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Historical Publications

As well as publishing the only annual dedicated to non-League football in Scotland since 1988, Stewart Davidson’s Scottish Non League Review has also issued numerous booklets covering a huge range of subjects.


Stuart Robertson has compiled a series of booklets which gives the results of every Junior game played in Ayrshire between 1933 and 1968. An excellent addition to any library, these indispensible records can be obtained by emailing Stuart.


Scottish Football Historian Each edition comprises 28 pages and contains original research on the history of the game in Scotland, its  personalities, players and clubs. Reproductions of long-forgotten articles on Scottish Football History, book reviews, obituaries, exchange of information, and news and views of interest to all those with an interest in the history of Scottish Football.


Soccer History magazine, which is edited by Ian Nannestad, is a quality publication covering football history over Britain with in depth coverage of the Scottish game.


‘Wish List’

To complete some of the pages below, I still require a number of final tables. Even partial tables or else more information on league memberships would be most welcome. The list does look lengthy, but apart from the reserve leagues it only features a small number from each league. If you can help in any way at all, please contact me. Many thanks.


Ayrshire & Renfrewshire League 1903-04, 1904-05

Central Combination 1903-04 (unfinished)

Central League 1897-98 (unfinished), 1910-11

Combined Reserve League 1958-59, 1959-60, 1964-65 through to 1971-72, and all Second Series competitions

Eastern League 1905-06, 1906-07, 1912-13, 1920-21, 1921-22, 1922-23

East of Scotland League 1979-80

Edinburgh & District League all seasons

Fife League 1916-17

Forfarshire County League 1909-10

Glasgow & District Midweek League 1912-13

Glasgow & West of Scotland League 1903-04

Inter City League 1905-06, 1908-09

Inter County League 1904-05, 1905-06, 1916-17

Lanarkshire League 1899-00, 1901-02

Midland League 1891-92, 1892-93, 1903-04, 1908-09, 1909-10

Midlothian League 1895-96

North Ayrshire League 1899-00 (fuller table), 1900-01

Northern League 1892-93, 1895-96, 1912-13, 1914-15, 1919-20

Perth City League 1898-99

Perthshire League all seasons

Provincial League 1927-28

Scottish Alliance 1893-94, 1995-96, 1896-97, 1905-06, 1919-20, 1921-22, 1923-24. 1924-25, 1925-26, 1926-27, 1927-28, 1932-33, 1933-34, 1934-35, 1936-37, 1939-40, 1956-67

Scottish Reserve League 1890s-1900s, 1912-13, 1913-14, 1945-46, 1946-47, 1947-48, 1948-49

Scottish Combination 1896-97, 1904-05, 1906-07 through to 1910-11, 1935-36, 1936-37

Scottish County League 1899-00, 1900-01, 1901-02

Scottish Reserve League West all seasons

Scottish Reserve League East all seasons

Scottish Union 1909-10, 1910-11, 1911-12, 1912-13, 1913-14, 1914-15 (unfinished)

Wemyss League 1907-08 through to 1912-13

Western League all seasons


Glasgow Junior League – 1895-96, 1903-04 (full table), 1911-12, 1913-14, 1915-16 to 1921-22, 1922-23 (Div 2 only) to 1926-27

Kincardineshire Junior League - all seasons

Lanarkshire Junior League 1891-92, 1896-97, 1897-98, 1898-99, 1907-08, 1909-10, 1914-15, 1919-20, 1920-21, 1921-22, 1923-24 to 1925-26 (Div 2 only needed),  1927-28 to 1930-31, 1932-33, 1939-40, 1940-41, 1940-41, 1948-49 to 1949-50,  1952-53 to 1954-55, 1960-61

Lanarkshire Junior Alliance 1892-93, 1894-95, 1895-96, 1896-97

Clackmannanshire Junior League 1896-97, 1897-98, 1898-99, 1908-09

Dumfries & District Junior League 1945-46

East Lothian Junior League 1912-13, 1913-14

Kilmarnock & District Junior League 1903-04 to 1920-21

Lothian Junior League 1915-16 to 1917-18

Midlothian Junior League 1895-96 to 1901-02, 1918-19 to 1919-20

Musselburgh Junior League 1898-99, 1899-00, 1900-01

Scottish Intermediate League - all seasons

Scottish Junior League 1893-94, 1899-00, 1900-01, 1901-02, 1903-04, 1909-10, 1910-11 (Div 2), 1911-12, 1912-13 (Div 2), 1914-15 to 1946-47

Stirlingshire Junior League - most seasons

Western Intermediate League 1928-29



2009 updates

25 October – More Glasgow Cup results, mainly concerning Partick Thistle, have been added thanks to sterling work by Graham Deans.


