The Atom

The Atom


Dex: 6    Str: 8    Body: 5

Int: 9    Will: 6    Mind: 6

Infl: 5    Aura: 4    Spirit: 5

Initiative: 22    Hero Points: 90

Density Increase: 5, Glinding: 6, Shrinking: 16, Teleportation: 22

Acrobatics: 6, Detective: 7, Martial Artist: 6, Gadgetry: 12, Scientist: 12, Weaponry: 6

Miscellaneous: While using his Shrinking Power, the Atom can negate the positive additions to his opponent's RVs against Physical Attacks by using his Density Control power. Each active AP of Density Control nullifies one AP addition to the opponet's RV.

The Atom can only Teleport over telecommunications lines which are open (for example, to reach a house across the country, the Atom must actually first dial the phone number of his destination); Glinding may only be used while 8 or more APs of Shrinking are in effect.

Connections: Ivy University (Low); Genius; Insta-Change

Public Identity