. S. Co. E Private
Williams, Preston Co. A Private
Williams, R. J. Co. F Private
Williams, Thomas H. Co. I Private
Williamson, Charles S. Co. D Private
Williamson, John T. Co. D Private
Williamson, Nickleson C. Co. H Private
Wilson, A. J. Co. C Private
Wilson, George Co. A Private
Wilson, J. W. Co. C Private
Wilson, LeRoy Co. A Private
Wilson, T. J. Co. C Private
Winchester, Richard Co. I Private
Winton, Horatio D. Co. D Private
Winton, William C. Co. D Private
Wood, Benjamin F. Co. B Private
Wood, David H. Co. ___ Sergeant
Wood, D. M. Co. B Private
Wood, George W. Co. B Corporal, Private
Wood, Joseph Co. B Private
Wood, T. B. Co. B Private
Wood, Thomas A. Co. ___ 3LT
Woodall, Salanthiel Co. G Private
Woodall, William Co. H Private
Woodall, W. P. Co. F Private
Woosly, B.M. Co. E Private
Word, Pressley C. Co. G Private
Word, Thomas Co. I Private
Worsham, Felix Co. F Private
Wright, A. T. Co. A Corporal
Wright, Christopher Co. D Private
Wright, E. P. Co. A Corporal
Wright, I. H. Co. H Private
Wright, James W. Co. G Private
Wright, Jeptha Co. A Private
Wright, J. H. Co. A 2LT©LT
Wright, J. K. P. Co. C Corporal
Wright, Joseph A. Co. A Private
Wright, William B. Co. D Private, Sergeant
Wright, W. S. Co. A Private
Wright, Zacharia J. Co. G Private
Wyeth, John A. Co. I Private
Yrargin, J. W. Co. H Private
Yratman, R. P. Co. F Private
Young, I. E. Co. H Private
Young, Jessey Co. D Private
Young, John E. Co. H Private
Young, Milton Co. F Private

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Andrews, Stephen A. Co. B Corporal