24 October – Tom’s been back in touch with last remaining missing Premier Reserve League table from 1985-86 season. He writes ‘On the subject of the "missing" tables, I believe there was no Premier Reserve Leagues for those seasons. In season 1976-77, the Scottish Reserve League had each club playing 33 games and therefore I doubt they would have time to play another league competition.

While in Seasons 1980-81 and 1981-82 - I have Celtic only competing in the Reserve League West. Indeed Celtic defeated Dundee United (East winners) 1-0 on aggregate in 1980-81 for the overall title.’

Kris Scrimgeour has supplied more results for the Forfarshire Cup.


23 October – Tom McGouran has provided more Reserve league tables. The period covering the Scottish (Reserve) League from 1955 to 1975 is now complete, while only five seasons (1976-77, 1978-79, 1980-81, 1981-82, 1985-86) are required to complete the Premier Reserve League. If you can help with these, or any other tables, please contact me.


20 October – Graham Deans has uncovered the date and result of the Glasgow Cup  tie between Third Lanark and Partick Thistle from 1913-14.

I’ve also updated some information concerning the Dunbartonshire & District League


17 October – Ian Nannestad of Soccer History magazine has noted some corrections, namely the date (23 April 1952 and not 23 August 1951) of the Hearts ‘A’ v Berwick Rangers 'C' Division result in 1951-52, and the correct result of the Clachnacuddin v Forfar Athletic tie in the 3rd Preliminary round of the 1945-46 Victory Cup. This was initially noted as a walkover for the Inverness side, but was played a week later than the rest of the ties of the round and ended 3-2.


16 October – Robert Bruce has sent me final tables of the 1975-76 and 1976-77 Premier and Scottish Reserve Leagues.

I’ve also updated the Midlothian Junior League with a number of missing tables.


10 October – John Condron of the Kerrydale Street site has drawn my attention to the fact that Celtic’s game against Kelvinside Athletic in the 1891-92 Glasgow Cup was a friendly match after the latter side had scratched from the competition after taking the field.


5 October – Robert Bruce of the Rangers History site has uncovered a list of Rangers’ reserve title wins, which includes ones from 1894-95, 1898-99, 1905-06, 1909-10, 1910-11, 1911-12, 1912-13 and 1914-15 seasons. These championships don’t tally with known records, but I’ve listed them here hoping someone knows which competitions they relate to. Robert has also supplied more Scottish Reserve League tables from the 1955-1975 period, and the table from the unfinished second series of the 1967-68 Combined Reserve League.


25 September - Graham Deans, who has corresponded with Queen’s Park FC, has sent me all the results of the Spiders’ Glasgow Cup matches.


21 September – I’ve added a page giving an overview of Juvenile football in Scotland. This was once a power in the land, with clubs fielding players as old as 27, but had diminished in status by the mid 1960s. Today the grade is covered by the Scottish Youth FA and has an age limit of 21.

When Inverness City joined the Juniors in 2008, they were believed to be the first from the Highland capital since the early 1900s. However it had come to light that the Inverness Junior League existed very briefly just after WWII. Not much is known about this league, except it disbanded in 1953, but I’ve add a short page about it. If you can add any more about this competition, please contact me.


15 September – The West of Scotland FA Cup updated.


7 September – Stuart Robertson has supplied Forfarshire Cup results for most seasons between 1883 and 1936, to which I‘ve added a number of results from the 1960s onwards. I’ve also compiled a page giving all the league and cup winners for the Scottish Amateur League.


