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Welcome to the International Amateur Radio BWW Stations. Take a look at What's New in our web.

What's New

BWW Trophy Winners 2008

CT4NH Luis Teixeira
EA3GHZ Juan Carlos
EA8AKN António De Armas
OK2PAY Lada Prajsner
UA9CGL Vladimir Batue

FS/CT1BWW and PJ7/CT1BWW operating from Saint Martin / Sint Maarteen NOIW Accepted for the Award and Trophy

Request BWW Award or updated WITH BWW APPLICATION LOG. Here


The following are the first Winners on BWW TROPHY :

CT1AUO Victor Diniz
CT1DGK António Pedro
EA1DFP Quike
EA5KY Luis del Castillo 


Here you can see EA1DFP receiving the BWW Award and BWW Trophy (Plate),  of recent additions to BWW AWARD Program . .

Here you can see Luis  EA5KY receiving the BWW Award and BWW Trophy (Plate),  of recent additions to BWW Program. 


Photo with Antonio Pedro CT1DGK (left) and Victor CT1AUO (right) after ceremony BWW Award and BWW Trophy (Plate). 

  1. Request BWW Award or updated WITH BWW APPLICATION LOG. Here
  2. automating weekly INFO about any BWW Stations  activ
  3. updating spec document to reflect BWW List
  4. meeting with other HAms  


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Please enjoy this on your radio HELP US ! Usualy we're listining on 14.177,00 kHz.  We consider this MEETING Frequency for all BWW stations.

When you are sending your QSL card direct certainly you will receive a coloured COUPON for BWW AWARD if you collect 10 coupons you can send the LOG together with separate part of this coupons and NO fee is necessary and you will receive the AWARD .

All cards with BWW Suffix ARE VALID for the AWARD and TROPHY

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Amateur Radio and BWW Friends

1 -- BWW Friendship & courtesy through amateur radio

If you're owner on BWW suffix on callsign , Remember many OM’s around the world are looking for  a QSO with your station to get a QSL card from, many of them want to send you directly a QSL card Direct  with some fee’s or IRC covering mail expenses.

Please send us via e-mail copy of your QSL card that we will like to publish on the web with all your details

2 -- Amateur Radio a Hobby without frontiers

           We're sending the message that Amateur Radio still very important on relationship with different countries, peoples. It's very important for us continuing this                          work on Promotion Amateur Radio.

3 -- QSL Cards ? Any BWW Station Need's a  QSL Manager ? 

          We can do it with free Multicoloured QSL Cards.

If you don't have time to perform and answer your Qsl cards traffic, 

We can do it for you! It's very simple ! just send us the logs monthly in a .adif Log format .

We have a free space on computer for many logs. Each time we've a 1kg package cards we send to you by mail.

We will print for your station 1.000  QSL cards FREE! just send us photo from your schak or antennas and details about your station

4 -- Request information? 

  Any request  information please send e-mail through following e-mail:



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 If your're listening any BWW Stations please SPOT on the cluster, many Hams are envolved on BWW Program Award, certainly those friends will apreciate.

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