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Self-learning SpamAdapt™ AI Technology


Mailshell Anti-Spam Desktop
Mailshell Anti-Spam Desktop
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Choose from intergrated Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express versions or Universal POP versions.
  •  "Mailshell is easy to use."-CNET
  •  Fully integrated with MS Outlook and Outlook Express and works with any POP mail client.
  •  Block 99% of unwanted junk and scams out-of-the-box.

  • Universal POP Support
    Mailshell Anti-Spam Universal works with most desktop email applications including Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape Messenger, and Eudora. You choose the filter strength and decide if you want spam put in its own folder, deleted or simply marked so you'll know to avoid it. Our simple setup takes less than five minutes.

  • Full transparent Outlook integration
    Mailshell Anti-Spam Outlook is fully integrated with Outlook 2000, 2002, and 2003 (English). No setup is necessary. Mailshell Anti-Spam automatically includes your contacts folder in your approved senders list and automatically synchronizes your Outlook junk senders list with your blocked senders list. Outlook works just as before but now spam is magically caught in a spam folder.

  • How It Works

What's New in Mailshell Anti-Spam 3.0?

  • Improved Spam Detection
    Mailshell Anti-Spam has added new spam filtering rules to fine tune filtering for individual users. An improved SpamAdapt™ AI System quickly tunes accuracy based on real-time Bayesian statistical models. The system adapts over time to determine which emails are legitimate and which are spam.
  • Updated User Interface
    The user interface has been updated to support many new options that allow users to fine tune control and training of the Mailshell Anti-Spam system. These include blocking of I.P. addresses and countries, use of public blacklists (RBLs), and Bayesian word training options.
  • Bug Fixes
    Fixes include compatibility with Outlook 2002 SP3 and performance improvements.
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