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 What we offer:

Real Conversation Classes Our conversation classes are directed to the student. Forget about the old method of "REPEAT" that was in the 90"s we are now in the 00"s. We teach the student how to use the "REAL" American English

Free Lessons  which are sent to you every week. You can complete the exercises and send them back to us and we will correct them for you. If you have any questions we will answer them for you in our free support

"News 2000" is a newspaper published each month ,  that we offer to our students free of charge. This newspaper has different sections such as games, jokes, and competitions to win free classes and a variety of prizes, health, comics, entertainment and much more

bullet point We offer a course which is directed to the students needs

  We pay special attention to each students needs and difficulties 

  We are dedicated to making each student understand and speak the English language as it is spoken in the United States

We give each student the confidence in mastering the language. 100% satisfaction guaranteed

We operate with teachers either born in the United States or have lived and studied there

Our teachers are constantly studying to improve the classes that they give

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