30 August – Abbey Vale Institution, which competed in the 1870s has been removed from the Club Directory. According to Harry Smith, they only played rugby and never the association code: ‘I did some research a while back on rugby in St Andrews. Abbey Park had a brief existence as a boarding school. They fielded rugby teams but there were no references in the local paper to them playing football. Confusion could have arisen because in the 1870's-1880's many newspapers in the East of Scotland referred to rugby as football. Incidently only this week a developer is reported to have submitted plans to develop the derelict Abbey Park House.’


29 August – Border Amateur League winners and most of the final tables since the 1990s added. If anyone can help with a brief history of the league, please contact me.

John Meffen has forwarded the final tables of the 1949-50 C Division N&E and Graeme Gibb has sent me a photograph of Scotstoun Victoria. This states that they won the League and Jackie Robertson Cup in1932-33, but I’m not certain if these were at Juvenile or Amateur level. If anyone can enlighten me, please contact me.


25 August - Chris Munro has contacted me with more information on two of the early Benburb clubs of the 1890s. Chris writes: ‘I managed to find that the Benburb of Oatlands played through to the summer of 1898 at Benburb Park. This was the old Thistle ground now located within the confines of Richmond Park with Jenny's Burn at one end. Richmond Park opened in 1899 and it was the development that led the Council to requisition the ground in the summer of 1898 with no recompense to the club. The club paid of its debts and folded around July 1898. A meeting was called in Whitelaw's Public House in October 1898 under the title Benburb FC. The people involved seem to be newcomers although a couple of players seem to have persisted between the two clubs. This side played its first game on October 15 1898 defeating Mossend Celtic. This is the Benburb that continues to today. This side used the same strips worn by Benburb from Oatlands. This three month period is open to conjecture as to any connection between the sides and how the strips were acquired and the motivation of the newcomers in calling the meeting and naming the team Benburb FC but general opinion seems to be that they should be considered to be two different clubs although I think there's scope to argue otherwise.’ Chris also writes excellent historical blogs for the Benburb site at and the formation of the present club is chronicled HERE.


24 August – I’ve added the winners and final tables of the Fife Amateur League, which was formed in 2001 by the amalgamation of the Kirkcaldy & District and East Fife Amateur Leagues. .


23 August – Kris Scrimgeour has sent an amendment to the list of Dewar Shield winners. In 1957-58, Dundee beat Buckie Thistle on penalties, soon after they had beaten Fraseburgh to lift the 1956-57 trophy. Also slight additions have been made to the Club Directory to reflect the moving up of four clubs to a higher grade. Turriff United, Speyside Thistle and Formartine United all joined the Highland League from the North Juniors, while Spartan’s amateur XI joined the East Region Junior League.


This year the Scottish Amateur FA celebrates its centenary. To coincide with this, the SFHA, will be expanding on its amateur coverage. I’ve added a number of pages on some of the more senior amateur leagues, namely the Aberdeenshire Amateur League, the Caledonian Amateur League and the Central Scottish Amateur League. I intend to add more of these in the coming weeks.


12 August - Philip Hulme-Jones has noticed a couple of anomalies on the East of Scotland League page of tables, which have been corrected. Also Tom McGouran has sent me some more SPL Youth league going back to 1992-93.


5 August – I’ve compiled a page giving the champions and a potted history of the somewhat enigmatic North Caledonian League, an amateur league that due to some historical quirk, is recognised by the Scottish FA as a Senior competition. There are also all of the final tables of the competition since the late 1990s.


Scott Cockburn has sent me all the final tables of the SPL Youth league. This was open to Under-18 players when it first ran in 2001, and was extended to under-19 players two years later.

If anyone has any more on the history of Under-age, youth and Juvenile football, and they’d like to post it on the site, please contact me.


3 August – Every final table of the East of Scotland League is now available to view.


2 August - Philip Hulme-Jones who is researching Stranraer’s results, has quite rightly pointed out glaring errors in the page I have about the South of Scotland League, the list of league champions being the same as the League Cup winners! This has now been corrected.


30 July – I’ve added a page about the Midlothian Junior League, which dominated the East of Scotland before and just after the Great War.

