Bruce Dickinson - Discografia

Tattooed Millionaire
Lançado: 1990.
Músicas: Son of a Gun, Tattooed Millionaire, Born in 58, Hell on Wheels, Gypsyroad, Dive! Dive! Dive!, All the Young Dudes, Licking the Gun, Zulu Lulu, No Lies, Ballad of Mutt e Winds of Change.
Balls to Picasso
Lançado: 1994.
Músicas: Cyclops, Hell No, Gods of War, 1000 Points of Light, Laughing in the Hiding Bush, Change of Heart, Shoot all the Clowns, Fire, Sacred Cowboys, Tears of the Dragon e Machine Men.
Lançado: 1996.
Músicas: Space Race, Back from the Edge, Inertia, Faith, Solar Confinement, Dreamstate, I will not accept the Truth, Inside the Machine, Headswitch, Meltdown, Octavia, Innerspace e Strange Death in Paradise.
Accident of Birth
Lançado: 1997.
Músicas: Freak, Toltec 7 Arrival, Starchildren, Taking the Queen, Darkside of Aquarius, Road to Hell, Man of Sorrows, Accident of Birth, The Magician, Welcome to the Pit, The Ghost of Cain, Omega e Arc of Space.
The Chemical Wedding
Lançado: 1998.
Músicas: King in Crimson, Chemical Wedding, The Tower, Killing Floor, Book of Thel, Gates of Urizen, Jerusalem, Trumpets of Jericho, Machine Men, The Alchemist e Realworld.
Scream for Me Brazil
Lançado: 1999.
Músicas: Trumpets of Jericho, King in Crimson, Chemical Wedding, Gates of Urizen, Killing Floor, Book of Thel, Tears of the Dragon, Laughing in the Hiding Bush, Accident of Birth, The Tower, Darkside of Aquarius e The Road to Hell.

The best of Bruce Dickinson
Lançado: 2001.
Músicas: CD 1: Broken, Tattooed Millionaire, Laughing in the Hiding Bush (live), Tears of the Dragon, The Tower, Born in '58, Accident of Birth, Silver Wings, Dark Side of Aquarius, Chemical Wedding, Book of Thel (live). CD 2(edição limitada): Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter, Darkness Be My Friend, Wicker Man, Real World, Acoustic Song, No Way Out, Midnight Jam, Man of Sorrows, Ballad of Mutt, Re-Entry, Jerusalem, I'm in a Band with an Italian Drummer e Dracula.