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GUNS N' ROSES have played their first gigs in almost a year as part of their faltering
The rock legends performed at the Joint in Las Vegas' Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday (December
29) and Sunday (December 30).

The gigs, which followed the sudden cancellation of a European tour earlier this year, did
not proceed without problems. Ex-guitarist Slash was reportedly refused entry to the
December 30 show, with a security guard telling reporters that frontman Axl Rose had barred
the former band member. Rose is now the only remaining member of the group's successful
line-up of the early 90s.

Meanwhile, tickets for the 1,400-capacity shows did not sell out until the night of the
gigs. The only celebrities in attendance were producer Rick Rubin and porn actor Ron Jeremy
with some of his female co-stars. Guns N' Roses played for around two hours each night and
there were no encores. The set list was a disappointment for fans wanting to hear new
material, as it was largely the same as the band's set at last year's Rock In Rio festival
and the initial comeback gig in LA on New Year's Eve in 2000.

Rose walked off stage on a number of occasions because of trouble with his mic and he also
subjected the audience to a tirade about the problems the band had faced. The singer also
revealed that he had no idea Guns N' Roses were supposed to play a European tour. According
to fans, he told the audience: "One day I was sitting at home on the internet and I found
out that the tour was cancelled and I had no idea that I had a tour."

Fans also said that a film crew was shooting at the shows, suggesting that it may be used
for a future video/DVD release. An animated film at the start of each show also revealed a
new logo for the band name.

The set list for the gigs was:

'Welcome To The Jungle'
'It's So Easy'
'Mr Brownstone'
'Live And Let Die'
'Oh My God'
'Think About You'
'Sweet Child O' Mine'
'Knocking On Heaven's Door'
'November Rain'
'Out To Get Me'
'Rocket Queen'
'Chinese Democracy'
'The Blues'
'My Michelle'
'Silk Worms'
'Paradise City'

Rose is understood to be continuing work on the long delayed 'Chinese Democracy' album.


First review! (31.12.12)

By c2ya


I wasn’t at the House of Blues but I’ve listened to the bootlegs many times and I’ve talked
to 3 people at show that were at last year’s House Of Blues show and they agree that it blew
it away. Not only the fans, but one of the same security guards from last year’s show said
the same. The energy was incredible, right now they are ready to take on the fucking world.
But like I said earlier, they didn’t play new songs

The show kicked off unbelievably and the whole show was free of any technical problems. The
band was extremely tight and the energy throughout the whole show was incredible, every
second throughout the show was amazing. No fuckups at all. Robin and Tommy were going crazy.

Now onto their attire – Axl wore the same shoes as the night before, he had cream pants
(couldn’t tell if it was leather though) and a #44 Florida State Seminole Jersey. He had a
lot more dreads in his hair tonight, and in the back, he had dreads but the tips were
straight and long. He was wearing a watch with what appeared to have diamonds around it.
Later on in the show Axl put on a dark-bluish corduroy jacket and then he wore it for a
couple of the songs and then wore the same Prince Valiant-type purplish coat from the
previous show. For Paradise City, Axl came out in a shiny sparklish-blue shirt, it was
something that Liberacci would envied.

Robin wore a one piece suit. Around the legs it was black and dark-reddish around his waist.
He had one long sleeve on one side, and sleeveless on the other with a stocking on his arm.
He had on some type of bowtie.

Buckethead wore Lakers jumpsuit pants, and a plaid long-sleeve shirt with a red and white
striped apron. He had the same bucket as the other night but with the “Funeral” sticker on
it. During November Rain, I had expected him to come out with the lights in his eyes, but
tonight instead, he came out with a new logo KFC bucket and when we started his solo, the
bucket rotated back and forth around his head. After the song, Axl asked for bucket change,
and at that point, he was wearing a Hard Rock Casino bucket and wore it for the rest of the
show. (I think)

Paul wore black leather pants and a shiny shirt.

Tommy came out in a checker 3-piece suit. He took the jacket off after a couple of songs and
wore a white tank top the rest of the show.

Brain wore a regular t-shirt.

Dizzy wore a tank top and pants with a chain hanging from his belt.

Chris was wearing a gas mask and then put on some kind of a mask that looked like a Hawk,
something with a long beak.

