All-time Scottish Football Club Directory 1829-2009

All-time list of every Senior and Junior club since 1829




which is in Microsoft Excel 2003 format, is available for free download.

When you click on the link, click SAVE and the file will download to disk. The file can, when opened, then be sorted into various town, location, dates of existence etc.


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Where a name has been used on several occasions, these clubs have been differentiated by a number ie [1], [2] etc.

All dates given are inclusive ie 1890-1892 means seasons 1890-91 and 1891-92.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Where a date is unknown, I have marked it with an asterisk (*). Eg 18** denotes sometime between 1870 and 1890. 189* denotes sometime in the 1890s and so on. Any confirmed dates of formation and/or disbanding are given in bold, while all other dates are given as italics.


Thanks to numerous contributions, the original directory has been greatly expanded upon. In particular I am most grateful to the following individuals for their invaluable help


Stuart Robertson, for both helping to compile many of the individual club pages and for giving me access to his own list of Junior clubs

Alick Milne, for allowing me access to his research of colours for a great many Senior clubs.

Tom Thornton (supplying his research on the various East Lothian clubs)

Graeme McGinty (for supplying info on the many West Lothian clubs)

Brian Reilly (for supplying additional clubs in Maryhill in the 1890s)

John Meffen (for supplying clubs from Stirlingshire)

Malcolm Pagan (for supplying information on clubs from Dumfries & Galloway)                                                                                                                                                


I also have to thank Alan McCabe, and Stewart Davidson who kindly loaned me copies of club lists compiled by the late Jackie Heaney.

And of course additional info from site visitors (many thanks!)


Other sources

In addition I have made extensive use of the following resources:

The Scottish Cup 1873 - 1986 (by John Byrne, published by the Association of Football Statisticians, 1986)

Scottish Qualifying Cup 1895 - 1995, and 2006 update (compiled by Stewart Davidson, with John Weir)

Scottish Football Historian magazine (1982 to date, edited by John Litster)

Fife Junior History website

Fifeshire Football Memories (by David A Allan, 1991)

Scottish Non League Football Histories, 6 volumes, 1990-2002 (edited by Stewart Davidson)

League Football in South West Scotland (by Malcolm Pagan)

Renfrewshire FA Cup The First 50 Years (by Stewart Davidson, 1993)

East of Scotland Junior Football - A Statistical History (by Graeme McGinty, 2006)

West of Scotland Juniors (by John Aitken, 2006)

The Story of Ayrshire Junior Football

The Clydebank Historian (for 19th Century Dunbartonshire Cup details)

Non League (by Bob Barton, 1985)

The Winners (by Bernard Stocks)

Numerous club histories