Also additions have been made to the 1910-11 Scottish Junior League Division2 and 1930-31 Scottish Intermediate League Western Division, and a new page about the Glasgow District Junior League


29 July – I’ve further updated the Glasgow Junior League page with tables (including some of the GJL 2nd XI League) sent to me by Stewart Davidson. I’ve also added a page about the short-lived Scottish Junior Alliance of 1892-93. The Club Directory has also had some amendments made to it.


27 July – I’ve added a page concerning the Glasgow Junior League which was arguably the most powerful Junior league to have existed, taking on and beating the SJFA on a number of occasions before it disbanded in 1927.

Tom McGouran has also sent me a couple of amendments to the C Division, mainly regarding fixture dates. Tom writes ‘Your grid has Celtic playing Falkirk on 26 August. In my research for Celtic scorers and teams, I found out on that date Celtic played East Fife. I checked 23 August, that date the grid has Celtic playing East Fife but I found no game. The figures on the League table this season do not match the scores on the grid for Celtic. In 1954-55 C Division Celtic played Raith Rovers on 31 December and not 1 January.’


25 July – The Kincardineshire Junior League page I added yesterday was an earlier one I’d been working on. The correct one is now on the site. I’ve also added a page about the Friendship Cup by Bob Rutherford that was played between Scottish and French clubs in the early 1960s.


24 July – I’ve added a page concerning the Kincardineshire Junior League, which existed sporadically between 1905 and 1955. Ian Sumner’s military knowledge of the Scottish battalions has now been added to the Club Directory.


22 July – Stuart Robertson has added more final tables to the Kilmarnock & District Junior League and Western Intermediate League pages. Robert Watson has also supplied the table for the 1929-30 Eastern Division of the Scottish Intermediate League.

I’ve added a page listing all the top goalscorers in the Scottish League since 1890-91. Please contact me if you notice any errors, or can to some of the earlier seasons regarding the lower divisions.


21 July – More Lanarkshire Junior League tables from the 1920s to the 1950s have been sent in by Robert Watson.


19 July – Firstly I’ve updated both the Glasgow Cup and the C Division of 1954-55 (both from Tom McGouran). Secondly, I’ve completed new pages with leagues sent to me by Stewart Davidson. The Kilmarnock & District Junior League, Lanarkshire North Western League, Midland Junior League, Renfrewshire Junior League, Scottish Intermediate League, Western Intermediate League, South Ayrshire Junior League, Stirling & District Junior League and Strathaven & District Junior League all have some final tables and seasonal memberships. If you can fill in any blank seasons, please contact me. I’ve also made a couple of minor amendments to the Scottish Junior League and Stirlingshire Junior League pages.


17 July – The record of the Glasgow Cup competition is edging towards completion thanks to research sent to me by Third Lanark historian Graham Deans. There are still a very small number of matches to find, but the page now gives virtually every result up to 1988.


16 July – The Scottish Junior League existed in three versions between 1892 and 1947. Stewart Davidson supplied a great many tables, and again using John Aitken’s ‘West of Scotland Juniors’ book, I’ve posted a page detailing the history of this somewhat overlooked league.


13 July – I’ve updated the Lanarkshire Junior League and Lanarkshire Junior Alliance pages that Stewart supplied with information from John Aitken’s ‘West of Scotland Juniors’ book and given a potted history of both leagues. Any more information on either would be most welcome. For more information on the latter years of both the LJL and the Lanarkshire Junior FA, I thoroughly recommend the two booklets published by Stewart Davidson.



All-time Club Directory



Atholl League 1905-06

Ayrshire Championship

  1. 1896-97
  2. 1908-09

Ayrshire Combination 1893-1897

Ayrshire League

  1. 1891-1895
  2. 1900-1902
  3. 1910-11

Ayrshire & Renfrewshire League 1903-1905



Carrie Cup 1897-1904, 1909-10

C Division, Scottish League, dates & results

Central Combination 1897-1904

Central Highland League 1939-40

Central League

  1. 1896-1898
  2. 1909-1921 and League Cup
  3. 1945-46

Combined Reserve League 1958-1972


Dunbartonshire & District League 1901-1903


Eastern Alliance 1891-92

Eastern League

  1. 1904-1907
  2. 1912-1914
  3. 1915-1923
  4. 1945-46 & League Cup

East of Scotland League

  1. 1893-94
  2. 1896-1908
  3. 1923-date
  4. Final tables 1923-date (html format)
  5. Final tables 1923-date (pdf format)

