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Site History

  • 13 Sept 2003
    Yep, mucking about with the site again.. as a web designer I suck big time.. done away with some pages and speeded up the model page again, its back to links to see the pics. I will keep the newest ones as thumbnails for quick reference though.. whatch out it may change again at any time!!!

  • 28 December 2002
    Got a new camera for xmas so all pics on the site will be getting redone with better quality images - check out the new Bond and Andrea Conan pics. More to follow.

  • 05 Nov 2002
    New stuff added to "My Models " page - Avengers Steed, Xabungle trad II mech and a Yamaha Virago

  • 06 Sept 2002
    New stuff added to "My Models " page - De Nero Frankenstein and a Mistel 1 aircraft

  • 12 August 2002
    New layout to the"My Models " page - hopefully it should load quicker now

  • 04 July 2002
    - Happy Independance day all Americans out there.. - Ive had comments about missing thumbs on the "My Models " page. I have now changed them all and they should appear fine now.

  • 19 May 2002
    New stuff added to "My Models " page - B5 Whitestar and a 1/35 dirtbike

  • 13 April 2002
    New stuff added to "My Models " page - Orion shuttle conversion and a Cardassian ship . Site redisigned slightly (again!!)

  • 20 March 2002
    New stuff added to "My Models " page - Freddy Krueger and a B5 Starfury. Site redisigned.. no frames now!

  • 28 January 2002
    New stuff to the "My Models" page - Joker, xabungle mech and a hyperzoanoid from the Guyver series.

  • 13 December 2001
    New model added to the "My Models" page, my Judge Dredd albino werewolf conversion of the Screamin werewolf kit

  • 26 November 2001
    Finally got my broken links working for the stuff that was put on site in October.

    20 October 2001
    Its been a while since I updated the site. Theres new stuff all over the place including links and models.

  • 4 August 2001
    Additions to the " My models" page, 3 new lots of kits added. My "Other projects" pages have shots of my other hobby projects

  • 14 July 2001
    The first of the pictures are on the "My models" page

  • 08 july 2001
    This site published online for the first time. It replaces my old site -"BUDGIE BUILT"- to avoid confusion with another UK site - "BUDGIES KITS". Updates to the site will be posted here so make sure and bookmark this site for future postings. The "About me" and the "links" pages are complete.

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