Pato Cuevas: Axl, It's a great surprise to have you here!
Axl: The idea was to play Buenos Aires and Santiago, and for some reasons,
that didn't work out now, so I wanted to come anyway to meet the people
from Argentina and surrondings and feel the people.

Pato Cuevas:Where did you go in Chile?
Axl: I went to Las Tacas (near La Serena). And basically been in Santiago
and went to several other places.I've been in museums, lots of different
places and the idea was to meet different people.

Pato Cuevas: How was your experience in Rock in Rio?
Axl: It was amazing. It was amazing to play to all that people. Everybody
was happy and thrilled. It was a real hard work for the band but I'm really
proud of them. I think they did it great and it was a lot of fun for me to
play with the new band.

Pato Cuevas: What are the near future plan for Guns N' Roses?
Axl: We hope to get a single out by Spring and think the album will be
ready in June or a bit after.

Pato Cuevas: What are your memories from your last visit to Chile? During
that show a girl died (Guns played Chile in the 2nd of december 1992)
Axl: That situation was really tragic. Other parts of that experience, like
the show and the people were great and really emotional. I had a lot of
trouble with the media and the authorities. The tragedy of the show wasn't
that great for me and and that's another reason why I wanted to come back
to Santiago and I think it's also positive, not coming here for a show,
just come back to remember the place and to feel good about Chile. I went
to a lot of different places and asked everyone how Chile was. It was a
great experience.

Pato Cuevas: Will Buckethead (his excentric new guitarrist) be on the new
Axl: Yes he will be in the new album.Also some guest players like Brian May
from Queen, that plays on a couple of songs and also drummer Josh Freese
that is now with another band (A Perfect Circle). He plays in lots of
songs, but most of the songs will be played by the live band.

Pato Cuevas: Are there any possibilities for the Chileans to listen to the
new Guns N' Roses?
Axl: Yes, it's really possible that we'll play here in November 2001 or
January 2002. I'm really excited about playing here. I want to come back to
play Buenos Aires, Santiago and hope that in other South American countries