Axl thanked people who participated in the Welcome Back Ad that was published in the LA
Weekly earlier this week. Someone in the audience handed him a copy of it and got misty-eyed
reading it. Axl also referred to former manager Alan Niven again, but didn’t say his name
(he didn’t think he was worthy of mentioning). He then said something like “We’re gonna
tour, not for the industry, not for something or someone, but for ourselves.” And “we’re not
gonna tour for some musician that’s on heroin” (He then made a goofy face and said in funny
voice) “because he might die anyday!” Axl again said, “These are the first two shows I’ve
wanted to do in 10 years.” Axl said that Robin said “Let’s do a rehearsal and fix this shit
and put on a hell of a show!” and then Axl said he agreed with him. During the first part of
the show, someone threw a pink rose at Axl and he put in his mouth for a little bit. Someone
(possibly Mark Roulley?) threw him a small white towel and on it in marker it said
“CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH WAS FIXED!” Axl showed it to the audience and laughed. Axl also asked
if there was any people that attended the 29th show and there wasn’t too many people. He
then asked them if tonight was a much better show and they all went crazy and shit in

Buckethead did the “Wish Upon A Star” and then something else and then “Star Wars Theme” as
his first solo. Afterwards, Axl said “I got a chill because I thought Darth Vader was in the
room.” Buckethead did have a Darth Vader mask with his toys as well. Buckethead did a sick
ass fucking nunchukai performance and threw them in the audience. His second solo was
acoustic. His third solo was “Big Sur Moon” and “Eruption” – my jaw was dropped – it was
fucking amazing. There was a waiter at the side of the stage (who was also there the 29th
but didn’t do anything) and he had a silver platter. Buckethead walked over to him and he
lifted the lid to the platter and it had a severed rubber hand. Buckethead picked it up and
proceeded to do the tapping to “Eruption” with it and then threw it in the crowd. I had
been dying to see this (I had a heard about it before). He did the solo with the rubber
hand better than Eddie Van Halen has ever done in his life.

Tommy, unlike the 29th, was active and ran all over the place. Take what Tommy did at Rio and
multiply it 50x, he was like a fucking 10,000 shot Black Cat firecracker! At some point he
said “Hi” to girl named Michelle in the balcony and later waved at her again.

Robin was amazing as well. At the end of Paradise City, he jumped into the audience and crowd
surfed almost to the back of the venue and all the way back to the stage.

Oh yeah, both Tommy and Robin were drinking beer the whole show.

Some other little things during the show…

During The Blues, during Robin’s solo, Axl proceeded to act like maestro as if he was really
into to the solo and he did it a little more throughout the song.

During You Could Be Mine, Axl was looking up at Brain and started to do high kicks.

During Silkworms, Axl rolled around on the floor at the end of the song and right before that
Robin Finck acted as if he was reeling in a kite as he walked offstage.

“Viva Las Vegas” was played while the band was offstage before the encore.

During Paradise City, Robin came over near Buckethead and put his head to his chest and
fucking jammed out.

The whole band seemed very happy and everyone was full of energy and having a great fucking
time. If you missed this show, I feel bad for you and I’m sorry. Anyone that you will talk
to that went to this show will tell you how fucking awesome it was.

I got to mention this also – and if the girl who was in front of me reads this – no hard
feelings. But, there was a girl in front of me who was having trouble breathing, and she
eventually passed out and I’d like to thank her for letting me move up into a better spot
HAHHAHAHAAHAH!! It was perfect timing because the next song was November Rain.

I’d like to say “hi” to the security that looked exactly James Tolkan (the principal from
Back To The Future)

I’d also like to thank the hot girl behind me that was pulling on my GN’R beanie hat and
she was also pulling on some other things haha…she was very drunk and I’m just saying “Hi”
if you’re out there.

There was also some German chicks – 3 or 4 – one of them took pictures through the whole
show and didn’t get kicked out. They did check us in line but it wasn’t very hard or
anything – you could have still snuck a camera or recording device in very easily.


Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 10:56:30 -0800 (PST)
From: Ravi <>
Subject: [GNR] Vegas shows

Just got back from the shows and they were awesome!!!
The band is getting even better and Axl was great,
especially the new year's show. sometimes it seemed
like it was 1992, he seemed like the old Axl that we
all have seen in the videos.

I will post a full review later, it will take a while
to write them up.
I had a lot of fun with the crew from last year and a
few others that were able to make it this time. i'm
glad you guys were there, it made it a lot more fun!!

p.s. robin really impressed me.. he Nailed the
november rain solos and he sounded almost like
Slash... sounds like he has been playing a lot.



Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 02:42:19 -0500
From: "Mark Roulley" <>
Subject: [GNR] Vegas----LIVE FROM THE PIT!!!!

Ok, I am back from Vegas..Man what a trip..So here are my thoughts about =
the shows and some people on this list..

