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Brea's Art in Public Places

In 1975 the City Council of Brea, California, passed a resolution to implement the Art in Public Places Program.
The art works are paid for and installed by private developers as part of construction of all new residential, commercial and industrial development projects of five dwelling units or more with a total building project valuation of $1,500,000 or more.
The goal of Brea's Art in Public Places Program is to provide permanent, outdoor art work accessible to the general public throughout the city. 

*NOTE: This website is the work of an interested individual, and is not affiliated with the City of Brea's website.

This web site has photographs of all the existing Art in Public Places in Brea, California:

1.  Hermandad.  By: Carlos Terres

2.  Twist & Slide.  By: Daniel Miller

3.  Warped Cube.  By: Harold Pastorius

4.  Water Tower.  By: Gared N. Smith

5.  Rock Wagon.  By: Harold Pastorius 

6.  Disc.  By: Daniel Miller

7.  Doublecheck.  By: J. Seward Johnson (no longer on display)

8.  The Eagle.  By: Daniel Gluck

9.  Cove Sculpture.  By: Wall/Goldfinger

10.  Stonework '82.  By: Seiji Kunishima 

11.  Suzuki Fountain.  By: Steeber Construction Co.

12.  Esprit.  By: Patty Fiedler

13.  The Vision.  By: Duane Loppnow

14.  Brea Wind Sculpture.  By: George Baker

15.  Link.  By: Harold Pastorius

16.  Heat Exchanger.  By: Harold Pastorius

17.  Millwood II.  By: Guy Dill

18.  Beam Relay.  By: Harold Pastorius

19.  Saturn Sail.  By: Harold Pastorius

20.  Mustangs.  By: Ray Persinger

21.  Guadalupe.  By: Joyce Kohl

22.  My Bird in Space.  By: Daniel Miller

23.  Sengai Circle III.  By: Michael Todd

24.  Early Oil Derrick. By: SGPA

25.  Cactus Garden. By: Harold Pastorius 

26.  Bluebird. By: Katie Casita

27.  Kim-Olympic Rhythms. By: Natalie Krol

28.  Swinging a Child. By: Natalie Krol

29.  Brea in Progress. By: Hal Reed

30.  Limeade. By: Jay Willis  (retired)

31.  Golden California. By: Robert Cunningham (no longer on display)

32.  Wall Arch and Post. By: Daniel Miller

33.  Fruit Forbidden. By: Dale Halberg

34.  Oil Drill. By: John Jagger

35.  Wings. By: Daniel Miller

36.  Prelude. By: Robert Cunningham

37.  The Pyramid. By: Marlin Beaver (no longer on display)

38.  Family. By: Harold Pastorius

39.  Elements and Essentials of Industry. By: Robert Cunningham

40.  Cactus Flower. By: John Horton

41.  California Saga. By: Robert Wendell

42.  Sunburst. By: Sergio O' Cadiz

43.  Selections. By: Harold Pastorius

44.  Spiral II.  By: Aris B. Sherwood IV

45.  Butterflies. By: Natalie Krol

46.  Birds. By: Jeff Morse

47.  Early California Family. By: Carlos Terres

48.  Hold. By: Harold Pastorius

49.  Dove of Peace, Hope and Love. By: William J. Cornwall (no longer on display)

50.  Two Plus One. By: Gerald Wahlberg

51.  The Birds. By: King Zimmerman

52.  Wall Warp. By: Harold Pastorius

53.  20th Century Totem. (unable to locate as of 11/27/08)

