Holt McCallany

"Holt McCallany could aptly be described as "born to act.". His background in the footlights, rugged good looks, sculpted build and his propensity for adventuresome roles, conjures up movie stars of the "old school." Hes excellent fighter of Karate and boxing."

A star of stage and screen he has appeared in Men of Honor, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Hes brilliant in this film), Three Kings, Fight Club, Conversations in Limbo (Hes fantastic, excellent performance), Alien3...

He was born in NY, September 3, 1964. Hes son of the famous singer's of Cabaret and pianist Julie Wilson. Height: 6'1". He attended high school in Dublin, Ireland, college and theater course in France. He calls New York home, but also maintains residences in Los Angeles and Paris.

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Holt, his mother and his brother Michael (unfortunately Michael passed away few years ago)


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