I don't know all of you, but it bothers me that people speculate on thing=
s that they have no idea about..Many of you are arguing a point and you d=
on't even really know what the point is (in reference to the "celebrity s=
tatus) other than a brief statement..Had some of you had the attitude tha=
t these shows are just as much a convention of GNR FANS as a concert you =
would learn more "information" from reliable sources..Years ago I used to=
 wonder why Axl would trip out so much about what was written about him, =
now I understand why..But much like that jackass blonde kid from Boston w=
ho pushes his way to the front of every GNR concert in Vegas (and every c=
oncession stand), I can only be but so mad at you, because you are in ess=
ence what I am - a GNR fan..

One thing before I bust out my reviews..Going to these shows opens me up =
to so many more great people..And that becomes as much about the "review"=
 than the actual "setlist", so my reviews will be more personally oriente=
d..You can read a setlist..

I get out to Vegas the 28th..Staying across from the Hard Rock with Holtz=
 and Jan (who decide that my arrival shouldn't detract from their 6 hour =
loitering session at the Gas and Sip parking lot (Say Anything)..So I rea=
lly started out in a bad mood as the girl wouldn't let me in my own room =
after a 14 hour day in the air or airport..But them walking up made it al=
l good as I was amongst my GNR peers..

The night of the 28th at the Hard Rock is like a gathering of the masses.=
.Our "Boerio Crew" has now merged with the "Axlette Crew" as I was someho=
w involved in that..Her name is Eva and she is a badass fan (first in lin=
e both shows I think)..So our crew now consists of Myself, John M, Ravi, =
Holtz, Jan, Neil, Bryan from Philly (his buddy Ken would later fly out), =
Eva, Elaine and 2 newcomers Matt from New York (a 12 year old Matthew Bro=
derick look alike with a full beard) and a guy named Todd from Alabama (w=
ho looked like he thought we were going to gang rape him when I asked him=
 if he wanted to come back to The Amerisuites to sit down and talk about =
GNR)..I tend to invite people back to the room because I realized that if=
 I just went to the shows last year and didn't hang out and interact with=
 fans, that my experience would have been about half what it was and mayb=
e not enough to bring me back this year, well I would have been back, jus=
t missed out on some great times..GNR carries me, but these guys make it =
151% cool..

I would say the highlight of the 28th was us all sitting around talking (=
some of us drunk) to Jeff Boerio, Del, Robert John ("Hey Robert/Del have =
you lost weight?"), Dizzy, Paul Tobias, Robin when Matt from New York jus=
t deadpans "yeah, there goes Axl"..So we saw Axl get into his car probabl=
y heading out for a late dinner..I saw him but wasn't really sober enough=
 to qualify it as an "experience"..

So the 29th, we all get in line around 5pm..You have all read the setlist=
 reviews..Not their best show for reasons that didn't appear to be mostly=
 GNR STAGEMEMBER faults..The band sounded TIGHT and the stage was BRILLIA=
NT..People on this list who were not there are already criticizing Axl fo=
r no encore or anything..That is just great, but considering he played Si=
lkeworms and Paradise City (the latter of which seems to end 90% of GNR s=
hows) and he played for just over 2 hours, it doesn't take a rocket scien=
tist to realize that Axl just spared us the 5 minutes of chanting "Guns N=
 Roses" while already being squished like sardines..It appeared to me tha=
t he merely wanted to get through the show, put the songs out then fine t=
une them for New Years..Considering that they hadn't played live in a yea=
r I don't think he needs to be hit up for that, but he is Axl, so he will=
/has been hit up for it..Hello, Cleveland, you essentially got your encor=
e without having to wait!!!  My position was front and center about 3 fee=
t from the barrier..My homie from last year John M decided to have a glas=
s of wine (or was it Chardonnay) and stand in the back..This show was mor=
e than plausible for me, but not as good as last year..

The 30th I spent some time loitering around the Hard Rock (Holtz, Jan, Ma=
tt and I took in a Brian Adams concert as well, for a wind down)..I thank=
 them for going with me as I had to convince them and Holtz was a true sp=
ort for taking one for the team..Talk about a world of difference..Matt a=
nd I were in the Orchestra section and Brian called for people to come cl=
ose to the stage, so there we were right at the mic stand (but this time =
there was no pushing and the girls seemed to be wearing clothing)..

