Forest Defender

Pre requisites:
AB: +6
Feats: track
alignment : non evil , non lawful good
Skills: wilderness lore 9 , nature knowledge 6 , intuit direction 5 , animal empathy 4

Lvl	AB	FS	RS	WS	special
1	+1	+2	+0	+2	woodland stride , cure animal/plants , two weapon fight (like ranger)
2	+2	+3	+0	+3	plant/animal talk , uncanny stealth
3	+3	+3	+1	+3	alertness , sense nature pain , bonus feat
4	+4	+4	+1	+4	natures call , +1 AB and AC in forest
5	+5	+4	+1	+4	endurance , trackless step , improved two weapon fight (like ranger)
6	+6	+5	+2	+5	Nature's protection , animal popularity , bonus feat
7	+7	+5	+2	+5	immunity to poison and diseases , little rest , +2 AB and AC in forest
8	+8	+6	+2	+6	perfect direction sense , diagnose
9	+9	+6	+3	+6	tree recovering , bonus feat
10	+10	+7	+3	+7	imune to energy drain , +3 AB and AC in forest

Hit die: d10
Skill points: 6 + int modifier
Class skils: animal enpathy , balance , climb , craft , handle animal , heal , hide , intuit direction , jump , knowledge nature , listen , move silently , profession , ride , spot , swim , use rope , wilderness lore
He is proficient with simple and martial weapons , light and medium armor and shields

Nature's Call:
When the Forest Defender is in danger, they can call on nature to send help.  The help is generally either the nearby wildlife or plants work in a way to help the Drider.  A sudden flurry of birds may dive at enemies to the Forest Defender.  This ability can be used once a day.

Nature's Protection:
Nature blesses a worthy Forest Defender with telepathic warnings of danger while in a place with natural influence.  The telepathic link results in Uncanny Dodge (can't be flanked) and a Reflex check against the danger in question to see who can strike first.  This strike can only be once per round and only if an element of nature (tree, plant, other animal) is present to "witness" the danger and send the message.

Uncanny Stealth: A Forest defender receives a +2 circumstance bonus to hide and move silently checks whenever he is in a natural place (forest, Mountains, Cavern, ect.). 

sense nature pain : he can sense nature pain in adistance of 20 meters x forest defender lvl

Little Rest: The Forest defender only requires 4 hours of sleep to remain healthy.

tree recovering: the forest defender can enter a tree and remain there, he recover 1hp per round while there, and can listan what hapens around , anyone with habilities of enter trees or alike can notice a firest defender into a tree

animal popularity: he gains a bonus of half his forest defender lvl to animal empathy and handle animal

cure animal/plants: per day he can heal (2x his wis bonus) x (his forest defender + druid + ranger lvl) hp , he can divide her cure among multiple recipients , and doesn't have to use it all at once , and he can only cure animal or plants , it's a spell like hability whose use a standart action.

diagnose : he can notice and reconize any injury or disease ( he still can't reconize a disease he don't know, but he knows it IS a disease), he automaticly reconise with a close examination, to know only loking he must sucess a heal check with DC 20 

bonus feat list : blind fight , dodge , improved initiative , point blank shot , far shot , precise shot , power atack , cleave , run , weapon focus