Theban Cleric
	Hit Die: d8.

To qualify to become an theban cleric, a character must fulfill all the following criteria.
	Race: any
	Alignment: Any.
	Class: Cleric or druid lvl 1
	Special: theban culture
Class Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will SaveSpecial
1st	+0		  	+2	+0	+2	   turn/rebuke undead. alertness, rebuke/comand plant creatures
2nd	+1			+3	+0	+3	   uses theban caldroun 1 week
3rd	+2			+3	+1	+3	   iron will, forest movement x3/4
4th	+3			+4	+1	+4	   uses theban cauldroun 1 5/days, mountain direction
5th	+3			+4	+1	+4	   great fortitude, mountain movement x1/2
6th	+4			+5	+2	+5	   theban cauldroun 1 3/days
7th	+5			+5	+2	+5	   theban caudroun 1 day, nature sense
8th	+6/+1			+6	+2	+6	   animal defense 
9th	+6/+1			+6	+3	+6	   theban cauldroun 2 day
10th	+7/+2			+7	+3	+7	   theban caudroun invocation 1week
Class Skills
The theban cleric class skills are Animal enpathy, Concentration, Craft , Diplomacy , Heal , Intuit direction, Knowledge(arcana)(nature),Move silently , Profession, Ride ,Scry, Spellcraft, Swim,Willderness lore
Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier.

Class Features
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: all simple weapons and sap, all armors and shields
Turn rebuke undead: theban clerics rebuke undead as a (cleric lvl+theban cleric-2) cleric, this lvl must be at least equal to his cleric lvl
Spells: uses cleric table and levels even stack, domains are always animal and plant and animal friendship once per day as bonus.or if the theban cleric was at first a druid it stack with rhe druid lvl , but he gets cleric domains spells as he was a cleric of this theban cleric lvl.
theban cauldroun: he can use a theban cauldroun(if he has one) to invoque the ancient theban clerics and ask question for they
Mountain direction: the theban cleric always knoes the direction while in a mountain.
Animal defense: the animals of the theban region like and try to protect him
Theban cauldroun invocation: he can invoque the ancient clarics to do things(even figth) to him, the ancient clerics can't stay more than 3+(1/5 his theban cleric+cleric level)minutes