Wipe Text

This Java applet displays unlimited number of texts with video-like horizontal wipe and vertical wipe special effects and a cool sound effect.

Configurable Parameters

Parameter Name Parameter Usage
textk text,font type,font style,text size, k=1,2,..., number of texts
textcolork text color in RGB HEX format*, k=1,2,..., number of texts
bgcolork background color in RGB HEX format*, k=1,2,..., number of texts
sound sound file in .au format
movetypek horizontal or vertical, k=1,2,..., number of texts
ximages number of vertical strips such that (width of applet/ximages) is an integer
yimages number of horizontal strips such that (height of applet/yimages) is an integer
frames number of animation frames for each strip
Delay delay between each frame
pausestep pause step for initial text display,
URLk URL link for each text, k=1,2,..., number of texts
targetk target frame for each text if there is a target frame, k=1,2,..., number of texts

*You can find a RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart at http://www.phoenix.net/~jacobson/rgb.html

Sample HTML Code

< APPLET CODE="WipeText.class" WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="60">
< PARAM name="text1" value="This is WipeText,TimesRoman,bold,36">
< PARAM name="text2" value="You can change texts,Helvetica,bold italic,36">
< PARAM name="text3" value="You can change fonts,TimesRoman,bold italic,36">
< PARAM name="text4" value="You can change colors,TimesRoman,italic,36">
< PARAM name="textcolor1" value="ff00ff">
< PARAM name="textcolor2" value="9933cc">
< PARAM name="textcolor3" value="3333ff">
< PARAM name="textcolor4" value="99ffcc">
< PARAM name="bgcolor1" value="330033">
< PARAM name="bgcolor2" value="cc99ff">
< PARAM name="bgcolor3" value="000000">
< PARAM name="bgcolor4" value="9933cc">
< PARAM name="sound" value="chord.au">
< PARAM name="movetype1" value="horizontal">
< PARAM name="movetype2" value="vertical">
< PARAM name="movetype3" value="horizontal">
< PARAM name="movetype4" value="vertical">
< PARAM name="frames" value="5">
< PARAM name="ximages" value="80">
< PARAM name="yimages" value="12">
< PARAM name="Delay" value="125">
< PARAM name="pausestep" value="4">
< PARAM name="URL1" value="http://eslit.com">
< PARAM name="URL2" value="http://eslit.com/java/applet/">
< PARAM name="URL3" value="http://eslit.com/java/banner/">
< PARAM name="URL4" value="http://eslit.com/java/applet/collection.html">