Episode: 01 (Originally Aired 10/27/2000)

Alpha Dogs

3 men and 1 beautiful girl. Four members of the United States Military are placed under arrest and thrown in prison after a military coup. They escape with help from an opposition group to the government military named Resistance. Their first job: saving General Young´s family, but have one problem, Gen. Young was paramount in the overthrow of the U.S. government, and he works for the new military government named Regime.


Episode: 02 (Originally Aired 11/3/2000)

The Chase

Decker and Londo get into the Internet Routing Center and after stealing prison codes, that will be changed in 24 hours, they borrowed the car of a nurse named Maggie Ford. Devon and his elite group called 10 Zulu will try everything to capture the 4 members of the Resistence again.


 Episode: 03 (Originally Aired 11/10/2000)


Our team needs to rob of the Regime U $10bi transferring system data of the Federal Reservation Building, but the chairman´s daughter call the police and reveals their whereabouts.

While Decker and Londo are transferring the money, Sally (the daughter) tries to escape and she´s thrown in a gelatin pool by 2 girls in a bar and Becca fights with the girls.


Episode: 04 (Originally Aired 11/17/2000)


The team has to transport 8 Resistance members, but with a sabotage, the plane crashes in the mountains and reveals a spy inside of the group.

Several deaths happen until they discover who is the traitor.


Episode: 05 (Originally Aired 11/24/2000)


James almost dies when a rebels group commanded by an ex-military named Rourke rob the missiles bought by the team.

Decker tried to capture Rourke 5 years ago and he did fail to do. Now this is his second chance, but when he confronts Rourke face to face he clashes with himself , his past and his real objectives.


Episode: 06 (Originally Aired 12/1/2000)


The team has to retrieve captive Resistance members in a ship including the Becca´s young brother than ran away from home 10 years ago.

With the exception of Becca, all the others are captured and she has to save them with the brother's help before Decker dies.


Episode: 07 (Originally Aired 12/22/2000)

Lone Wolf

The team needs to capture a deadly virus of the Regime.

Londo, a soldier and a boy named Zak are exposed to this virus and the team with help from Zak´s friends have to find where the antidote is hidden. Londo and the others have 5 hours to live and everything worsens when Decker and James have to save Becca who was captured by the Regime.


Episode: 08 (Originally Aired 04/03/2001 Brazil)


In this episode Decker found his son and he almost gets to rescue him. They get in the Regime Operational Complex Building to rob a list containing the collaborators' of the Regime names, when Devon gets in the building to capture them.


Episode: 09 (Originally Aired 04/10/2001 Brazil)


Becca is going to a feminine maximum security prison in the another prisoner's place to rescue a woman named Alice Kramer. While Alice is interrogated with shocks in her all body (electorcution-type torture) to speak about an operation called Falcon, Becca fights with 4 prisoners and she goes to solitary. James, Decker and Londo faking as guards will help her with there contact in the prison, that fat guard with glasses, number 107 of the prison where they were before. (William Jefferson Clinton Federal Prison, from Alpha Dogs).

After they escaped from the prison Alice explains to Decker that the Operation Falcon (has been in planning for one year) and that will happen soon. The resistance wants to kidnap all the leaders of the Regime at the same time and to force them to negotiate the return of the democracy.

Becca takes revenge of the fat guy, arrests ties him to a light post and she says that he will suffer now in the prison.

(Copyright 2001)

It´s not the best episode, but it has some good moments.


Episode: 10 (Originally Aired 04/17/2001 Brazil)

Live Wire

There is going to be a conference with ex-senators and the High Command of the Regime in a place called "Tait Center" to begin the " Restoration of the American Democracy". Our heroes, faking as members of the Security, get into the" Tait Center " to find out a bomb put into the building by terrorists.They discover that the bomb was placed by the Regime in the body of Senator Osborn´s secretary. The secretary (Gail) who believes she has cancer, has a twin sister who is a hostage of the Regime, and she will only be free after the explosion.