Edinburgh League 1894-1896

Edinburgh & District League 1930-1935


Falkirk & District League 1898-1901

Fife League

  1. 1903-1905
  2. 1916-17

Forfarshire County League 1897-1901, 1909-10


Glasgow League

  1. 1895-1899
  2. 1904-1906

Glasgow & District Midweek League 1912-13

Glasgow & District Reserve League 1942-1945

Glasgow & West of Scotland League 1898-1906

  1. Shield 1906-07


Highland League

  1. Final tables 1893-date
  2. Highland Emergency League 1939-40
  3. Central Highland League 1939-40

Highland Emergency League 1939-40


Inter City Midweek League 1912-13

Inter City League

  1. 1899-1906
  2. 1908-09

Inter County League

  1. 1904-1906
  2. 1916-17


Kirkcudbrightshire League 1920-21


Lanarkshire League 1898-1902

Linlithgowshire League 1895-96


Midland League

  1. 1891-1897
  2. 1903-04
  3. 1908-1910

Midlothian League 1895-96


North Ayrshire League 1899-1901

North Caledonian League 1896-date

North Eastern League 1941-1945

Northern League 1891-1920


Perth City League 1898-99

Perthshire League

Provincial League 1927-28


Renfrewshire League 1894-95


Scottish Alliance

  1. 1891-1897
  2. 1905-06
  3. 1919-1938 & Shield 1932-33
  4. 1939-40
  5. 1956-57

Scottish Combination

  1. 1896-1911
  2. 1935-1937

Scottish County League 1899-1902

Scottish Federation 1891-1893

Scottish Federation 1898-99

Scottish League

  1. Expulsions 1891-1953
  2. Elections 1893-2002
  3. Re-elections 1891-1950
  4. Resignations1897-1940
  5. First Level final tables
  6. Second Level final tables
  7. Third Level final tables
  8. 'C' Division results & tables 1946-1955
  9. Point deductions & additions
  10. Drybrough Cup 1971-1974, 1979-1981
  11. Scottish League Cup 1946–date
  12. Spring Cup 1975-76
  13. Scottish League Challenge Cup 1990-date
  14. Scottish League B Division Supplementary Cup 1945-1952
  15. Summer Cup 1964-1965
  16. War-time competition 1939-40
  17. Promotion & relegation
  18. Play offs
  19. Top Goalscorers


Scottish Reserve League

  1. 1890s-1900s
  2. 1912-1915
  3. 1938-39
  4. 1945-1949
  5. 1955-1975
  6. 1975-date


