So, you think your a Scooby expert huh? Well... your in the right place then!

Here you will be able to test your knowledge of Scooby Doo and the Gang. Some of the questions are easy, and some are hard. Some of these facts are well known, and some are from the deepest depths of Scooby himself.

Sorry, I am not much of a form type person. =( You'll have to write your answers down, and check them against the answer key. There is another link for the answer page at the end of the quiz. No cheating!!! Now, go grab a scooby snack or two and get started!



1. What is Shaggy's last name?
2. Scooby was born in New York City, True or False?
3. What is the name Scooby gave to the gang?
4. What is the fearless leaders first and last name?
5. What favorite phrase do gouls say when captured by the gang?
6. Shaggy stutters when he get's excited. True or Flase?
7. What type of dog is Scooby?
8. Who is the "brain" of the gang?
9. What member of the gang finds the most ghosts?
10. Daphne can't see with out her glasses. True or False?
11. What is Velma's favorite saying?
12. Where was Shaggy born?
13. Like, who has the grooviest gab of the gang?
14. Scooby snacks have coconut in them. True or False?
15. Who always walks in the front of the gang?
16. Velma's father finances Myster Inc.'s adventures. True or False?
17. Who started tempting Scooby with scooby snacks?
18. What is Shaggy's favorite food?
19. Who is always the first to say "OK, gang, let's split up"?
20. What is Scooby's real name?

CLICK HERE for the answer page.

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