54.  The Windmill. By: Harold Pastorius

55.  Large Composition in Stainless Steel and Bronze No. 2. By: Gidon Graetz    

56.  Split Mace. By: Charles O' Perry

57. Springtime. By: Raffael Benozzi (no longer on display)

58. Frame/Arc. By: Gerald Wahlberg (no longer on display)

59. Red Line C-2000. By: Fletcher Benton

60. The Rise of Icarus. By: Gidon Graetz      

61. High Tech Totem. By: Jorg Dubin and Darrel Moore

62. Abstract Dreams. By: James Mitchell

63. Allesandro. By: George D. O'Nell, Jr.

64. Kaikoo Series IV & XVI. By: Betty Gold

65. Offshoot. By: Dan Dykes

66. The Bather. By: John Nieford

67. Roughnecks. By: Carlos Terres   

68. Brea, North of Yesterday. By: Erick Orr

69. Red Assent. By: R. Bret Price

70. Rof Visch. By: Charles Gray

71. Interface. By: Bill Bedford

72. Cognizance. By: Bill Bedford

73. Dissimilar Equals. By: Bill Bedford

74. Sculpture Columns. By: Michael Davis

75. Brea of Olde. By: Jeff Morse

76. Solitude. By: Erwin Biner (no longer on display)

77. Inate. By: Bill Bedford

78. Coming Home. By: Irene Currier

79. Dolphins. By: John Svenson (no longer on display)

80. Faceless Crowd. By: Erwin Biner (no longer on display)

81. Direct Assent. By: James Mitchell

82. La Lune. By: Nikki de Saint-Phalle

83. Jupe D'Eau. By: Pol Bury

84. Cristo. By: Carlos Terres

85. Interface. By: Bill Bedford

86. Breaking Free. By: Marton Varo

87. Jewel of the Nile. By: Marton Varo

88. Ladies of the Nile. By: Marton Varo

89. Quintessence. By: Joan Carl  

90. Rio. By: Michael Weinstein

91. Ironworker. By: Ray Persinger

92. Kinor Shin II. By: Charna Rickey

93. The Giver. By: Marianna O'Barr

94. Internal Spring. By: Guy Wilson

95. Winnepeg. By: Woods Davy

96. Natchez. By: Woods Davy

97. Sampson's Fall. By: David Falossi

98. La Mecedora (The Rocking Chair). By: Carlos Terres

99. Jumping Deer. By: Carlos Terres

100. The Wildcat. By: Carlos Terres    

101. The Lamplighter. By: Robert Steinkamp

102. Hero's Journey. By: Ray Persinger

103.Transitions. By: Kevin C. Christison

104. Forty Feet Tall. By: Joan Carl

105. Awakenings. By: Essie Pinsker

106. California Dream. By: Terence (Terry) Thornsley

107. The Spirit of Life. By: John Kennedy (no longer on display)

108. Sympatico. By: John Kennedy

109. Friendship Bench and Love Bench. By: John Kennedy

110. Reminiscing. By: John Kennedy

111. Candelabra. By: John Okulick

112. Crossover. By: Michael Anderson

113. Water Power. By: J. Seward Johnson Jr.

114. There, Now You Can Grow. By: J. Seward Johnson Jr.

115. Union Passage. By: Guy Wilson

116. Deep Purple. By: Bret Price

117. Ascending Dancers. By: Robert Holmes

118. Home Run Kings. By: Robert Steinkamp

119. Portals. By: Marsh Scott  

120. Orange Grove Fountain.  By: Meg Cranston

121. Just a Taste.  By: J. Seward Johnson Jr.

122. Mandril De Rosa.  By: Marsh Scott    

123. Family.  By: Gregory Hawthorne      

124. Untitled Diptych.  By: Laddie John Dill      

125. Next Step.  By: Louis Longi (replacement for #7)

126. Stasis.  By: Louis Longi (replacement for #7)

127. Ganesh.     By: Steve Metzger

128. Avalon's Legacy.  By: Tanya Ragir

129. D'Accord.  By: Guy Dill

130. Mayan Moon Maiden. By: Roger Person

131. Eagle II and Hawk III. By: Gwynn Murrill

132. Systemic Transition.  By: Marianna O'Barr

133. Cobalt Basin and Range.  By: Laddie John Dill

134. The Gathering.  By: Bret Price

135. Hand-Like Trees.  By: Magdalena Abakanowicz

136. Nature's Guardians.  By: Karen Heyl

137. Sumer #18 and Sumer #13.  By: Larry Bell

138. Breaking Down the Orange Curtain.  By: Cheryl Ekstrom

139. Brea Portal.  By: Walter Dusenbery (replacement for #30)

140. Ascender IV.  By: Bruce Beasley

141. Brea Column.  By: Rod Kagan

142. Dance With The Midnight Moon.  By: Kevin B. Robb

143. Moment of Tranquility.  By: Michael Amescua

144. A Moment in Time.  By: Tanya Ragir

145. Vicky. By: Tanya Ragir

146. A Tree Within. By: Guy Wilson

147. Red Tail Hawk. By: Michael Stutz

148. The Road Ahead. By: Brad Howe

149. Twist I & II. By: Archie Held

150. Stop & Go. By: Guy Dill




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