So after the show Matt and I were walking down the Hard Rock hallway to l=
ook at the hotel when we passed the gym and I first saw how empty it was,=
 which seemed a bit odd, and then I noticed a large black man just sittin=
g there and some long hair with his back to me (Earl)..Matt and I looked =
at each other and he said "is it him?" and I said "Look at the wrist tatt=
oo"..No sooner did I say that then the security guard screamed "Get yours=
elf moving NOW"..(hey there big fella, little bit of advise from a guy wh=
o has been in law enforcement for 10 years, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A DEMEAN=
ING DICKHEAD TO GET YOUR POINT ACROSS)..So Matt and I set up show just do=
wn the hallway through the doors to the elevator..I had a camera and thou=
ght this would be probably my only chance in life to get a picture with A=
xl..We waited for about 2 hours and he must have had a hell of a workout.=
.We would have waited for another 2 hours but when Del walked by I tried =
to just patiently ask him if maybe he had a bead on Axl's mindset as to t=
he possibilites of maybe taking a picture with us..I am not sure I asked =
Del the right way but he simply gave us an "it ain't gonna happen" and wa=
lked off..So we left..Our intention was not to simply "take" a picture of=
 Axl, but to maybe just point to the camera and maybe somehow someway he =
would magically stop and pose for 2 seconds with us (a la Rio)..But we he=
eded Del's advise and left the premises..Matt had a good thought, when he=
 said he was nervous doing it because he loved GNR so much that he was af=
raid that if Axl got mad at us, it would crush him..I kinda understood hi=
s train of thought, but we all know that won't really be c=
omplete until we have a picture of us standing together..

So later on that night, I see Earl and ask if I could take a pic with him=
, but he said no (hey at least he smiled and mumbled something)..So I wal=
ked back to the hotel dejected..I had no reason to be angry but I was..I =
told Holtz and Jan that I just felt that I wasn't out to harm anyone, jus=
t a fan with a camera and I felt "disillusioned" and unappreciated..I rea=
lize I had no right to feel this way, but I just felt sad..

So we wake up on the 31st and hit the line hard..Met a few new guys and a=
 young girl in the line..I don't recall their names but one is a poor man=
's Billy Zane..There was also this pretty 18 year old girl from Michigan =
who came with her mom named Amanda..I always have mad love for any younge=
r GNR fan, but it didn't hurt that this girl looked like a thing of beaut=
y..I tried to coach her about the front row and that she was gonna have t=
o stick up for herself and not get pushed around..While waiting in line I=
 decide to run back to the hotel and get a towel and a permanent marker (=
possibly the best call of the trip) and I write the now legendary "Celebr=
ity Deathmatch Was Fixed!!" on the towel.. So we get into the show around=
 9pm and my boys are all around me, with the exeption of Holtz, who is st=
ill front row, but closer to Robin's part..The NYE Crew now consists of m=
e to the left of the stage, next to the barrier (one of the best seats as=
 we were actually closer to the stage the way it was set up - great strat=
egy for John M as he picked out that location)..John and Amanda had alrea=
dy been on the railing, so I decided John didn't need to stand next to Am=
anda, so I quickly took my place between them..So there we are..John and =
I reforming the Wonder Twins, with Ravi, Matt ("He (Axl)probably isn't ev=
en going to know what it (the sign) means") Jan and Neil behind us and th=
e rest of the crew spread out..So we are enjoying the show fighting for t=
he front (Amanda garnered quite a bit of attention from the cameraman and=
 Robert John) and the show was simply brilliant..I thought there were no =
snafus..Axl seemed to be in a great mood, so I figured I would try out th=
e sign, well my timing wasn't the best because he was doing the introduct=
ions of the band but he finally looked over and actually stopped and said=
, "Hey did you send that to me" and all I could muster up was a "yes sir"=
..and I threw it on stage and he seemed to enjoy it..Of course I didn't r=
eally "SEND" the article, I just contributed..I felt stupid for a minute,=
 because I think I may have taken some of Eva's thunder..As I merely gave=
 a small contribution and made up that "phrase", but none the less that m=
oment with the Ax man will be frozen in time for me..Every bit of sadness=
 I had felt the night before was turned back into instant euphoria, just =
for being able to convey myself to one of my boys..So Axl is down, now al=
l I need is Don Mattingly, Evander Holyfield, Bruce Springsteen and Dan M=

Thanks Axl..

As far as the actual performance..I thought Axl and Tommy and Brain and B=
ucket were brilliant last year and had no complaints with Paul or Robin, =
but this year I thought they deserved an A+ also..I wish Buckets guitar w=
as turned up more for that last solo in Paradise City though..It is so gr=
eat..Top notch show guys!!!! On of their best I have seen (out of 6)..

