The Silent Fist Clan

	The Silent Fist Clan are a group of assassins who use they’re hands as deadly weapons. They sometimes kill for wealth, but many sell themselves out to the highest bidder as mercenaries. They are well known and feared, for they have THREE ways to kill a person, INSTANTLY! They always where black, and have a very stylish appreance to them, for cold-blooded killers that is! 
Attack Bonus: +6
Skills: Move Silently: 8 ranks, Hide: 6 ranks
Class: Monk, Alignment: non good
Feats: Dodge and Mobility
Special: Most kill a person and bring his/her head to the Main Base of Operations and spend one week training there.
LevelAttack/unarmed Ref/Fort/Will Monk Speed Ac Bonus 
1+0/+0 			+2/+0/+0 	+1 	+0
2+1/+1 			+3/+0/+0 	+1 	+0
3+2/+2  		+3/+1/+1	+1	+0
4+3/+3 			+4/+1/+1	+1	+0 
5+3/+3 			+4/+1/+1	+1	+1 
6+4/+4+1 		+5/+2/+2	+1	+1
7 +5/+5+2 		+5/+2/+2	+1	+1 
8 +6+1 			+6/+2/+2	+1	+1 
9 +6+1 			+6/+3/+3	+1	+1 
10+7+2 			+7/+3/+3	+1	+2
Special Abilities:

Silent Fist Level

1.	Poison Use and Death Attack
2.  Piercing Fist and Ambidexterity
3.  Death Knell and Two-Weapon Fighting
4.	Shadow Control - Blindfight and Control Shadow
5.	None
6.	Shadow Control - Hide in Shadow
7.	Quivering Palm
8.	Shadow Control - Silent Image
9.	Quick Death
10.	Shadow Control - Shadow Walk

Game Info:
HD: 1d8
Weapon Proficiencies: When taking this prestige class you gain Katana (Masterwork Bastard Sword), Hand Crossbow, and Two-Bladed Sword Proficiencies.
Class Skills: Balance, Intimidate, Climb, Diplomacy, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Move Silently, Listen, Spot, Innuendo, Tumble, Disguise, Open Locks, and Bluff
Skill Points: 4 + Int Mod.

Spell Progression:
             1    2    3    4 
1:          0
2:          1
3:          1   0
4:          1   1
5:          1   1    0
6:          1   1    1 
7:          2   1    1    0
8:          2   1    1    1
9:          2   2    1    1
10:        2   2    2    1

Ability Info:

Special: A monk can still go up lvls after multi-classing as a Silent Fist. If you stop being Lawful Evil you lose all class abilities. If you where armor you lose all class abilities.
Monk Speed: Add together your Silent Fist lvl and your monk lvls, that is your monk lvl for determining your Un-Armored Speed.
Ac Bonus: Add this to your AC when not using armor.
Poison Use: A Silent Fist no longer risks poisoning himself when poisoning a weapon.
Death Attack: This is identical to the Assassin skill of the same name. If you don’t have the DMG here is the basic info. If the Silent Fist studies his victim for 3 rounds then makes a sneak attack with a melee weapon that successfully deals damage, the attack could paralyze or kill the target! If the target fails the fortitude save, (DC 10 + Silent Fist Class Lvl + Int Mod) he/she either dies, or is paralyzed for 1d6 rounds +1 round per assassin lvl. (The assassin choose the effect before the target makes the save) If the save passes or the assassin doesn’t make the attack within 3 rounds after studying the target, 3 new rounds are required before attacking again.
Death Knell: This is identical to the lvl 2 cleric spell. He can cast it 1/day. (This is in addition to his other spells)
Two-Weapon Fighting: This is identical to the feat of the same name.
Shadow Control: This is a large set of abilities that shows of the Silent Fist’s minor talent at manipulating shadow. 
At 4th lvl he/she gains the blind-fight feat and “Control Shadow” 1/day. Control Shadow is identical to the spell in the Psionics Handbook. (Here is the info: Casting Time: 1 action, Range:  Medium, Duration: Concentration, up to 1 min/lvl. No Saving throw or PR. You control a target shadow of a person or object like a puppet. The shadow can be up to 100 sq. ft. You can make the shadow move from its source, as long as it stays on a wall or flat surface and remains in range. This is cast in addition to the other spells the Silent Fist has.) 
At 6th lvl, the Silent Fist can “Hide in Plain Sight,” meaning they can hide in any shadow not there own, even while being observed! This can be used 2/day.
 At 8th lvl the Silent Fist can cast “Silent Image” 2/day in addition to his/her other spells. This is a lvl 1 wizard spell. 
Finally, at 10th lvl, the Silent blade can Shadow Walk 1/day, as the 7th lvl wizard spell! 
Quick Death: The Silent Fist can now perform Coup de Grace attacks as standard actions. In addition, any enemy attempting an attack of opportunity on the Silent Fist, (This effects Coup de Grace attack only, NOT ALL ATTACKS OF OPPORTUNITY) must roll a fort save (DC 10 + Silent Fist lvl + Cha mod) or be too sicked by the horror of the attack and automatically miss the AoO.
Quivering Palm: This is Identical to the 15th lvl monk special ability of the same name.
Spells: Beginning at 1st lvl, a Silent Fist gains the ability to cast a small number of arcane spells. To cast a spell the Silent Fist must have an int score of 10 + the spells lvl. Bonus spells are based on int and saving throws are as follows: DC 10 + spells lvl + Int Mod. When a Silent Fist has 0 spells of any lvl, like 0 first lvl spells at lvl 1, he only gets bonus spells for that lvl. A silent Fist prepares and casts spells just as a wizard does.