Frost Lord

The Frost lord is a rare breed. Some come from the great cities under the glaciers of the north others are called to places of frost to face there destiny. Many frost lords scour the snowy areas of the world attempting to help travelers in need; others are as cold as the ice they emulate. Many monks follow the ways of ice as do some rangers and barbarians. The next most common classes are sorcerer and wizard. Some clerics of ice gods do attempt to become Frost Lords. Most other classes are unheard of.

To qualify to become a frost lord, a character must meat the following requirements.
Base Attack Bonus +4
Feats: Improved unarmed strike, Weapon focus “unarmed strike”
Wilderness Lore: 5 ranks
Other: Must make a journey to the great glacier and survive 3 nights without heat.

Class Skills:
	The Frost Lords Class skills are Balance (dex), Climb (Str), Hide (Dex), Move Silently (Dex), Profession (Wis), Intuit Direction (Wis), Knowledge Nature (Int), Search (Int), Spot (Wis), Listen (Wis), Wilderness Lore (Wis). See chapter four of the PHB for descriptions.

Skill Points 4 + Int modifier.

Alignment: Any 
Hit Die: d8

Table 1-1: The Frost Lord
Level	Att Bonus	Fort save	Ref save	Will save	Special	
1st	+1		+2		+0		+1		Endure Cold, Ice Walk	
2nd	+2		+3		+0		+1		Force of the Glacier	
3rd	+3		+3		+1		+1		Path of Ice	
4th	+4		+4		+1		+2		Strength of Ice 	
5th	+5		+4		+1		+2		Cold Subtype 	
6th	+6		+5		+2		+3		Winters touch/1	
7th	+7		+5		+2		+3		Winters Touch/2	
8th	+8		+6		+2		+4		Winters Touch/3	
9th	+9		+6		+3		+4		Wind of the Frozen North	
10th	+10		+7		+4		+5		Shatter Hand	

Class Features:

Endure Cold: A frost lord may ignore the first 5 points of cold damage in any given round. This includes damage from spells and exposure.

Ice Walk: The frost lord may walk across solid sheets of ice with no worries of slipping. For all intents and purposes he treats ice as normal dry ground.

Force of the Glacier: The Frost Lord gains the improved bull rush feat for free. He does not need to fill the normal prerequisites.  

Path of Ice: This spell like ability lets the Frost Lord coat a 10’ x 10’ portion of ground with ice. The ice lasts for a number of rounds equal to the Frost Lords level.  All creatures caught within the area of effect must make a reflex save each round to stay afoot. The Frost lord also receives a +4 on his check for resolving bull rushes. He can perform this spell like ability once for every three Frost Lord levels.

Strength of Ice:  The Frost Lord may call upon the strength of ice a number of times equal to 1 + his con modifier per day. Strength of ice gives the Frost Lord hardness equal to his con modifier for a number of rounds equal to his Frost Lord level.

Cold Subtype: The Frost Lord takes on the characteristics of a cold subtype creature as descried in the DMG. He has cold immunity and takes double damage from fire except on a successful save. This supersedes the endure cold ability.

Winters Touch: A number of times indicated in the chart per day a Frost Lord can attempt a winters touch. He must designate the attack prior to resolving success. If he misses the use is expended. On a successful unarmed attack the Frost Lord does an additional d10 points of cold damage. Additionally the target must make a fortitude save DC equal to 10 + Frost Lord lvl + wis modifier. Failure indicates the cold has frozen the target solid for d4 rounds. This effect is similar to a hold person and has no other detrimental effects.

Winds of the Frozen North: the Frost Lord can breathe forth a Cone of Cold at his current Frost Lord lvl. This is a spell like ability and functions like the Cone of Cold spell in the PHB. 

Shatter Hand: This attack is quite fearsome indeed. Any time a creature falls victim to Winters Touch the Frost Lord may attempt this attack. As a full round action the Frost Lord strikes a stress point on the frozen creature. If the creature fails a fortitude save vs. DC 10 + frost lord lvl + wis modifier it shatters. This attack causes instant death.  It is a supernatural ability.