PS..Big ups to Matt for defiling a girl in the dumpster area of the Ameri=


Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2002 00:33:42 +0100
From: Jarmo Luukkonen <>
Subject: [GNR] From Allstar/CDNOW

Guns N' Roses' Las Vegas Show Plagued By Bad Sound; Axl Rose Goes Off Onstage
Jan 2, 2002, 2:05 pm PT

Has the bloom come off the Rose? That question lingered during Axl Rose &
Co.'s two-night stint at the Joint at the Hard Rock Café Hotel and Casino
in Las Vegas this New Year's weekend.

Rose's problems started even before the band took the stage Saturday (Dec.
29) for the first of two shows. After selling out last year's New Year's
Eve's Vegas show in minutes, tickets remained on sale until the day before
each show.

About an hour after the listed start time of 10 p.m., Rose walked out
onstage in a Rich Gannon Oakland Raiders jersey, flanked by guitarists
Buckethead (dressed in highway-marking yellow pants and smock, Michael
Myers mask, and trademark KFC bucket on his head) and Paul Tobias on stage
left; bassist Tommy Stinson -- who's put on a few pounds -- and Nine Inch
Nails' guitarist Robin Finck on stage right; Brian "Brain" Mantia on a
raised drumset behind Rose; and keyboardists Chris Pittman and Dizzy Reed
in the upper left and right corners, respectively. Behind the band, 40 TV
monitors and two giant TV screens flashed apocalyptic fireballs,
psychedelic color bursts, images of war and car-crash carnage, as well as
images of the band.

Guns opened the two-hour set with promise as the band ripped through
"Welcome to the Jungle," and Rose showed he's still fond of the snaky dance
moves and incessant stage-wandering of his earlier GN'R days. Without a
word from the singer between songs, Guns blew through "It's So Easy," "Mr.
Brownstone," and "Live and Let Die" with an energy that augured well for
the evening. The band played extremely tight and Rose's voice was in
perfect form. An overlong acoustic number by Buckethead that segued from
Willy Wonka-esque riffs into the hackneyed "Eruption" served two purposes:
Stopping the momentum of the set in its tracks and reminding everyone in
the audience that, in Rock God status, Buckethead is no Slash. (Slash,
meanwhile, was spotted walking around the casino with his guitar in hand,
though an onstage appearance never transpired.)

But on "Oh My God," no sound came through Rose's mike, and while he went
looking for a replacement, Finck inexplicably threw his guitar across
stage. After the song, the band left and a tech announced, "We'll be right
back." When they returned, Rose had ditched the Gannon jersey to go
shirtless under a blue-velvet British soldier-style trench coat. But the
vocal problems remained throughout the night, as Rose's lyrics disappeared
in the harder-rocking moments of new Guns tracks like "Silkworms" and
classics "You Could Be Mine" and "Sweet Child O' Mine." The mix problems
meant no one could hear much of Rose, at which point most of the audience
had to wonder -- "Did I just pay $200 to hear Stinson's backup vocals?"
Perhaps the low moment came when the entire band sounded completely out of
sync on "Knockin' on Heaven's Door."

After a quick two hours, the band closed with an inspired take on "Paradise
City," and left without an encore. Most who attended the New Year's Eve
show, however, opined that it was not just better than the Saturday night
show, but it was even better than last year's impressive New Year's Eve gig.

It was hard not to feel robbed by the events of the evening, even if the
main problem was mostly beyond the band's control. People (including this
reviewer) who sat in dreadful $250 balcony seats -- stuck behind two rows
of VIP seating that obstructed the view of the stage -- were particularly
vocal in their displeasure at the venue for advertising the seats (on
Ticketmaster) as "best available," when $100 floor seats offered much
better sight lines. The box office made the hollow offer to refund the
tickets, at the price of not seeing the sold-out show (i.e., you just pay
for airfare and hotel to NOT see GN'R).

During a 10-minute mid-concert apologia, Rose rambled semi-coherently on
how the record company, the studio, the producers, and everyone in the band
"dropped the ball" in the last year until "we didn't know what the ball
was." He explained that ticket prices were so high because of the expense
to do one-off shows. He said the band was working "every fucking day" and
that their new material "will knock the fucking ball out of the park." He
told an anecdote about being moved when a man in an elevator thanked him
for playing a show. Rose claimed to have learned about Guns' cancelled
European tour via the Internet, to which someone in the audience screamed:
"Aw, bullshit! Get a manager!"

In his rant, Rose also said that the show last year was a farewell to the
old, while this year's show was a "taste of something new." But it was hard
to believe him because Guns did not play any new songs that they hadn't
already played live previously, leaving one to wonder where Rose plans to
go with his new band mates. The feeling after the show was that Rose and
his band are still in search of an identity: Right now, this incarnation is
no more Guns N' Roses than the Stones would be the Stones if only Mick
Jagger remained in the band.