Gorean Castes: Initiates
The Caste of Initiates serves a unique position in Gor, it is
accounted the Highest of the High Castes, and claims to be the
direct voice and interpretation of the word of the Priest-Kings
themselves. This is the closest that Gor has to organized
religion, and to be honest, some of the Initiates actually do have
the words of the Priest-Kings being whispered in thier heads
through means of technological implants beneath thier cranium
The Initiates do not serve any productive purpose on the Face of
Gor, true parasites, they live off the collected earnings of those
who lend them credance. As such, however, in various places and
times, the Initiates have wielded great power through the
extensive influence they garner amongst the general populace.
It should be understood here that most Goreans consider the Priest-Kings to be very remote from thier lives. They do not think of them as Earthers think of 'Gods', but rather as other beings who inhabit Gor. All-powerful, mysterious creatures who live in the isolated and secure fastness of the `
Sardar Mountains, and make thier Will manifest from time to time through means of the sudden and always fatal Flame Death, and perhaps, possibly, through these Initiate fellows. Goreans consider the Priest-Kings to be both
mortal, and sometimes even, guardians and allies, if they stop to consider them at all.
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