GAUCHO - Hit Dice d10 
Lvl	Attack	Fort	Ref	Will	AC	Special
1	+1	+2	+2	+0	1	Horse control, Bonus Feat
2	+2	+3	+3	+0	1	Horse knowledge,free spirit
3	+3	+3	+3	+1	1	Bonus Feat, wild fighting , homeland plain
4	+4	+4	+4	+1	2	free spirit 2 , special mount
5	+5	+4	+4	+1	2	Bonus Feat , increased critical (dagger)
6	+6	+5	+5	+2	2	Improved reaction
7	+7	+5	+5	+2	3	Bonus Feat
8	+8	+6	+6	+2	3	free spirit 3 , smite 1x day
9	+9	+6	+6	+3	3	Bonus Feat
10	+10	+7	+7	+3	4	smite 2x day
HOMELAND: moekia
RIDE: 8 ranks 
FEATS: Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack, Track, Proficiency (bola, dagger) 
SPECIAL: Must purchase a light horse or light warhorse; and receive a riding saddle, saddle blanket, bit and bridle, horseshoes, and saddlebags without expenditure. A legendary gaucho never own horses larger than the light horse or light warhorse. The legendary gaucho must also purchase bolas and a dagger 
CLASS SKILLS Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier 
Animal Empathy (Cha) Bluff (Cha) Craft(Int) Handle Animal (Cha) Intimidate (Cha) Intuit Direction (Wis) Listen (Wis) Move silently (Dex) Profession(Wis) Ride (Dex) Search(Int) Spot (Wis) Use Rope (Dex) Wilderness Lore (Wis) 
WEAPON AND ARMOUR PROFICIENCY: Legendary gauchos are proficient with the following weapons: all simple wepons , Bola, , hand axe, lasso, light lance, light pick,sabre, sap, throwing axe, and whip. The gaucho is proficient in light armour. Legendary gauchos are not proficient in shield
BONUS FEAT: At second level and every two levels thereafter (4th, 6th, 8th and 10th) the legendary gaucho gains a new feat. These bonus feats must be drawn from the following list: Quickdraw, Spirited charge , Lightning reflexes , Dodge , Trample, Weapon Finesse (bola, dagger or whip; choose one), Weapon Focus (bola, dagger or whip; choose one). 
HORSE CONTROL: The legendary gaucho can control a light horse in battle as if the horse was a trained warhorse. Horse control also gives the legendary gaucho a +4 competence bonus to all ride checks. 
HORSE KNOWLEDGE:  ele reconhece um bom cavalo ou o com o maior potencial automaticamente
WEAPON ESPECIALIZATION: a gaucho can take as a regular feat (not as a bonus one) especialization in bolas ,dagger or whip)
	The gaucho cannot be scared or controlled by mundane ways such as intimidate.
	The gaucho is now immune to all kinds of attempts to control his mind by magical means
	The gaucho is now affected by a permanent freedom of movement spell.
4-7   +2hd	natural AC4	ST+1	int-6	improved evasion ,share saving throws
8-9   +3hd	natural AC6	ST+2	int-6	minor enpathic link
10    +4hd      natural AC7	ST+3	int-6
Wild Fighting : similar to monk's flurry of blows
Improved reaction: +2 bonus to initiative
Incresed critical: similar to improved critical , but efects stack
Smite: once per day the gaucho can make an atack with a bonus to damage equal to his Gaucho lvl
Homeland : gauchos have a +2 bonus to search , spot , hide , intuit direction , move silently and wilderness lore in plains
The gaucho gains a bonus of half his level in the skill knowledge Local (moekia)
AC BONUS : the gaucho gains an AC bonus whle in horse

Note: for moekia inhabitants bola is considered a simple weapon, for outsiders it's exotic