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  2002, June  Part XIII  

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  2002: July  November 

  2003: March

Can you please

give me back

my smile?


How are you going to know it's you I'm talking about?
I really don't know but would it make a difference?


Your turn 

Do you want to say something?

Send me a mail.


Some "news"

Find it all here



Cards, a lot, I felt so good.



My worst mistake, sorry, but is true.



Waiting, again :(



Dreaming :)



My "inbox" is delighted, so do I.



Oh, you are perfect, I do love you.



Hey everybody, I saw her today... You should see, well, better not, you would fall in love.



Moving here,

geocities is my new home...



Back, but "no you", yet.




Probably just me :)



What is this all about?

Good question!

It's a long story with no more than pain, wait, stupid hopes, regrets...


Well, I confess, it's my best nightmare. 


Why here?

I just found it funny to use this "place" to scream her name so high, here where everybody is around no matter no one can hear me.


Who may want to read it?


You go on asking questions to hurt me, isn't it?


Just me, who else?



No, she is too busy with her life.



Where to start?


Do you like games?


Try to find nice days in my day by day view...


You can do it, if you try hard


2003, March


Take care, I never said you would like.


I do but I'm crazy.







I need you...

can´t you see?

A smile, a call or just a mail, please, I need it






Control Panel

Current mood: Bad 
My last smile: March, 03
Last time I saw you:

March, 17, for 3 seconds





Survive instead of live

And now

You say I should live


Sure you know

What it means

I just forgot it

Since you came in


All my life

Seems to be

Running way

Between my fingers

So, don’t tell me to live

It’s hard enough

Trying to survive






You must be joking
Unless you’re talking about
All the days and nights
Waiting and waiting
For something yours
I could remember


Say it, come on

Say it
Come on
Say I got crazy
And you'll be right, again
Say it
I don't mind
'Cause I know now
It doesn't matter at all
What you think or believe in
And, sure I got crazy, 
For you



Author: I will always deny, but, yes, it's me :)

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