NEWS UPDATE

$100 bucks...what will that get you? Who cares. $10 what will that get you? If you're smart you figured it out...thats right, a ringside seat to watch The Furious Faction.

Friday night was a night that left alot unexplained...Dumbo, or Jimbo, whatever your name are very lucky, you walked out still holding the belt, DONT GET COMFORTABLE.

Bastet, you must wear stupid like most women wear jewelry....everywhere. What kind of nut case are you, thinking you could get in the ring with Brett Bonz, that headbutt Hellraiser gave you must have had a lasting affect...cause you are S.O.S.--stuck on stupid.

Thunder, punk we need to talk, everyone else has figured out that they need to leave The Faction alone...but your dumb ass just keeps on coming back for more, i dont understand that, which is probably best, cause i'm sure you are as stupid as your 'girlfriend'. Hell even hop along London had enough sense not to show up...who has your back now?

Last but certainly not least...Celeste....if you have better handle 'em, get your head out of Prince Taylors ass or you'll find yourself in the headlights of some hellraisin dont wanna cross me.

These are new times, alot is happening, and alot more will happen, the choices are simple, get out of the way or suffer and feel the fury....feel like dancin? Then COME GET U SOME!!!

                                                NEWS UPDATE


Well i wish i could say congratulations to Paul London, but that aint see, every dog has it's day, in Londons case it just happened to be Friday night. London, you showed up a little sooner than Hark and I expected, but dont let your little misguided mind steer you in the wrong direction, we aren't done with you by a long shot. You got a lucky kick in, and probably got a fast count, but i'm willing to let it slide 'cause i know you will show up sooner or later, and trust me...i will be waiting.
   have been showing up a little to much if you ask me. You're gonna end up sticking your nose where it dont belong and i'm gonna treat you just like a kid....wipe it clean, beat your ass, and send you on your better get a pen and paper, or a crayon or hell get someone to take notes for you, keep your ass outta my way, i already told you...if you wanna act like a man...then get your ass in the ring and i'll treat you like one...until then, take a hike.
You people need to understand.....the worst day for the NWA was the day The Faction was formed. Thunder and London have already felt the fury that we bring to the ring as a tag team....and have you noticed, nobody else has stepped up to accept the challenge. The offer to 'come get u some' is on the table, we cant help it if everyone is scared.


Friday the 13th...a mysterious, mythical day, a day to be reckoned with. Hellraiser Hark and Brett Bonz, a new alliance in the NWA-SW. Since teaming up, several have fell victim to the rage of the two men.

Thunder, not being the brightest individual , comes to the ring alone, shutting down the mics, running his mouth, then getting beat down in the ring. Thunder, just because you are world champ, that alone dont make you invincible, you are still human, you can and will fall victim....without your boyfriend to back you up, you should make better decisions on whose match you stick your nose in.

As far as Hellraiser Hark not having the T.V. title at this moment, this is minor, championships will be many for this duo, singles and tag. Jimbo Starr, dont get to comfortable, you havent begun to feel the fury of the Hellraiser yet, its just to bad that Ken Taylor will be the one to blame once that fury is unleashed upon you, he got you into this, and you can damn sure bet he wont get you out.
With the alliance of  Baboose, Jeremy Jett, and John Saxon, what does lie in store for the unfortunate wrestlers in the NWA-SW. Make no.....bones....about it, if you get in the way, you will get hurt. And if you think you're bad enough....COME GET YOU SOME!


NWA's Brett Bonz has been frightening fans since day one! With several brutal attacks on wrestlers such as Paul London and Mini-Stuff, one must think that Bonz is out to destroy NWA's entire Junior Heavyweight Roster! With the help of Hellraiser Hark, Celest, and Baboose this past Friday, he totally eliminated Paul London from any potential matches for weeks to come at least! Bonz has also attacked Mini-Stuff numerous times, as we said above, and he certainly can not be satisfied with what took place in their match last week. Mini-Stuff was finally able to get the upper hand on Bonz, who was surely worn down from all the activities he was involved with earlier in the night. This can only add to Bonz's rage. What fate awaits Mini-Stuff? Anyone else in the NWA Roster too, for that matter! With Bonz, you never know who or when he will strike next, and even NWA security team is not safe! There to protect the wrestlers from the fans and visa versa, one of the head security staff at NWA was also attacked by Bonz recently. Bonz will stop at nothing, and anyone in his path is begging for a beating!