Scottish (Reserve) League 1955-1975

Scottish Union 1906-1915

South of Scotland League

  1. 1892-93
  2. 1946-date

Southern Counties League

  1. 1897-98
  2. 1910-11
  3. 1914-15
  4. 1921-1923
  5. 1924-25
  6. 1927-1937

Southern League 1940-1946

Stewartry League

  1. 1894-1897
  2. 1921-22

Stirlingshire League 1893-94


Wemyss League 1905-06, 1907-1913 

Western League

       i.         1915-1923 & League Cup 1917-1923

      ii.         1927-28

Wigtownshire League

  1. 1913-14
  2. 1923-1925





Anglo-Franco-British Friendship Cup 1960-1962

Anglo-Scottish Cup 1975-1981

Ayrshire Cup 1877-1990

Ayrshire 2nd XI Cup 1887-1897


British League Cup 1902


Central League Cup 1909-1921

Clackmannanshire Charity Cup 1887-1896

Coronation Cup 1953

Cowan Cup 1889-1893


Dewar Shield 1899-1983

Drybrough Cup 1971-1974, 1979-1980

Dumbartonshire FA Cup 1884-1940

Dunedin Cup 1909-1933


Eastern Cup 1915-1918

Eastern League Cup 1945-46

Edinburgh Cup 1882-1899

Empire Exhibition Trophy 1938


Falkirk Charity Cup 1885-1896, 1913-14

Festival of Britain 1951

  1. St Mungo Cup 1951
  2. St Mungo Quaich 1951

Forfarshire Cup 1883-


Glasgow Exhibition Trophy 1888

Glasgow Exhibition Cup 1901

Glasgow FA Cup 1887-1990

Glasgow & West of Scotland Shield 1906-07


Haddingtonshire Cup 1881-1885


Lanarkshire 2nd XI Cup 1886-1896

Linlithgowshire 2nd XI Cup 1885-1895


North Ayrshire Cup 1895-97

North Eastern Cup 1908-1914

North Eastern League Cup 1941-1945


St Mungo Cup 1951

St Mungo Quaich 1951

Sauchie Band Charity Badge 1886-87

Scottish Alliance Shield 1932-33

Scottish FA Cup 1873-date

Scottish FA North Challenge Cup 2007-date

Scottish FA South Challenge Cup 2007-date

Scottish FA Qualifying Cup finals 1895-2007

Scottish League Cup 1946–date

Scottish League B Division Supplementary Cup 1945-1952

Scottish League Challenge Cup 1990-date

Scottish Reserve League Cup 1913-date

Scottish 2nd XI Cup 1881-1988

Southern League Cup 1940-1946

Spring Cup 1975-76

Stirlingshire Cup 1883-date 

Stirlingshire Coronation Trophy 1902-03

Summer Cup

  1. 1940-1945
  2. 1964-1965  

Supplementary Cup, B Division 1945-1952


Texaco Cup 1970-1975


Victory Cup 1918-19

Victory Cup 1945-46


Western League Cup 1917-1923

West of Scotland FA Cup 1877-1879




Angus & Kincardineshire Junior League 1946-1948


Clackmannanshire Junior League 1896-1909


East Lothian Junior League 1893-94, 1896-1899, 1901-02 & 1911-1914


Glasgow District Junior League 1899-1924

Glasgow Junior League 1896-1932


Inverness Junior League post WWII-1953


Kilmarnock & District Junior League 1898-1921

Kincardineshire Junior League 1905-1955

         i.            Supplementary League 1949-1953


Lanarkshire Junior Alliance 1891-1903

Lanarkshire Junior League 1891-1968 

       ii.            Supplementary League 1962-1966


Lanarkshire North Western Junior League 1898-1900

Lothian Junior League 1915-1918


Midland Junior League 1896-1901

Midlothian Junior League 1893-1922

Musselburgh Junior League 1898-1901


Renfrewshire Junior League 1897-98


Scottish Intermediate League 1927-1931

Scottish Junior Alliance 1892-93

Scottish Junior League 1892-1894, 1899-1904, 1908-1947

South Ayrshire Junior League 1921-1932

Stirling & District Junior League 1896-1901

Stirlingshire Junior League 1893-94, 1900-1928 & 1932-33

Strathaven & District Junior League 1900-01


