Scarlett Chorvat

 Born in Bratislava, Slovakia, Scarlett was named after the literary and cinematic protagonist Scarlett O'Hara of "Gone with the Wind," a novel dear to her mother's heart. After fleeing Slovakia, the Chorvat (pronounced "Shorevat") family immigrated to America and settled in Detroit where Scarlett spent her formative and high school years playing competitive tennis. A sports enthusiast, Chorvat plays often in charity tennis tournaments and also snowboards. She later began modeling which sent her to New York, around the world and eventually to a career in acting. After making the requisite modeling rounds in Europe and landing numerous small commercials, Scarlett appeared in one of 1999's most memorable commercials.

She lives in Los Angeles with her dog Shimmi.

Michigan graduate, Scarlett Chorvat, is well known for her numerous fitness

magazine covers as well as the spokes model for Ponds.

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