Barnard, E. S. Co. C Private

Barnes, William Co. B 1Sgt

Barr, John B. Co. B Corporal

Bastick, Samuel G. Co. B Private

Bastick, William C. Co. B Private

Bates, Andrew Co. C Private

Baxley, William Co. B Private

Beasley, James T. Co. B Private

Belcher, Abner Co. C Private

Bell, C. Co. A Private

Bell, Kirvin A. Co. B Private

Bell, Monroe Co. E Private

Bickerstaff, Warren R. Co. B Sergeant

Bond, William M. Co. A 1Sgt

Boswell, Wilson Co. A Private

Boutwell, Holley Co. A Private

Bowden, Elisha L. Co. A Private

Brabham, James G. Co. A Private

Bray, W. H. Co. C 2LT

Broach, Absalom L. Co. B Private

Broach, William Co. B Private

Brown, Henry C. Co. A Private

Brown, John Co. A Private

Brunson, Samuel A. Co. A Private

Bunting, J.T. Co. C Private

Burke, James A. Co. B Private

Burruss, Charles Co. C Private

Burton, W. M. Co. C Private

Bush, D. A. Co. C Private

Bush, J. J. Co. C Private

Bush, W. B. Co. C Private

Calaway, J.S. Co. C Sergeant

Carlisle, Daniel Co. A Private

Carmichael, George A. Co. A Private

Carnley, Zedekiah Co. A Private

Carter, Green T. Co. A Private

Carter, H. J. Co. C Private

Carter, Seaborn Co. A Musician, Private

Catchings, F. E. Co. C Private

Cherry, A. J. Co. C Private

Cheser, John W. Co. A Private

Childs, Alford S. Co. A Corporal

Cody, Michael Co. C Private

Covington, Ransom Co. B Private

Cox, John W. Co. A Private

Crawford, A. P. Co. C Private

Cunningham, Peter Co. C Private

Darby, John R. Co. A Private

Devane, J. F. Co. A 2LT

Dorman, Alexander A. Co. B Sergeant

Dowling, Elias G. Co. B Private

Drew, John Co. C Private

Dubose, J. P. Co. C Private

Duke, Ransom Co. B Private

Duncan, William J. Co. A 1LT

Eaford, John A. Co. B Private

Eidson, Wily Co. B Private

Elliott, William P. Co. B Private

Ferris, Cornelius Co. C Private

Fielder, Alonzo D. Co. B 2LT

Flournay, Thomas J. Co. B Private, Bugler

Flowers, Wright Co. C Private

Fuqua, Randolph Co. C Private

Gannon, W. G. Co. C Private

Garner, James H. Co. B Private

Gillis, Hugh Co. B Private

Glenn, A. T. Co. C Private

Glover, N. J. Co. C Private

Gomillion, Pinkney J. Co. B Private

Grantham, James F. Co. A Private

Griffin, Hardy Co. A Private

Grubbs, James W. Co. B Private

Grubbs, Worthy J. Co. B 1LT

Harlow, John Co. A Private

Henderson, J. A. Co. A Private

Henderson, J. M. Co. A Private

Herring, Stephen Co. A Private

Hill, J. R. Co. C Private

Hobdy, Ira Co. A Private

Hodges, Brantley Co. C Private

Holloway, John P. Co. B Private

Horn, William E. G. Co. A Private

Horne, T. E. J. Co. C Private

Howell, Turner Co. C Private

Hudgens, James J. Co. A Private

Hudson, Irba Co. B Private

Hurst, James A. Co. B Private

James, John B. Co. B Private

Jernigan, J. J. Co. C Private

Jernigan, William Co. C Private

Jeter, Ransom Co. A Private

Jinks, William Co. B Private

Johnson, R. C. Co. A Private

Jones, A. E. Co. C Private

Jones, James A. Co. B Private

Jordon, St. John J. Co. C Private

Keith, Willey C. Co. A Private

Kelley, Michael Co. A Private

Kendall, J. T. Co. C 1Sgt

Kendrick, John F. Co. A Private

King, Jackson H. Co. A Sergeant

Kirkland, Reuben R. Co. A Private, Jr. 2LT

Kirksey, J. E. Co. A Private

Kirvin, R. J. Co. A Private

Lampley, Linton J. Co. B Private

Lane, Henry C. Co. B Corporal

Langston, R. Y. Co. C Private

Leak, William W. Co. B Private

Lee, Evan Co. A Private

Lightfoot, W. E. Co. C Private

Lightner, Thomas S. Co. B Private

Linn, Leroy W. Co. A Corporal

Locke, A. J. Co. C 1LT

Locke, T. S. Co. C Sergeant

Locke, W. H. Co. C Private

Loftus, Nathaniel W. Co. B Private

Loman, B. J. Co. C Private

Lott, John D. Co. C Private

Louis, J. J. Co. C Private

Louis, T. J. Co. C Private

Love, Andrew P. Co. A Captain

