Prince of Persia

Main Hall
A Tale like No Other
Within the Warrior
Of Myths and Legends
Passed Prophecies
The Courtyard
The Menagerie
A Soldier's Mess Hall
The [Other] Baths
The Harem
The Hall of Learning
The Observatory
The Hourglass Room


The Palace of the Empress
The Palace

At the gateway to the marvellous castle, the drawbridge is open, as always, and you walk across a moat of shimmering deep blue water. On the palace grounds, you find gardens of beautiful flowers and a menagerie of exotic animals. You feast upon the vivid colours around you as you make your way upon the white marble pathway, slowly approaching the castle. As you walk, you pass by some of the castle's permanent and visiting residents: the Sultan, King Sharaman, the Prince, Princess Farah and her father, the Vizier, the Empress of Time, Dahaka, Shahdee, and more. They react to your presence in various ways, but the Prince and Farah are by far the most charming. When you ask them if you have come to the right place, they all smile and glance at one another, and the Prince replies, "Why of course you have! Please, allow me to show you the wonders of our world!"

"Now if you'd please follow me this way, fair Ladies and noble Lords!"

"Wait, wait, wait! Don't follow him!"

"And why not?"

"They should come with me."

Clash of the Persians
Clash of the Persians

"We shall see."

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