Welcome to my home page.

Come right in and enjoy. This is just a source of information about my life and about stuff that I'm interested in.

Brief intro

name: Katia

birthdate: December 21, 1978

currently living in: São Paulo, Brasil

what I do: I'm in my 4th year of medical school

This is a picture of me with family. I'm the one on the far left and next to me (from left to right) are Marcio (my cousin's boyfriend), Paty (my cousin) and Si (my sis).

This page is a source of useless information on just about any topic. Due to the fact that I'm currently in med school, there's a little section you might want to check out (if you're interested and not squeamish): medical stuff . If you want to gaze at pictures of people you don't know (well, maybe you do), then head on to the photos page and enjoy. If you're REALLY bored, I've selected a couple of links that might keep you busy.