Cane:  ..edited down I think I only left one f word in there too
Cabby:     Oh you did
Cane:   Yeah
Cabby:   He swore quite a few times -  Now that's not an easy thing
Cane:   Yeah but it wasn't necessary to the interview
Cabby:   Right
Cane:    Yeah cuz he was going F, F, F.  S, S, S
Cabby:     Well he's slash
Cane:     Alright heres slash         (plays telephone call)

Cane:   Hello
Slash:   Yeah
Cane:   Hey Its kane & cabby
Slash:   Whats going on?
Cane:   Whats going on brother?
Slash:  Oh  nuttin much
Cane:   Good to talk to you again.  So um obviously we know why you are
Slash:   Well . (laughs) actually to tell you the truth I got a phone
call -  I got a lot of phone calls this morning
Kane:   I'm sure you did!
Cabby - Yeah I wonder why.
Slash:   This thing in vegas  .. Its just .. its just. its amazing how
much - how much controversy - you know.  - laughs  I don't know what to
call it - Guns N' Roses or Axl and myself or the combination of any one
of us.
Kane:  Are you surprised after all this time people are still talking
about it.. and its this big of a deal.?
Slash:  Well yeah  - ya know
Kane:  Yeah?  (Laughs)
Slash:  I gotta be totally honest with you
Cabby -Now you think its partly a big deal because he (Axll) makes it a
big deal?
Slash - Well they -  I gotta say this much  - I usually don't talk a lot
of BS about anything having to do with Ax and ..
Cane:  Right I tried to get you to talk BS about him but you . don't' do
Slash:  Yeah I t avoid it. you know - I don't like to dwell on
negativity  for 1 and 2 all things considered um granted yeah I did quit
the band because of reasons that were not too savory. but
(Kane snorts obnoxiously)
Slash:  At the same time a lot of time has gone by and I don't have time
or the patience to like  - just - you know  - make crap out of  - um
crap for no real reason..
Cane:  Right
Slash:  ....and I'd like to sort of just get on with things.
Cabby:  Right move forward.. be positive..
Cane:   Well (laughs) so to go back to new years.. (laughs)
Slash:  Well this whole thing started cuz my wife and I went to las
vegas a couple of weeks ago for the opening of the whisky skybar  in las
Cane:  Yeah yeah  (like a get on with the story already dude real quick
Slash:. And in our hotel room they have one of those  las vegas
entertainment what's happening in las vegas  this month kind of
magazines and I was flipping through it - uh -  you know - I see GN'R
Guns n Roses playing at the Joint.. And all things considered it did
catch my attention
Cane/Cabby:  well sure
Slash:  It says they were playing on the 29th and the 31st and I was
like you know honey that would be sort of cool. you know come back over
here in a couple of weeks and go see Guns N' Roses cuz now that I think
about it I've never seen Guns N' Roses..
Cabby/Cane:  Right cuz you were always in it / yeah
Slash:   I've never seen them from that perspective..So I booked a
flight to las vegas and made a couple of phone calls to people I know in
and around the hard rock hotel and to get tickets so I could go in and
check it out and no sooner had I made those plans that the entire.  all
of las vegas knew that I was going to - to  go to a Guns N' Roses show.
Kane:   Well, how do you figure think that got out
Cabby:  Oh I know how it got out. those people
Slash:   Well somehow it got out because whoever it was that I was
talking..   -  well. whoever it was that I  talked to in vegas letting
them know that I was coming and booking the room .. its just - you know
- - someone couldn't keep their mouth shut
Cabby:  of course.
Slash:  I should have got into 007 mode.
Cabby:  Yeah shaved your head
Slash:  Called my good buddy tom cruise and asked him how do you get
into a guns gig if you are an ex member
Slash:   Anyway - but - uh, what happened was as soon as I got to
the vip section area of the hard rock hotel to get my room key - and it
was just like you could just like feel the vibe like - like everybody
knew something that I didn't know . and its like I been around the block
enough times to know his vibe nut I'm not going um - not going to like
dwell on it.. so just like just get my room key and basically I'll be on
my way..  and um you know .. so no sooner had I gotten my room key and
gotten in my room there was a knock on the door and I had I think it was
like 4 security guards and one of the management company's - ya know one
of Doug Goldstein's cronies - and they came to.. ya know. so as not to
embarrass me in front of anybody in front of The Joints entrance they
came to my room to tell me that I was not allowed in The Joint - The
Joints the name of the gig.the name of the venue
Cane/Cabby:  that you were not welcome
Slash:  That I was not allowed in there.and I was like okay explain to
me why is this and they said well for 1 if Axl finds out you are there
he might not go on stage. or if. he might just trip out  and we just
don't want that to happen.
and I was like well - then - all things considered I just really came
down to see the show with all good intentions  - with - for one  - just.
I'm curious
Cane: Yeah you didn't come there to cause any trouble.or anything you
Slash:  I didn't come there to cast any stones. or anything like that
Cabby:  You didn't go there to 'boo'  right
Slash:  I went - I went  to go see my how. how my boy was doing . how
the band sounded so on so forth.  and you know have a good time..  and
that was it..
If I ended up in the joint that people were going to lose their job...
Kane:  Oh Christ!
Cabby:  So Axl's penis is that small that he just can't have you in the
same room?
Slash:  I mean really at this point really as pissed of as I am about
the whole thing.. or at least  I was at the time.. I don't think ..
they. they made sure not to tell Axl that I was there..   I know - I
KNOW they didn't tell him
Cabby:    Cuz he would have freaked out.
Slash:   He would have 'something'.    So he didn't find out til
afterwards.. so I'm not going to blame this - the initial distress on
Axl..  but then you know what pisses me off is the little bastards had
the f*cking gall to badmouth me and Duff on stage the next night.
Cane:  Are you kidding!
Slash .for 'riding on the guns n roses name '
CabbyCane:  oh ! . my god
Slash:   .. that's sooo hypocritical
Cane/Cabby- what!!  / yeah he's been riding on it for what 10 years
Slash:  Right
Cabby:  Waiting for a new record..
Slash:  I haven't been riding on the Guns N' Roses name..
Cane:  You done the exact --/ you tried to disassociate yourself from
Slash:  And I been WORKING  ( laughs)   you know
Cabby:  Yeah - yeah, Slash's Snakepit..  you done some jazz stuff.
Slash:  Yeah I been doing  all kinds of crazy stuff..  I been working
so that sorta hurt my feelings.  cuz then I was like. ya know - and I
knew - I knew that he was going to say something on stage  (cabby cuts
him off)
Cabby:  Of course you did because he had the microphone
Slash:   Right . and so - so he had to take the time  - probably.
probably took enough time to skip like two songs out of the set
Cane/Cabby:  Right
Slash:  Anyway so that's - that's - that's basically what's up.  And the
reason I wanted to let you guys know what the real story was because all
these phone calls - it was starting - were getting blown out of
proportion and I figured if I could tell anybody who could get it right
and convey it properly it would be you guys
Cane: Well we appreciate it
Cabby:  Might have let you in if you had put a kfc bucket on your head
Slash:  Well I did have one little stroke of  - uh uh a little streak of
mischievous mental activity going on where I was going to call up the
mean security guard and tell him I was on my cell phone in the building
I  bought my tickets and let the whole place go nuts
Cane/Cabby:  (which one it was?  Who cares?)  That's awesome
Slash:  I thought that would be a cheap shot so I left it out..
Cane:  Dude thanks for calling..
Slash:  Have a good one