Western Intermediate League 1927-1931




Ayrshire Intermediate Cup 1927-1931


Alloa & District Junior Cup 1909-1913


Chapman Cup 1946-1950

Clackmannashire Junior Cup 1893-1895, 1901-1913

Clackmannanshire Junior Charity Cup 1890-1912


Dawson Cup 1912-1955

Dickson Cup 1946-1951

Dumfries FC Cup 1904-1906

Dumfries Junior Cup 1887-1889


East Lothian Junior Cup 1891-1933

East Lothian Junior League Cup 1899-1901, 1903-04


Falkirk & District Junior Cup 1888-89, 1900-1939, 1955-1958


Lanarkshire Junior League Cup 1921-1966


Musselburgh Cup 1901-1936


Scott Cup 1930-1932

Scottish Intermediate Consolation Cup 1927-1931

Scottish Intermediate League Cup 1927-1931

Simpson Shield 1892-1922

Stirling & District Junior Cup 1889-1940

Stirlingshire Junior Consolation Cup 1902-1914 

Stirlingshire Junior Cup 1891-1962

Subscription Cup 1921-1955


Victory Cup (Scottish Junior League) 1918-1947

Victory Consolation Cup (Scottish Junior League) 1918-1940


Wyper Medals 1881-82




Clackmannanshire football 1886-1913

  1. Alloa & District Junior Cup 1909-1913
  2. Clackmannanshire Charity Cup 1887-1896
  3. Clackmannanshire Junior League 1896-1909
  4. Clackmannashire Junior Cup 1893-1895, 1901-1913
  5. Clackmannanshire Junior Charity Cup 1890-1912
  6. Sauchie Band Charity Badge 1886-87


Dumfries-shire Junior football 1881-1951 

Dumfries, Maxwelltown & District FA 1892-1907

  1. Cup 1892-1907
  2. Shield 1900-1907  

Dumfries and Maxwelltown Junior FA 1911-1913

  1. Cup 1911-1913
  2. Shield 1911-1913

Dumfries and Galloway Junior FA 1919-1926

  1. Cup 1919-1926
  2. Shield 1919-1925
  3. League 1925-26

Dumfries & District Junior FA 1945-1951

  1. Johnstone-Currie Cup 1946-1951
  2. British Legion Cup 1947-1951
  3. League 1945-1951
  4. Supplementary League Cup 1949-1951


East Lothian football

  1. Senior club results 1877-1890
  2. Haddingtonshire Cup 1881-1885
  3. East Lothian Junior Cup 1891-1933
  4. East Lothian Junior League 1893-94, 1896-1899, 1901-02 & 1911-1914
  5. East Lothian Junior League Cup 1899-1901, 1903-04
  6. Musselburgh Junior League 1898-1901
  7. Musselburgh Junior Cup 1901-1936
  8. Simpson Shield 1892-1922


Falkirk & District football in the 19th Century


Fife Junior History Results & tables since 1885


Irvine-based clubs


Reserve football

  1. Cup competitions
  2. Glasgow & District Reserve League 1942-1945
  3. Combined Reserve League 1958-1972
  4. Scottish Alliance 1919-1938 & 1956-57
  5. Scottish Reserve League 1895-96, 1909-1915, 1938-39, 1945-1949, 1975-2007
  6. Scottish (Reserve) League 1955-1975
  7. Scottish Reserve League Cup 1913-2007
  8. Scottish 2nd XI Cup 1881-1988
  9. Ayrshire 2nd XI Cup 1887-1897
  10. Edinburgh Cup 1882-1899
  11. Linlithgowshire 2nd XI Cup 1885-1895
  12. Lanarkshire 2nd XI Cup 1886-1896


Stirlingshire football

  1. Stirlingshire Cup
  2. Stirlingshire 2nd XI Cup 1892-1897
  3. Stirlingshire League 1893-94
  4. Falkirk & District League 1898-1901
  5. Falkirk Charity Cup 1885-1896, 1913-14
  6. Stirlingshire Coronation Trophy 1902-03
  7. Falkirk & District Junior Cup 1888-89, 1900-1939, 1955-1958
  8. Stirlingshire Junior Cup 1891-1962
  9. Stirlingshire Junior Consolation Cup 1902-1914
  10. Stirlingshire Junior League 1893-94, 1900-1928 & 1932-33
  11. Stirling & District Junior Cup 1889-1940
  12. Stirling & District Junior League


