Hi there!

Welcome to my home page; the right place if you want some information about me or my interests. If that´s not what you´re looking for, get out of here. ;-P

I´m a brazilian physics student who really enjoys computers. I also enjoy anime and music. Movies are also a good idea.

Starting by my nicknames. I have lots of them, but usually I use Fujikuro or Ikari Keiichi. Aftterall is another one I like, too. Fujikuro is a character of "Iria - Zeiram The Animation", one of my favorite animes. Ikari Keiichi is a composite of Ikari, from "Neon Genesis Evangelion", and Keiichi, from "Ah! My Goddess!", and these are other of my favorite animes. Specially Evangelion, my most favorite anime.


Talking about computers, I talk about Linux. I think it´s the best Operating System that exists today: it´s free, open-source, stable and reliable. And talking about Linux, I talk about Debian, a Linux Distribution. It´s a distribution that follows strictly the open-source philosphy, whose greatest prophet is Richard M. Stallman (in time: Emacs rules! :-).


Talking about anime... well, I already said something about them up there. It´s my most favorite kind of animation. But I also like Woody Woodpecker and Snoopy... ;-)


Music. One of the best things Man has ever made. It gives inspiration, pleasure, relief, lots of sensations hardly achieved. Of course, it's not ANY music that has these effects on me. There are some specific styles / bands / songs who can do that. Talking more generally, I like any music that sounds good to me.