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Acai [by Tiezo Takano]

Ainda lembro [by Melissa & Marcus]

All for love [by Ana Paula Nakano]

All for love [by Carlos Takano]

A lua que te dei [by Melissa Manako]

Always [by Melissa & Marcus]

Amor I love you [by Carlos & Tiezo]

Amor sem fim [by Melissa & Marcus]

Back at one [by Melissa & Marcus]

Beauty and the beast [by Melissa & Marcus]

Bebado e o equilibrista [by Karen Ito]

Bem que se quis [by Melissa Manako]

Bizarre love triangle [by Tiezo Takano]

Bridge over trouble water [by Humberto Sasazaki]

Can´t help fallin in love [by Humberto Sasazaki]

Close to you (they long to be) [by Carlos Takano]

Colecao [by Melissa Manako]

Como e gostoso te amar [by Melissa & Marcus]

Danca da solidao [by Melissa Manako]

Demais [by Mayumi Fukuda]

Endless love [by Melissa & Marcus]

Endless love [by Tiezo Takano]

Estou apaixonado [by Carlos & Tiezo]

Eu so penso em voce [by Humberto, Joe & Mayumi]

Eu te devoro [by Tiezo Takano]

Estrela de papel [by Joe Hirata]

First love [by Tiezo Takano]

Flash dance [by Karen Ito]

From this moment on [by Carlos Takano]

From this moment on [by Melissa & Marcus]

Get along together [by Tiezo Takano]

Hoje eu sei [by Mayumi Fukuda]

How could an angel break my heart [by Melissa Manako]

I finally found someone [by Melissa & Marcus]

I love you [by Carlos Takano]

I will always love you [by Karen Ito]

Kampai [by Tiezo Takano]

Kitaguni e [by Seiti Takeda]

Kita kaigan [by Lilian Tangoda]

Kodokuna runner [by Ricardo Okuda]

Kono yume [by Melissa & Marcus]

Lady [by Humberto Sasazaki]

Lanterna dos afogados [by Carlos Takano]

Love by grace [by Carlos Takano]

Love is all [by Humberto Sasazaki]

Love is all [by Katia Yassuda]

Man, I feel like a woman [by Melissa Manako]

Minha razao de viver [by Carlos Takano]

More than words [by Tiezo Takano]

My all [by Erica Pedrao]

My boy [by Humberto Sasazaki]

My graduation [by Cintia Higashi]

My heart will go on [by Karen Ito]

Nada mais [by Mayumi Fukuda]

Nagai aida [by Carlos Takano]

Natsu no owarino harmony [by Carlos & Tiezo]

New York, New York [by Humberto Sasazaki]

O amor e o poder [by Melissa Manako]

Olhando para o ceu [by Melissa & Marcus]

O rapaz [by Haikaa Yamamoto]

O vento [by Tiezo Takano]

Passou da conta [by Joe Hirata]

Porto solidao [by Joe Hirata]

Pra sempre vou te amar [by Carlos Takano]

Saigo no ame [by Carlos Takano]

Saigo no ame [by Tiezo Takano]

Se eu me apaixonar [by Melissa & Marcus]

Sekaiju no dare yori kitto [by Tiezo Takano]

Separacao [by Mayumi Fukuda]

She believes in me [by Humberto Sasazaki]

Somewhere out there [by Melissa & Marcus]

Sozinho [by Melissa Manako]

Sozinho [by Seiti Takeda]

Sylvia [by Humberto Sasazaki]

Te amo cada vez mais [by Karen Ito]

Tears in heaven [by Tiezo Takano]

Te esquecer e impossivel [by Joe Hirata]

Te esquecer e impossivel [by Marcus Manako]

The winter takes it all [by Ana Paula Nakano]

True love [by Reginaldo Kuroshu]

Tudo que se quer [by Melissa & Marcus]

Um dia de domingo [by Tiezo & Terumi]

Voa liberdade [by Joe Hirata]

Voce [by Tiezo Takano]

Voce vai ver [by Carlos & Tiezo]

We are all love [by Humberto Sasazaki]

Without you [by Mayumi Fukuda]

You´ve lost that lovin feeling [by Humberto Sasazaki]