"Art must touch our lives, evoke our dreams and give hope to the darkness" (F.Hart - The Great Master of Sculpting)
MARTHA URUP┌KINA is a self-taught sculptress. She was born on june 13th, 1956 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her passion for the art of sculpting began when she was still a child and used to play with clay. A few years ago, this passion became even stronger and her clay models turned into beautiful sculptures. These sculptures have been taking her to many exhibits in Brazil and overseas. Her work takes forms capable of charming us. Her completely female hands, sculpt with an increadible inner energy. Martha takes part in a privileged group which is able to work with all kinds of raw material, like bronze, resin and a combination of both, creating a trully special contrast that blesses our eyes with marvelous works of art. We invite you to view the work of this great artist and embrace the beauty, pleasure and joy found in her sculptures!!!

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