Contents of this site were removed from INTERNET Sept.19, 2002.

You may get them E-MAILing to after facing a Medieval Inquisition (inquiry).

Removed files are mainly to document our days of great Intellectual INQUISITION (as political/religious/cultural) ruling on INTERNET.

EVIL (as pornography, terror training, drugs, etc.) and Neutral/Business things you can upload without retaliation.

But in days of the Great Pharaoh ruling the World, as if ROMAN and EGYPT EMPIRE joined in a huge STATUE, many things are like in Great Catholic Inquisition Days.

Weeks before Sept.11th, 2002, I wrote a Geocities article, uploaded to USA, having pictures (taken from site of famous Brazilian Magazine ISTOE) of a huge Bush shown as the Great VAMPIRE fed with Brazil and Glabalized World's blood. Next day site was "corrupted". I built it again. Next day it was "corrupted", again.

This experience I had also with uploaded several other sites, including religious, as if some zealous persons are not worried about pornography but corrupt things they feel are against their "highest/patriotic/political/religious principles".

In fact there is no true "freedom", no true "Free Will or Free Agency" guiding us freely in some type of "utopia democracy". In fact, even EVIL things (as some cultural aspects) and persons/institutions are "BLESSED" as if outside of that "BLESSING" reigns the barbarians, the "kingdom of EVIL", ready to be attacked/subjugated (in name of such "BLESSING" on INTERESTS backed, as of Global Petroleum Supply+Control and not considering consequent Global pollution effects). And other governments (usually imposed and supported by "BLESSED" KINGDOM to rule/corrupt Kingdoms OF EVIL, in name of Interests) and their citizens (living without TRUE democracy: a "BLESSED" imposition) can be slaughtered without a trial on their action/behavior/interests, as if they are the already God's cursed local people in days Israelites were conquering their Promised Land (remember Saul's king punishment for not killing "everything"...).

In April 2.001 I faced an intellectual "censorship", without "accusation" of having done any SPECIFIC sin (or crime): it is very sure I had done none or several (depending on how I was accused/evaluated). But if I was accused of them, I could KNOW all what I did wrong, try to present some defense, "LEARN based on mistakes" and accept the punishment as something correct, beyond doubt.

Worst, I was "advised" (not based on some "rule, law") to write none more sites to Internet (nothing was told about sites written since April 2.000, including one with help of an orthodox Jew writer, on Where It Was located Garden of Eden...). I had no free will to write something and then ask other censorship it to upload in Internet. I was punished immediately without a TRIAL for UNCERTAIN errors/mistakes/sins: wrong way for a fair punishment (my penalties were not well defined in time limit and/or purpose).

If I had been called to HELP make sites for Brazilian CULTURE, that had been a "cultural challenge", official call to work toward huge needs Brazilians have of good sites specific for their culture: sites so many and greatly needed.

In dictatorship way, based on oppression, the result was opposite. I wrote even much more literature (all contents are only SPECULATIVE SITES) than I couldn't ever dream or dare as possible to write in so short time, before punishment. That "force" was MOTIVATION to work/fight hard, as PROTESTANTS did to have intellectual, religious, cultural and political freedom from Catholic Church's oppression.

For sure, their mistake was that of mixing CHURCH with RELIGION and with huge CORRUPTING temporal power mixed with immoralities: how Great Catholics Authorities acted on kingdoms of this World.

In fact CHURCH is only a SPIRITUAL KINGDOM on Earth, "yet", without political (as USA's democracy) or cultural (as Anglo-Saxon) or racial or economic preference (as USA capitalism).

For sure Apostle Paul wouldn't bless Roman Emperor to go war against rebelled "terrorist" Jews or bless REBELLED JEWS ("TERRORISTS") facing Roman Troops. Christians moved out of such War conflict.

Thus I'm "MOVING my informations/articles/pictures/speculations OUT" of INTERNET, were I faced WAR CONFLICTS, also. Removing my site contents is a logic step if my Internet material is not welcome (otherwise I am wasting my time and effort).

If my friends didn't like my SITES, their informations are to remain for my family's historical files. I HOPE to be reproduced in much more free days, than in today INTERNET, where there is only limited degree of true=responsible "FREEDOM" (not the case for libertines, with their free pornography and perversions). Maybe this future day will be only when I become grand-grand-father: they may will enjoy know how I dared face the great "BLUISH PHARAOH" (as in Beetles movies titled YELLOW SUBMARINE), also about an Evil Pharaoh who suppressed "cultural, religious, MUSICAL, etc." freedom of the World. Before the days he was defeated by "true freedom", hitting him as if (king) David's flying rock. Making him run to hide into the cave of an endless deep well, named "ARGENTINA".


