Sins of the Father!

The Crime-Master

Real Name: The original Crime-Master was Nick 'Lucky' Lewis; his son, Nick Lewis, Jr, briefly took up the Crime-Master identity to avenge his father's death.
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 26 for the senior Lewis; Marvel Team-Up 39 for his successor
Died In: Amazing Spider-Man 28, where Lewis' battle with the cops proved less than lucky. The second Crime-Master survived his bout with Spider-Man, the Human Torch and the Sons of the Tiger, but also paid a heavy, heavy price.
What's His Problem? Lucky Lewis was a minor crime boss working under the auspices of Frederick "The Big Man" Foswell. When Foswell's arrest and reformation left the New York mobs boss-less, Lewis designed a costumed identity for himself and struck a deal with the Green Goblin to share control of the rackets. As soon as he thought he had enough power, he shut the Goblin out of the deal and threatened to reveal GG's identity to the police if he ever bothered him again. This started a power struggle that resulted in Lewis losing face before the mobs and, eventually, his life in a shoot-out with the police. Blaming Spidey for his father's death (even though it was Lucky's old boss, Foswell, that tipped off the cops), Nick Lewis, Jr. enlisted the help of the Sandman and battled the new Big Man to the death for the right to off Spidey. Alas, when unmasked the Big "Man" proved to be Janice Foswell, daughter of Freddy Foswell and Nick's girl-friend, apparently embarking on her own plan of revenge against Spidey. As far as anyone knows, Nick is still in prison serving his time for murder.
Abilities: The first Crime-Master was a good planner and organizer. He had the usual collection of hand-guns, but also had more exotic weapons, such as a specially-designed gas that adhered to Spidey's mask and almost killed him. He was a more-than-capable hand-to-hand combatant, and once took on an entire room of thugs single-handedly. If not for his run-in with the Green Goblin and Spidey, the Crime-Master rather than the Kingpin might have been in charge of the East Coast rackets. Lewis, Jr. was only interested in organized crime as a means to an end; all he really wanted was Spidey dead.
Favorite Quote, Nick Lewis, Sr: "The sight of Spider-Man charging in rage may terrify others, but not the Crime-Master!" (Amazing Spider-Man 26)
Favorite Quote, Nick Lewis, Jr: "The Big Man is dead, Spider-Man! Dead! I've beat him! I am now the king of crime!" (Marvel Team-Up 40. He changed his tune about two panels later!)
Heroes He Kept Running Into: Although Spidey was a real nuisance, the original Crime-Master had a lot more trouble with the original Green Goblin. As for Junior, he had to contend with the Human Torch and the Sons of the Tiger as well as Spidey, and probably got his unkindest cut when the Daughter of the Tiger, Lotus, judo-chopped him in a very delicate place...
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Lucky had the respect of his mob and was treated very carefully by other mobsters, until the day he made the mistake of prematurely announcing Spidey's death and was shown up when the Green Goblin dumped the still-living Spider-Man at his feet. His son tried to make Spidey's death a reality, but only succeeded in ruining his own life. (Remember, kiddies; whatever your motives may be, crime does not pay!)
Most Despicable Act: Lucky's various acts of violence were implied, but included things like tossing bombs into crowded rooms and blowing up empty cars. What he might have done in his enforcer days is up for conjecture. Junior's sharp temper went with a fast trigger finger, which caused him to slay the Big Man out of hand.

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Amazing Spider-Man 26

Marvel Team-Up 40

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