The Classic Circe

The Classic Circe

Circe by Wright Barker.

Our favorite Eternal is based on a popular character from Greek Mythology, Circe the sorceress. Here, our focus shifts from the Sersi of Marvel Comics to the Circe of legend.

In ancient Greek mythology, the charater of Circe was a great Sorceress, who used her knowledge of herblore to transform men and women into animals and beasts. She was both capable of great hospitality- such as she showed to Odysseus and his men (eventually), and cruelty- evident in her transformation of the nymph Scylla into a hideous monster.

The following is a very brief outline of this classic character, one of the oldest characters in Western Literature, and by no means does her justice. It is mearly meant to be an introduction to the character Jack Kirby based his most high spirited Eternal (Sersi) on.
Divine Parentage
Circe is said to be the daughter of Helios - the Sun, and Perseis - one of the Oceanids. As such she could conceivably count herself as one of the Gods herself, however, it is her use of witchcraft for which she has gained infamy. Unlike the Gods, Circe uses herbs and potions to achieve her goals.

Circe has inspired many paintings over hundreds of years.

Portraits of Circe

Sersi's Loft
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