There is NONE AmericaS, as we are just "ONE CONTINENT (ONE LAND)", "ONE PEOPLE" (AmericanS) of "AMERICA".

It is political/cultural "USURPATION" the USA's new IDEAS/teachings (to "dupes") of existing "many AmericaS": BRAZIL's Old (1822) Hymn of Independence says clearly we are the "FLORAO" (fiorone, in Italian = ornament of gold or precious stones, flower shaped, in a crown) of AMERICA ("not AmericaS").

See the document "Welcome to the official home page of the Free Trade Area of the AmericaS (FTAA) process", or ALCA for Latinos: see yourself USA "USURPATION" in "click---->". Colombo discovered whole AMERICA ("the Continent").

For sure, it was unavoidable growing resistances against an "IMPOSED" unilateral "truculent" process (following recent US DOCTRINES that all America Continent "BELONGS" to BIG-BROTHER"---> now titled/usurped as if the only "AMERICA"). FTAA proposed rules are believed to prejudice even more "LITTLE BROTHERS" (otherwise it was already easy/fast implemented, as MERCOSUL).

Not following the FREE DEMOCRATIC PROCEDURES used in true Civilized Nations, of Europe, to generate the "Union of EUROPEAN NATIONS" in a "COMUNITY larger than TRADE ZONE", for the benefit of "ALL" (nations, local company and people). Not just for the benefit of a NEW TYPE OF COLONIALISM (on trade, technology, culture values, political, military, etc.) imposed by our "BIG-BROTHER" (which is not worried in making an "ALLIANCE" with "little-ones" to improve their welfare, progress and true independence: Kennedy's dreams?

Probably last attempt in helping "America's little brothers" was with John Kennedy, with "Alliance for Progress", ONLY due result of first "fears" after Cuba comunist revolution, between 1961 and 1967 (faded away with military "DEMOCRATIC" revolutions IMPOSED in Latin-America, with USA command and support, as in Brazil (1964), Chile (Pinochet), Argentina, etc.

Kennedy's plan was not good as became worst the TRADE DEFICIT and dependence of Latin-American Countries with USA ("trade zone" was result of Punta del Este "Agreement" with 19 countries of AMERICA). Big-brother promised to distribute 20,000 US$millions in 10 yeasrs, as "help" (never accomplished, the opposite took place).

These problems/failure explain, further, our "real fears" with FTAA (ALCA) "trade zone" (with USA cynically raising barriers, at will of stronger, to protect any of their internal/global interests, doing as usual and convenient to them: no true "free trade or AMERICA's Community", as evident subsides/barriers/quotes/etc. in steel, in agri-meat-business, etc.). Europeans faced (are facing) such problems to have a true "European community".

Thus LATINO-AMERICA fears "true hidden intentions" of our "BIG BROTHER" as being not good for our "progress", becoming more tied "colonies", thus almost favoring only USA. Thus Latino-Americans "dream" to return to "Civilization", to make stronger TRADES and TIES with Civilized Europe (not with "truculent" AMERICA's U.S. imposing things and governments despotically, easy to notice).

For sure, with JOHN and Bob KENNEDY assassinations, accomplished by important USA groups (like those "bands" described in Book of Mormon), USA suffered brutal "change of course" to WORST. KENNEDY's ideals for progress of WHOLE America Continent, with "America's Trade Zone", were also KILLED and that killed future FTAA=ALCA as being also Gadianton's plans, "NOT SINCERE DESIRE" of an "ALLIANCE for PROGRESS".

Such "NEW COURSE" (post-Kennedy) now is going on "full strength ahead", in VAMPIRE Pharaoh's government Actions and Plans, through making illegal (not democratically, as procedure followed in Europe) "Pressures". Plus "Black-mail" (as IMF) on Latino-America, mainly against ARGENTINA and BRAZIL (suffering greateast collapses, suffering and humiliations) because they "dared/insisted" in creating a regional "trade zone" (MERCOSUL) which was going nice and growing. What did the "BLUISH Pharaoh"? He sent the "G_LOVE" to make oppression against the attempt of "MUSICAL/beauty/colors" FREEDOM (see end of old Beetles' movies YELLOW SUBMARINE: Glove generated in dust/smoke the US flag behind "gLOVE" when "moving to oppress"... "exactly as I.M.F." does with US in back ...).