James tries to convince Gail to not detonate the bomb and he was detained (blocked) with her in a room beside the Center of the Conference. While Londo tries to find the access codes to open the door, outside, Decker and Becca try to find the agents of the Regime that can detonate the bomb for remote control too.

James disconnects the antenna of the bomb, Decker and Becca find the center control and rescue the Gail´s sister and discover that she (Gail) doesn't have cancer (it was all a trick), Londo gets the code to open the door and along with James takes the bomb outside of the building 60 seconds before it explodes.

General Fox wanted to kill everybody in the conference, including some agents of the Regime, and to accuse the Resistance.

James is the hero of the day and still "wins the twins".

A good episode and Londo fought a lot and very well, without needs of "Matrix Stuffs".


Episode: 11 (Originally Aired 04/24/2001 Brazil)

Mind Game

Jasper, Oregon.

Decker and James are going to US. Army Medical Center (a hospital that experiments with the people's mind), to save a military strategist that works for the Resistance named Rachel.

Decker is arrested when he tries to save the girl and James is able to escape. Later, James, Becca and Londo help Decker to get free, but in the escape Decker takes a bullet and he runs with Rachel to the mountains.

While the other three guys try to find Decker, Rachel tries to convince Decker to say where the Resistance´s attack is going to take place (it will happen soon).

When the other guys get in the hospital, they discover that the "true Rachel" is still arrested and there is a Regime impostor with Decker.

Decker is in a hunting cabin and he´s severely wounded, with fever and drugged. He says to the "false Rachel" that the attack will take place the next day in Chicago. She tells this to the Regime, the location of the attack, and receives orders to eliminate Decker, who gets to escape before she kills him.

When the Lieutenant Fallon (false Rachel) finds Decker and she is about to shoot him, James, Becca and Londo arrive to save him.

They save the "true Rachel" and Decker tells the others that he gave the wrong location for the attack, which will be in Denver and not in Chicago.

(Londo) - "And I say that he´s the boss!".

In my opinion the best episode of the series.


Episode: 12 (Originally Aired 05/01/2001 Brazil)


Jin buys a chip that contains all the security codes of the Regime, like access to all the American satellites (The Pentagon, White House, everything). When Jin is coming out she´s kidnapped by a gang called " The Rebels " whose leader is an ex-boyfriend of her called Quentim Cale. Our guys have to save her and to do this they infiltrate the gang. As 1st [iniation test] Decker and James help the gang to assault a bank car and they are betrayed by the gang and arrested inside the car. James (very smart) caught the key before being arrested and they escape before the police to arrive.

Cale´s girlfriend has Jin´s chip and Londo tries to take of her but he receives an electric discharge when his opening the door.

Becca finds Jin and when they are running away they are caught by the gang.

Cale is an informer for the Regime and he sells the chip to Devon. He places the girls inside the trunk of his car and goes to the dock to meet with Devon.

James and Decker go to the dock while Londo and the Cale´s girlfriend (nickname "Chip" - she´s a hacker) hack into the computers of the Regime and find the location of Devon and also find Connor in an orphanage in Denver.

Decker finds Cale and the girls and he fights with Devon. While Cale is worn out by Jin, Devon steals a car and tries to kill Decker, who shoots him and then Devon´s car explodes.

Jin says: "The Resistance is more prepared now with this chip and you deserve a break, no phone calls and no missions for now, maybe to better".

Becca will try to find out the beach of her dreams with her brother and father. James will go back to his old neighborhood to his relatives. Londo and the girl (Chip) will try to find another dream beach together. And Decker is going to Denver to look for his son. Each one enters in a car and they just go away.

Before Decker to enter in the car he throws his gun in the water and he go away smiling. The End! The End? Probably!


I am very annoyed with this end , because I found it very cold and without a lot of content. When they simply enter in their cars and go away. No hug, no kisses, nothing. They spent almost 2 years together, after all. Decker neither didn't say good-bye to Jin. Besides having been placed practically an end without return for the series. I didn't like. It could be better!

A hug,