Lucas, W. H. Co. A Corporal

Ludlum, Samuel P. Co. A Private

Mandavill, W. H. Co. C Private

Mathies, Henry Co. B Private

Mathies, William M. Co. B Private

May, Alexander F. Co. A Sergeant

May, J. M. Co. A Private

McCall, Gilbert Co. B Private

McDonald, Daniel Co. B Private

McDougal, John D. Co. A Corporal

McGilvary, John W. Co. B, D Private

McIntosh, J. G. Co. C Corporal

McKenzie, Bethune B. Co. B Captain

McLanney, Harrison C. Co. A Private

McRae, Christopher M. Co. B Private

McRae, Daniel N. Co. B, D Private

McRae, H. A. Co. C Sergeant

McRae, J. McL. Co. C Private

McSwain, J. C. Co. C Private

Merchant, W. J. Co. A Private

Merritt, J. H. Co. C Private

Miller, William B. Co. B Private

Mitchenn, W. B. Co. C Private

Moore, W. A. Co. C Private

Moreman, Benjamin F. Co. B Private

Mosley, William B. Co. B Private

Mount, William P. Co. A Private

Mynard, G. G. Co. C Private

Nawton, G. W. Co. C Private

Nawton, James Co. C Private

Nix, D. E. Co. C Private

Nix, T. E. Co. C Private

Nuckolls, Franklin M. Co. B Sergeant

Ohara, E. C. Co. C Private

Pilant, J. M. Co. A Private

Rally, John W. Co. B Private

Read, J. W. Co. C Private

Reaves, C. C. Co. C Private

Reaves, D. S. Co. C Private

Reavis, W. A. Co. B Private

Redman, C. B. Co. C Private

Reeves, William W. Co. A Private

Rhoads, John D. Co. A Private

Rice, William R. Co. A Sergeant Major, Private

Richards, J. L. Co. C Private

Richards, T. D. Co. C Private

Richards,Thomas W. Co. B Private

Richards, William H. Co. B Private

Richardson, Augustus Co. A Private

Richardson, J. W. Co. C Private

Richburg, Sanders J. Co. A Sergeant

Roberson, Moses Co. B Private

Roberts, G. A. Co. C Captain

Roberts, Henry Co. B Private

Rodgers, Thomas Co. C Private

Roquemire, J. A. Co. C Private

Rollins, G. W. Co. C Private

Rotton, William O. Co. B Private

Rusell, L.A. Co. C Private

Ryalls, Richard B. Co. B Private

Ryan, L. J. Co. C Sergeant

Sanders, Andrew Co. B Private

Sanders, Jacob Co. B Private

Sanders, James N. Co. A Sergeant

Sanders, Simon P. Co. B Private

Saulsbury, Frank Co. C Private

Seacy, Monroe Co. C Private

Searcy, Britton Co. C Private

Searcy, B. W. Co. C Private

Sellers, Joel Co. A Private

Shanon, Henry Co. C Private

Shockly, W. D. Co. C Private

Simes, G. W. Co. C 3LT

Slaughter, Thomas H. Co. B Sergeant

Smart, William E. Co. A Private

Smith, Richard R. Co. A Private

Smith, Seaborn J. Co. B Private

Smith, William Co. B Private

Sparrow, J.W. Co. C Private

Spivey, Henry Co. B Private

Stevens, Felix Co. A Private

Stevens, James E. Co. A Private

Stevens, Nedham Co. A Private

Stevens, Samuel Co. A Private

Stinson, J. M. Co. A Private

Stokes, H. Z. Co. C Private

Stokes, J. D. Co. C Private

Streater, C. B. Co. C Private

Streater, T. H. Co. C Private

Taylor, Meredith S. Co. A Private

Taylor, W. H. Co. C Private

Thomas, H. C. Co. C Private

Thomas, J. E. Co. C Private

Thomas, W. M. Co. A Private

Thornton, H. C. Co. C Private

Traut,Daniel K. Co. B Corporal

Utsey, Govan V. Co. B Private

Vickers, J. W. Co. A Private

Vinson, Nicholas W. Co. B Jr. 2LT

Warren, James B. Co. B Private

Warren, Joel M. Co. B Private

Watson, G. L. Co. C Private

Watson, John Co. C Private

Watson, M. M. Co. C Private

Wesley, B. M. Co. A, E Private

Wesley, Z. E. Co. A Private

Whigham, S. A. Co. C Corporal

White, Benjamin Co. C Private

White, Joseph M. Co. B Private

Williams, F. S. Co. A Private

Wilson, Edward Co. A Corporal

Wilson, Warren Co. A Private

Wilson, Z. J. Co. A Private

Wise, J. E. Co. C Private

Wise, L. L. Co. C Private

Wood, J. W. Co. C Corporal

Wood, W. D. Co. C Private

Worthington, R. T. Co. C Sergeant



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