War-time football

  1. The Great War 1914-1919
  2. World War Two 1939-1946




Aberdeenshire Amateur League 1947-

         i.            Association Trophy 1947-

       ii.            Barclay Cook Cup 1964-

      iii.            Bowie Cup 1949-

     iv.            Castle Rovers Cup 1978-

       v.            Chattan Rovers Cup 1974-

     vi.            Dickie Trophy 1968-

    vii.            Edmond Trophy 1954-

  viii.            Hans Fyfe Trophy 1969-

     ix.            Ian Napier Memorial Shield 1980-

       x.            Premier Trophy 2001-


Border Amateur League 1936-

         i.            Beverage Cup 1947-

       ii.            Collie Cup 1971-1974, 1992-

      iii.            Sanderson Cup 1987-

     iv.            Waddell Cup 1976-

       v.            Walls Cup 1968-

     vi.            Wright Cup 1962-


Caledonian Amateur League 1983-

         i.            Caledonian Amateur League Cup 1983-

       ii.            Queen’s Park Trophy 1983-

Central Scottish Amateur League 1988-

         i.            Central Scottish Amateur League Cup 1988-

       ii.            Cinema Cup 1988-

      iii.            Mcavoy McIntyre Trophy 1988-


Fife Amateur League 2001-

         i.            Fife Amateur League Cup 2001-

       ii.            Premier Division Cup 2001-

      iii.            Division 1 Cup 2001-

     iv.            Division 2 Cup 2001-


North Caledonian League 1896-date


Scottish Amateur League 1908-




Aberdeen FC Trophy 1947-

Association Trophy (Aberdeenshire AFA) 1989-


Barclay Cook Cup 1964-

Beverage Cup 1947-

Border Amateur Cup 1960-

Bowie Cup 1949-


Caledonian Amateur League Cup

Castle Rovers Cup 1978-

Centenary Trophy (Scottish Amateur League)  1990-

Central Scottish Amateur League Cup 1988-

Chattan Rovers Cup 1974-

Cinema Cup 1988-

Colin Munro Cup 1954-2007

Collie Cup 1971-1974, 1992-

Coronation Cup (Scottish Amateur League) 1952-


Dickie Trophy 1968-

Division 1 Cup (Fife Amateur League) 2001-

Division 2 Cup (Fife Amateur League) 2001-


Edmond Trophy 1954-


Fife Amateur League Cup 2001-


Hall Cup 1954-2000

Hans Fyfe Trophy 1969-


Ian Napier Memorial Shield 1980-


Jimmy Marshall Trophy 1990-


Mcavoy McIntyre Trophy 1988-


Premier Challenge Cup (Scottish Amateur League) 1990-

Premier Division Cup (Fife Amateur League) 2001-

Premier League Cup (Scottish Amateur League) 1990-

Premier Trophy (Aberdeenshire AFA) 2001-


Queen’s Park Trophy 1983-


Sanderson Cup 1987-

Scottish Amateur FA Cup 1910-date

South of Scotland Amateur Cup 1951-


Waddell Cup 1976-

Walls Cup 1968-

Wright Cup 1962-




Cowdenbeath Juvenile Cup 1893-1965

East Fife Juvenile Cup 1901-1911, 1932-33, 1949-50

Fife Juvenile Cup 1893-1964


Juvenile football

         i.            Scottish Juvenile Cup 1899-1991

       ii.            Scottish Secondary Juvenile Cup 1922-1986

      iii.            Lord Weir Cup 1932-1996

     iv.            Lady Darling Cup 1932-date

       v.            Fife Juvenile Cup 1892-1964

     vi.            Cowdenbeath Juvenile Cup 1893-1965

    vii.            East Fife Juvenile Cup 1901-1911, 1932-33, 1949-50

  viii.            Internationals


Lady Darling Cup 1932-date

Lord Weir Cup 1932-1996

Scottish Juvenile Cup 1899-1991

Scottish Secondary Juvenile Cup 1922-1986

Scottish Premier League Youth League 1993-date




Baines’ Cigarette Cards


Cigarette Cards

  1. Baines’ Cigarette Cards


Club Directory


Elections to the Scottish League 1893-2002


  1. Scottish League 1891-1953
  2. Non-League 1905-06


Falkirk FC – John Meffen’s history of the club (in pdf format) between 1877 and 1891.



  1. Baines’ Cigarette Cards
  1. Andrew Watson
  1. Waterloo FC
  2. Scotstoun Victoria FC 1932-33


Goalscorers, top Scottish League scorers since 1890-91


Play offs, Scottish League/Scottish Premier League 1890-date 

Promotion & relegation, Scottish League/Scottish Premier League 1890-date 


Re-elections, Scottish League 1891-1950



  1. Scottish League 1897-1940
  2. Non-League 1897-1992


Tours by clubs and international XIs 1876-date


Watson, Andrew

  1. Photograph